Best Table Saws For the Woodworking Reviews And Buying Guide

Finding out the best table saws for woodworking is essential, especially when you do a lot of crafting and woodworking projects at home. Cutting and trimming wooden materials using manual saw is not considered as comfortable and efficient anymore. That’s why people tend to use a table saw.

This kind of saw is powered by electricity and it is very easy to use. You do not have to move the saw back and forth. Instead, all you need to do is basically pushing the wood into the saw and have them all cut in proper shape and the desired thickness.

If you have the plan to purchase a table saw anytime soon, find out more about the best products of it down below. There will be five prominent products of table saw here that are considered as the best table saws for woodworking so that you can easily choose any of them to purchase eventually.

Top 5 Best Table Saws

#1. Shop Fox W1819

Shop Fox W1819 is a great table saw product with a lot of useful features. The saw is completed by riving knife to make sure that everything can be cut and trimmed with ease. This Shop Fox product is also provided by T-fence system and the anti-kickback plaws. Both of them are useful to keep the users of the saw safe during the cutting process.

The product is given rigid quality on its material. It is all the combination between metal and steel. It makes the product sturdy but still very light. For those who are looking for a table saw with sharp blade but also a safe one, this Shop Fox W1819 is the answer. The blade is protected by blade giard and by splitter assembly as well to enhance the comfortable usage of the saw.

Do not worry about this saw getting overheated because it has thermal overload protection to keep the heat level low even after an extend usage. This saw is very easy to operate as it needs only one click of a switch to start the motor running. This is why Shop Fox W1819 is often considered as one of the best products when it comes to a table saw. It is definitely worth the money.

#2. Bosch 4100-09

Bosch Power Tools 4100 is certainly a good product of table saw to buy. It has everything you need in a table saw to deliver an excellent performance in woodcutting and in cutting other materials. There are several great features on the product. First of all, the product is highly powerful. It is powered by electricity and can deliver 4 HP of power. Of course, cutting rough materials, including hard wood and other hard carpentry stuff is going to be easy using this table saw.

Next, this product is pretty much very portable and save space as well. It is designed with sleek exterior to keep the product small but powerful. It does not eat up space and can be used practically anywhere, including in narrow space or small room. The materials forming this saw are including light-weight aluminum to give it a feather-like weigh. It is easy to lift, to carry, and of course to move.

Bosch Power Tools 4100 also has high protections. It is completed by riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, and also casing to the blade to make sure that everyone using the saw is going to be as safe as possible. There will be no way that people get easily injured while using this product.


DEWALT DWE7491RS is the table saw that has great features when it comes to its portability and its functionality. The saw is adapting a rack and pinion system to make sure that the adjustment of the saw fence will be fast, accurate, easy, and smooth. Eventually, it will all increases the overall performance of the saw. The saw has huge capability in cutting though and rough material.

The rip capacity is around 32 1/2 inches and it is more than enough to trim large shelving and other carpentry materials. The saw is also completed by a lot of features that are useful and helpful to keep the performance high, including the feature of dust collection port as well as the heavy-duty wheels. They are all going to keep the performance of the product nice and smooth.

DEWALT DWE7491R can be applied for many things, including for ripping filler boards, ripping floor boards, railing, and ripping sheet materials as well. In the world of woodworking, this product is also well-known for its ability to cut framing lumber as well as to perform cut cutting. This is why the product is highly considered and always be popular among those who love woodworking and those who do a lot of carpentry at home.

#4. Craftsman 21807

The next product here is the Craftsman 21807. This table saw product has been around for decades and has been used by a lot of people who do woodworking around the world. The product is prominent to be very powerful. It has strong motor of 15 AMP to deliver amazing cutting performance up to 5,000 RPM.

The final product of the cutting is certainly consistent and neat. It can deliver them in fast and smooth process for sure. The design of the saw is ergonomic. It has large base and large surface as well to support wood and other materials of any size. It has clamps as well to enhance the safety and keep the materials in one place.

