Best Tile Saws for the Money Reviews And Buying Guide

For builder, there are some tools and devices needed to make their jobs easier. Some can be done manually, but it is always better when there is machine to cut the process and save the energy. The same cases also happen in the tile saw. There are some traditional builders who use the manual ways to cut the tiles. This is possible to do, but this can take time. That is why there is device that can work well to cut the saw with less effort.

When it talks about the tile saws, it is not only about saving times. Since it is about tiles and these can be used in various parts of the houses, precision is needed. Accuracy must be good, so the tiles can be installed and arranged well. In this case, actually there are many devices of tile saws that you can choose. However, it is not easy jobs to choose the good saws that will fully help you in your jobs of cutting the tiles. You need to make thorough consideration and it will be bad when you have no reference. That is why there are best tile saw reviews that can help you in obtaining some references of recommended tile saws to choose.

Top 5 Best Tile Saws

#1. DEWALT D24000S

The first option is DEWALT D24000S. This can be one of the great tile saws to choose. The tile saws already come with the working table. It is surely helpful since you do not need to prepare the tables separately whenever you want to work. Even, its table is designed, so each part of it can be helpful for you during the cutting process.

The other benefit provided by this product is about its weight. This is considered as portable. Its maximum together with its table is around 69 pounds. This is ideal weight for the complete set of this tile saw. By having this weight, you are able to bring comfortably. The whole parts and its table are also easy to fold and unfold. When it is not used, it can be stored and it will not take much space in your house or room.

Although it can be portable, this is able to work for the heavy-duty projects. You do not need to worry about its motor and blade. This will help you to save time and energy. Accuracy will not become problem to worry since it has stability and it is easy to set the tiles before cutting them. Since this tile saw is actually wet tile saw, its water nozzles can be adjusted.

#2. SKIL 3540-02

When you have problems with accuracy and precision in cutting the tiles, SKIL 3540-02 can become the solution. This provides some great features that will make process cutting tiles easier to do. Things can be done in high accuracy and the whole works can be done easily.

The whole aspects and features needed to deal with accuracy can be found in working table. The working space is attached and integrated to this tile saw. On there, it already has miter gauge that will be so helpful to measure and secure the position and measurement. The rip fence supports the miter gauge and it can be adjusted easily, so it will not be difficult to set the position of tiles. Even, doing bevel cuts are easily to do. The angle is up to 450 and this is very helpful when it has to deal with custom tile design.

SKIL 3540-02 has water reservoir. This makes it a wet tile saw. The water is very useful to manage the temperature of blade and its motor. Since there is water, the blade is cooled although it is used to cut hard material of tiles. Then, the water is also necessary to prevent any dust and various sizes of debris coming from the cutting process. This will make jobs much faster and monitoring the process is easier to do.

#3. Chicago 2.5 Horsepower

There is also Chicago 2.5 Horsepower as the other options of the tile saw. In fact, it is not only for cutting various kinds of tiles, but the saw can work well when you want to cut bricks. This saw comes in compact design. At the same time, it looks sturdy with those integrated parts made from metal material.

Cutting tiles and brick will not become difficult job to do. The saw will always be held in steady position. It will has a stand to attach the saw to the its body. On this body, there are some parts necessary to make the cutting process easier and faster. At least, there is lock system that will secure and hold the position of brick or tile that will be cut. This lock is easy to adjust, so it will take much effort.

Monitoring the cutting process is easy due to its view finder. There are also options to get additional stands. The stands can be like additional table for this tile saw. It is suitable when you do not want to have table since the stand is quite portable and it is easy to fold it. Even, the stand has wheels, so moving it will be easy to do.

#4. QEP 22400Q

QEP 22400Q becomes the solution for the real portable tile saw. This tile saw is designed for the builders with high mobility. The design and concept is like a case. It looks simple and even people may not know that it is a tile saw. Even, its saw looks smaller. However, in its compact and simple package, all things needed for cutting tiles are already available.

This can become one of the best tile saws. It gives you easy access to cut all kinds of tiles. You do not need to worry about its blade since its blade is both sturdy and sharp. Its rotation is strong, and it is always able to cut the tiles. In case you need to deal with certain angle, the surface can be tilted and it can hold the position of tiles perfectly, so maintaining accuracy is not big problems to worry about.

