Best Top Handle Chainsaw Reviews And Buying Guide

Are you taking care of gardens professionally or just a person who spends plenty of time tending it? This type of work is very tough but also lucrative. People need the professional’s service in order to tend to their yards or gardens. To do their job perfectly, special tools are needed. One important tool used to handle the arduous tasks is top handle chainsaw. This kind of chainsaw is not similar to the regular one. It is designed to be handled by someone who has skills in doing sawing works.

Many products dubbed themselves as the greatest professional chainsaws with upper handles. However, not all of them yield promised results. The following part will show you some of the best top handle chainsaw reviews. Those reviews will help you making up your mind about which model to purchase among so many products sold in the market today. Let’s take a look at them.

Top 5 Best Top Handle Chainsaws

#1. Makita XCU02PT

This particular product is considered to be superior in the market. Professional will be able to work fast using this tool since it is capable of delivering chain speed up to 1,650 fpm. If you want to adjust the chain it definitely feels like a breeze since the adjustment key can be maneuvered easily. The tool is perfect for utilization even in a populated area, such as the city, because it does not emit too much noise during usage. The standard noise level for gas-powered chainsaw is 112dB. However, this particular tool only emits about 89dB noise level which is convenient since you can do your job anytime.

The design for this chainsaw model is making it longer lasting than other products. As you know, debris and water are inevitable when you are conducting the job. With the equipment of special protection technology, debris and water will not be able to damage the tool’s important inside components. If you care about the environment, this is without doubt the better choice than a gas powered tool. It does not release emission. To power this tool, two Li-Ion batteries are used. They can be charged really fast. The batteries deliver 36V power combined.

#2. Husqvarna T435

It is a great tool to be used in yards and even residential areas. The dimensions are not too bulky (10.4 x 12.8 x 15.4 inches) so that it can be maneuvered easily. It weighs only around 7.5 pounds so you can carry it easily even when you have to climb up. Recommended bar length for this tool ranges from 12 to 14 inches. When performing cutting task, you can adjust the chain tension without fuss. The adjustment is located at the side of this chainsaw. The design also has filter for air to help the cleaning process so debris and dust can be cleaned easily. It also has alterable oil flow control panel.

In order to operate this tool, you need to fill it with gas. The capacity of its tank is 35.2cc. To match the fuel mechanism, it is equipped with X-Torq technology.

This technology is capable of reducing the fuel usage as well as ensuring less production of exhaust emission. The non-rear grip chainsaw is quite popular among professionals especially since the conventional back-grip version is superior. People expected that this particular product will at least be comparable to its regular version. Reviews that it receives are generally favorable, although some people still believe that the back-grip one is better.

#3. Dewalt DCCS620P1

If you are looking for upper handled saw with the most comfortable grip, then this Dewalt product might be the perfect one for you. The dimensions of this tool are 9 x 9 x 25 inches. It weighs only about 8.8 pounds. The compact dimensions and light weight make it convenient for jobs because you can safely handle it even at difficult site. Despite the compactness, the chain speed it is able to deliver is still admirable, which 25.2 feet per second. When you need to adjust the chain tension, there is no additional tool needed. It also has special knob to tighten the bar securely if required.

#A highlight feature equipped in this tool is automatic oil system. The system enables this tool to lubricate the guide bar and chain when they become too dry. However, user must remember to clean the tank for oil when the task is done. It is also important to use the correct type of oil. Brushless motor is also used to lengthen its running session and making the motor longer lasting. This tool is operated with Li-Ion battery power. The capacity of its battery is 20V. You need to maintain the chain’s sharpness for maximum utility.

#4. Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14

Although it has simple looking design, the model is packed with interesting features. This device is easy to kick start and warm up because of its choke component which is accompanied with special primer bulb. Its operation is also simplified, since this tool is not only designed for professional but also experienced home user. Instead of tool needed chain adjuster, to control the tension you only need to fiddle with keys on the side. This device is also armed with great nose bar that will give user more control so that they can make cuts much easier. Because of that, most people with experience can handle this tool without fuss.