For those who need to move around place to place using this saw, it can be done with ease, too, with the dual roller wheels installed on the base of the saw. It can make the saw get pushed around with ease. There is also a feature of laser track in which you can use it as a guide to deliver a perfect wood cutting experience. It helps deliver precision, speed, and accuracy during the process. This is why the product is mostly loved by carpenters.

#5. DEWALT DW745

The last product that is going to be explained here is once again from DEWALT. It is the Dewalt DW745. This product is considered as advanced and of course sophisticated. It is very modern and perfect to be used for multiple purposes in woodworking. It has steel roll cage to protect the users of the saw from the sharp blade. It surely enhances the safety features of the product. It also has cast table top design to deliver precision and accuracy to the saw.

This product has the machine of 15 AMP motor to deliver strong and reliable wood cutting performance. It will be easy for the saw to cut a lot of materials at one time without getting overheating at all. This Dewalt product is completed by dust-collection port, too, to deliver fast and rapid cleaning up. It won’t make mess even when it is used inside the house.

The product has quick adjustment feature to easily set the motor and the saw up in just minutes. Basically, this saw from Dewalt is advanced and it needs to be bought when you are expecting high-quality saw with amazing performance. The price is also quite fair for all the features it has.

How Can I Buy the Right Table Saw for Woodworking?

Woodworking tools are essentials for any wood craftsman out there. Without such tools, they will not be able to perform their tasks and get perfect crafts. Tools are also there to support skill development. Table saw for woodworking is among the most basic tools for woodworkers. It is a versatile and powerful tool worth investing on.

Plenty of units are available for your choosing. Without sufficient knowledge, though, you cannot make educated purchase. Let’s learn more about things to look for in this tool.

Table Saw Types

Before purchasing this working equipment, you should know beforehand that there are two main categories available for your choosing. Each one of them has specific characteristics. Let’s take a look at this list.

1. Stationary Style

Every model that’s included within this list is not designed to be transported from one place to another frequently. It is because the units tend to weigh more and have bigger dimensions if compared to the portable table style saw. It is understandable, though, since this style includes many components that make it becoming super powerful and versatile. This table also provides more comfortable surface to work on. It is also highly durable. You can find three model categories that adapt this style.

  • Cabinet model; this is the most powerful saw on table equipment to date that offers accurate measurements and cuts. The model is often used in industrial setting because of that.
  • Contractor model; this particular model is a slight derivative from the cabinet model but can still provide great power. Professional woodworker tends to opt for it since the price is cheaper.
  • Hybrid model; unlike the contractor model, hybrid model will have inboard motor. It is not as big or powerful as the contractor one and has slight different outer design.

2. Portable Style

The portable style saw-and-table combo is a great breakthrough within this tool’s industry. Sure, its portability sacrifices several key components of the machine namely power and precision. However, workers who need to constantly move from one project to another get immense help from its ease of mobility. Some units in the market even offers sufficient power to tackle moderate to high difficulty projects. Here are three models that utilize portable concept in its design.

  • Compact model; the model is very light so it is movable. However, unlike the bench top version, it is armed with several interesting features including durable worktop. This model is basically a compact kind of full size saw-and-table.
  • On-site model; it is usually utilized to work on projects on-site therefore the model has more endurance and power when being compared with other portable models. The model can also handle slightly bigger projects.
  • Bench top model; it is designed to help people doing light kind of woodworking. The model cannot produce enough power to cut very tough materials but it is very lightweight.


In the previous part we have learned two main styles of this woodworking device. If you consider yourself to be working away most of the time, then portable style saw would suit you better than the stationary style. If this particular aspect is very dear to you, you should choose model with the most comprehensive mobility features.

As stated before, though, portable table will not be able to deliver high level of power. The rip capacity tends to be limited too. In addition to that you must be cautious because some units are not made of materials that can handle frequent mobilization.


Contractor type saw is designed to deliver maximum power (nearly comparable for industrial type) but with higher portability. Unlike other portable models, though, it is not equipped with mechanism to help the transportation process. The unit is not exactly light, either.