#5. MK-370EXP

The last reference is MK-370EXP and this is a wet tile saw. As the previous tile saw, this also has compact design and it can become the other alternatives for the portable tile saw. This complete set of saw is made lightweight and it enables you to bring and move the saw easily. However, although it has lighter weight compared to other tile saw, its material is sturdy enough and it is quite durable.

Working with various angles will not be big problems to deal with. This provides easy access to work with angles up to 450. You are able to adjust it easily and there will be no problems in doing this. The blade also has blade guard. This is useful in case you need to changes the blades. By having the blade guards, you may get easier access and process for its maintenance.

Because MK-370EXP is a wet tile saw, this is another benefit to gain. The water is very helpful to manage the temperature of its blade. Although it cannot fully cool down the blade, at least overheat will not become big issues to worry. Moreover, the water is useful to prevent the dust and debris from the residues of cutting process.

Tile Saw Buying Guide to Understand Before Purchasing

Tile saw is needed when you need to cut through tiles, ceramic, and other hard materials. This is the reason why buying this kind of saw cannot be done randomly. You have to choose the best product so that you can perform the cutting job with ease. Down below, you will read more about the buying guide of the saw.

Power Source

There are two kinds of power source that are available in tile saw. The first one is the electricity source and the second one is the battery one. These two kinds of power source have impact on the design and portability of the saw as well.

If you choose the saw with electricity as the power source, you will more likely to end up having a corded saw. It is because most of the electricity-powered saws are getting their motor running after being plugged into a socket. This is why it has cords. The good thing about having this kind of saw is that the power won’t run out. The down side is that the fact that with cords everywhere, it will limit the portability for sure.

As for the battery-powered saw, it will be powered by lithium-ion battery in most products. The battery is quite powerful to get the motor of the saw running. However, it has limit of power, of course, and the battery can run out of power if it is not properly charged. The positive side of this saw is that the saw does not have any cords it in. The cordless design essentially makes the portability of the saw higher than the corded one. However, the saw has limit of power and it can literally stop during a cutting job when its battery is low.

Portability and Storage

The portability factor of a tile saw has been slightly mentioned earlier. It has a lot of things to do with the corded or cordless design of the saw. However, the portability will also affect how the saw is going to be used. If you plan to use the saw mostly on the table, with the saw being mounted on the flat surface, you should choose the corded one. It does not matter how long the cord is because eventually the saw is going to be placed on one spot only.

If you want to do a lot of movement during the cutting job, of course, you need to handle the saw more often. Instead of bringing the cut material to the saw, you bring the saw to it. That is why the saw has to be cordless and lightweight. Also, they will have to be completed by solid rubber grip to make sure that they won’t be slippery during usage.

As for storage, storage is important for this case. Storing the saw properly is going to prolong its usage. Make sure that the saw you buy has sleek design so that they can be stored with ease, even in narrow space. It is going to be even greater if the saw has storing case to keep the tool safe and sound when it is not being used.

Cutting Ability

The cutting ability will mostly depend on the depth of cut. Make sure that you choose a blade with the depth of cut around 2 to 3 inches. It will help you cut through a lot of thick types of tiles, including the ones made out of natural stones.

Water Source

It is quite common in a tile saw to have the ability to spray water. The water spray is used to keep the surface moist and to keep debris and dust away from the cutting surface. There are two methods on how the water spray is provided. The first one is using water tank and the second one is water hose.

If you like the saw to be portable, make sure the water source is in the form of tank. All you need to do is filling in the tank with water and then the saw can spray water immediately without having to be attached to anything else. It will be a great combination with a cordless type of saw.

However, if you plan to use the saw mounted on the table, the water source can be in the form of hose. Connect the small hose into a water source, like tap or anything else. Then, the saw can spray water afterward. It is not going to give you portability because the saw is attached to both electricity cord and to a water hose.

Those are the explanations of buying a tile saw. Make sure to understand each and every part of the buying guide above. At the end, you will buy and reliable and powerful saw that can be used to cut a tile with ease. All you need to do is being clever selecting the proper one.


Those are some great references of tile saws. Some of them are the wet tile saws. There are also some saws dedicated as the portable devices. Most of them come in complete package. Even, DEWALT D24000S has its own stand and table. This may look simple, but these additional parts give good working space. The stand also gives ideal height for working, so you may work comfortable either you are standing or sitting.

Each of them actually has benefits and other good points to offer. Every person may have different choice because of different demands in working and cutting with tiles. At least, all of these reviews can provide you with good reference. By having some recommendation, it will be easy to get best tile saw.