In addition to those features, it also has automatic oiler that is driven by gear. You do not need to oil the device manually during the course of your job since it can do that itself. This chainsaw is fueled with gas for its operation. The tank capacity is 32.2cc. To support that, Pure Fire engine is packed within the mechanism. This technology allows this upper grip saw to run without consuming fuel at alarming rate. At the same time, it also minimizes emission released when you are running the device.

#5. Hitachi CS33EDTP

This product is also designed for both professional and commercial usage. Because of that, the operational system is not complicated at all. Choke of half throttle style is equipped in this tool so that user can start the device quickly without waiting too long for it to warm up. Chain tension control panel also enables you to cut things without prominent hassle and lowering the number of kickbacks you often experience when using other similar tools. The mechanism also minimizes vibration which allows you to work more comfortably and safely. This model has attached lanyard so you can carry it easily when climbing.

The bar comes in sprocket-nose shape (the length is 14 inches) that is highly convenient and helpful if you want to do your job quickly and easily. It also comes with advanced self-oiling mechanism. You do not have to stop and start your job for oiling the handle and chain since it can perform the task automatically. In order to operate this device, you will have to fill its 32.2cc tank with gas. This device’s fuel system has Pure Fire engine that ensures the operating does not demand too much fuel. It also makes sure that the emission is kept at minimum.

Purchase Guide for the Greatest Top Handle Chainsaw Model

Are you looking for the greatest top handle chainsaw model? Pay attention to these purchasing guidelines to find the right product.
Professionals or experienced homeowners in tree cutting or other related activities need a great tool to support their works. Many people will recommend having top handle chainsaw at hand for such tasks. Working with the best tool is going to make your job easier. How can you choose the best one?


The first thing that you need to pay attention to when purchasing this type of saw is definitely performance. This is particularly related to the chain speed which is usually measured at feet per minute rate (sometimes also in feet per second). Chain speed will determine how quickly you will be able to cut something. However, this factor does not stand on itself.

Power that is provided by the motor also plays a huge role in determining how your saw will perform on various tasks. Power is provided by either gas or electric battery. Understandably, gas powered saw will be more powerful than the battery one, therefore the performance will be better. However, gas produces more emission.


This factor is also important in determining your choice. You need to purchase a model that will not make you having to go through extra steps just to maintain it. As an example, such chainsaw is likely going to be exposed with debris and dirt overtime. They can accumulate within the tool and damage the engine. However, certain models are equipped with protector to prevent the pollutants from going inside.

You also want something that will not break your bank for operating it, particularly if you use it often. The gas one will always be more expensive. However, if you need power that the gas model can offer, you need to find product that can ensure less fuel usage. It will be better if the gas model can limit carbon emission too.

Comfortable Use

People tend to neglect the fact that your chainsaw must be comfortable for handling. They often focus more on power and features instead of this. Uncomfortable saw can be dangerous, especially since people often use this saw type to reach higher places. Fatal injuries may result from uncomfortable handling so you must test product appropriately before purchasing. The comfort of chainsaw is determined by several factors.

• Dimensions. The measurements of the saw will determine how someone will be able to handle it.

• Weight. Since you will need to carry it for extended period, heavy saw will become a burden.

• Grip model. The structure of its grip also determines how you hold the chainsaw.


Based on the reviews above, you can definitely see that the model with highest performance capacity and is indeed Makita XCU02PT. The device is great for professional’s heavy duty work with its fast chain speed. You can conduct your job very quickly with the saw. In addition to that, the tool can be used whenever since it does not emit loud noises. If you care about the environment, the device is already run by battery. You do not need to use gas to operate it. The battery power is also strong. When the two batteries are working together, this tool runs on 36V at maximum!

Nonetheless, the opinion related to the best top handle chainsaw remains in your hand. You can gauge what type of saw you need for your garden job. Please be cautious about this tool, though, since it is designed to be used by experienced person. Wearing safety gears is a pivotal aspect when you are using it.