If you are occasionally required to work somewhere else than your main workshop, you can consider investing in this tool. Sure, the transporting and installation process may take a while. Nonetheless, you will be able to conduct more project variations with it.


Any worker who deals with massive volume of woodworking projects in streamline manner is required to invest on such unit model. It will be able to handle hardcore task without breaking every so often. Of course this unit will be a lot more expensive than others. You should also prepare enough space in order to accommodate its large body.

Table Flatness

When dealing with cutting tool like this one, you would want to have your work surface to be as flat as possible. Working on surface with some gaps in between can be uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous if you do not possess enough skill to maneuver the blade. Unfortunately, all units sold in the market have such gap on its table surface.

Based on reviews from user there is a basic tolerance level which is the ability to see straight edge and having enough clearance to place a part of your project. Before purchasing, you should know how the table would look like when fully assembled.


This component is an important part in any saw device. Fence provides guideline during cutting process. It ensures that worker will be able to work accurately and more important: safely. The component is placed in lateral manner to the blade.

When purchasing a unit, you must make sure that it is equipped with a fence (since some of them are not). The fence’s quality must be scrutinized as well. It should be able to hold your project securely. If it is unable to lock, the craft results will not be great and risk of accident can go higher.

Dust Collection

Dust and debris is the inevitable leftover from woodworking projects. Having the fine substances on top of your work surface will make your task harder. It also creates health hazard due to constant inhalation. Therefore, you should purchase unit that has good dust chute. It must enable fast cleaning as well. In some units the chute can be connected to a vacuum. This makes cleaning process infinitely easier.

Miter Gauges

Those who are often performing angled wood cuts must invest on a unit that has built in miter gauge. This component is utilize to guide your project to certain angle that you wish for. It is important to ensure the type of miter gauge equipped in the unit because not all units can cater this particular need.

First, you have to make sure that your miter gauge is the standard type. Some units are equipped with the proprietary type specific for that unit, therefore worker experience difficult time in fitting standard size accessories to the gauge. You also need to make sure that the gauge can hold material securely without slipping to create more accurate results and improve safety.


It is not rare for woodworker to have to create bevel cut. You should purchase a saw on table unit that can make the process a lot more convenient to you. In order to make such cut, you should be able to maneuver the blade and material with ease. If your device is too rigid, you cannot get a great bevel cut results. Some components are required to make that happen: rip fence, miter gauge, and push stick.

Which Model is Right for You?

How can someone determine if a certain unit is the right one for them? Here are the important points to ponder on.

  1. Skill Level, Worker’s skill level is also a big determinant in purchasing decision. If you already has a great woodworking expertise under your belt, high specs device will definitely improve the quality and quantity of your work. Beginner worker is recommended to start of with something small first, though.
  2. Workload and Frequency, If you are only going to use the tool for small projects in inconsistent frequency, you should not spend too much on high specs unit. That will not be a smart purchase. However, if you face heavy workload early everyday, then high quality device is a must have.
  3. Mobility, Your mobility as woodworker is a big decision making factor too. If you move around a lot, portable equipment is a great help. However, if you tend to just work in your main workshop, the stationary type will be the smarter choice.
  4. Budget, You should consider how big of your current budget is before investing on the tool. Of course, the higher quality your tool is, you will likely to receive higher return of investment. Nobody wants to break their bank just to purchase one single unit unless very necessary, though. You have to choose the best unit within your budget range.


It is safe to say that all of those products up above, including the Shop Fox W1819, are great to buy. They have all the features and needed parts to make good cuts and to perform excellent trimming on woods and on other materials as well.

Of course, if you are a keen carpenter or you love making crafts out of wood, you should really have one of those products above. They will help you greatly in cutting wooden materials and prepare for the crafting. The only thing left to consider is probably how much money to purchase them and where to find them.

Those saw products are all actually quite affordable and they won’t drain your savings. They are all available online and mostly will be found in woodworking store or home improvement stores as well. Since they are the best table saws for woodworking, you do not have to worry about the quality.