Best Table Saw Miter Gauges Reviews And Buying Guide

As we know, cutting by using saw can make things faster. However, sometimes it is hard to maintain precision and accuracy in cutting by using the saw. Even when it uses the automatic saw moved by motor, it is quite hard to get the accuracy. Moreover, it becomes quite tricky when it has to deal with the precise size and measurement. Fortunately, there are many kinds of table saw miter gauge.

The miter gauge will be useful device that gives good function in maintaining precision in cutting the stuffs. The process can be much faster and easier to set the measurement. Tuning the table saw and the objects to cut will never be big problems to worry. In addition, there can be many products to find in the stores. Of course, it will be great to have recommendations of the best table saw miter gauges reviews as your reference.

5 Best Table Saw Miter Gauges Reviews

1. INCRA Miter1000/HD

The first recommendation of table saw miter gauges is INCRA Miter1000/HD. This is the good product to choose. On its name and type, there is letters “HD” which refers to “high definition”. From its name, it is already quite clear that the device will surely provide high definition in working with cutting process. The saw can work more effectively in providing the precise and smooth cuts on every object you are working with.

In providing accuracy, this tool has Angle LOCK Indexing System. The indexing system will make sure that you will get good details in measurement. Setting the size and even the degrees of cut will not become big problems when you are working with this device. There is easy access for cutting adjustment, and this will give fewer mistakes in cutting the objects. Duplicating any angles can be much easier with its expansion disk. Well, it surely becomes good recommendation of device to work with your table saw.

2. Incra MITERV27

In case you look for the effective and compact solution of miter gauge, Incra MITERV27 can be the good solution. This gauge surely gives the best and most effective gauge for table saw. In addition, it can also work for disk sander, band saw, and other similar devices. It does not offer the complicated designs, yet all functions are already provided in its compact concept. It will surely give high precision and easy adjustment of measurement in cutting, so you will not face troubles in dealing with any sizes and angles.

For your information, the device is equipped with 27 angle stops. These are very useful with enough adjustments of angles. You will not find troubles and difficulties in setting the angle point for cutting. It is also very easy to access and adjust. For better and more effective use, it also has four expansion points. Therefore, it can deal with better sizing adjustment based on the stuffs that you are going to cut. Besides its compact and easy-to-use design, it comes in affordable price, even when it is compared to other products from Incra. Surely, it is great miter gauge to choose as the recommendation for you. Cutting in precision will never become big troubles to worry about.

Kreg KMS7102

When those two products from Incra are not enough for you, there are still other references of miter gauges to choose. Kreg KMS7102 is one of them. It can be good option to choose. From its appearance, it offers solid look. It gives you great durability for the long term of use. Of course, in term of accuracy, the accuracy point reaches 0.003. This is highly recommended when you need high level of precision in working with table saw. Moreover, in order to see get the best results; there is also precision lens cursor. It helps you to see the measurement. The lens can provide the clearer line to get more precise cutting results.

In using this miter gauge, it is also easy. It can give the fast access for taking the measurement and precise angle since it brings the nice sewing stops. There are some stops based on the angles and size that you are going to cut. Then, it is easy and simple to use, so you are able to operate without any difficulties. In case you need to make some cuts in the same material, it is not necessary to remove the gauge because there is swing stop that can easily let you unlock and move the stop. These features are surely helpful to deal with high accuracy with easy operation.

4. POWERTEC 71005

There is also POWERTEC 71005 as the other recommendations. This is highly recommended for the professionals who need to deal with the very precise cuts. The device is actually in compact design. All functions are already seen and accessible. It will not need complicated adjustment to take the good measurement. There is 180o angle to choose. The precision is also high. By having the larger scale of angles, it will give more variations in cutting the objects you are working on. Then, to lock the position, there is rip resistant washer. It will keep the gauge in its position during the cutting process. It keeps the gauge stable, so there will be less possibility of misses in cutting the angles.

It is dedicated for professionals and it can deal with many kinds of measurement or angles. In cutting, sometimes it is necessary to have strong grip to keep and hold the position. In this case, POWERTEC 71005 has large grip. It may look simple, but actually can provide better comfort in working during the cutting process. With the large grip, it is also easier to maintain the strength since there is large space for your hands to hold the miter gauges.

5. INCRA MiterV120

Working in small size is quite tricky. In cutting the small sizes and angles, miter gauge can be helpful. In this case, INCRA MiterV120 is the perfect miter gauge to accompany and support table saw. It will be so useful to deal with the small measurement, so you can easily gain the high precision and accuracy. It has 120 angle stops that will give large options of cutting angles. The stops are easy to access as well. Specifically, it has 22.5 degree stop that will be useful when you are going to make eight-sided frames. There is also another special stop. The manufacturer really knows about what you may need on working with table saws.

This is made of sturdy material and all parts are in high details and accuracy. This sturdy material surely becomes important investment since it will last longer to help you in gaining high precision. Then, it comes in compact sizes. Furthermore, it is easy to use and can work with most of the table saws or other similar tools. Adjustments can be done easily and it does not require hard works to set the gauge. It also has nice locks that will keep and hold the location, even if there are frictions in cutting process.


Buying Guideline Points for Table Saw Miter Gauge

Precision is a keyword in woodworking. Without this particular characteristic, you cannot build a strong structure, let alone something functional. Cutting your pieces precisely becomes a pivotal task. Table saw miter gauge becomes a helpful tool for any woodworker out there who wants to cut their wood material in the exact measurement. When purchasing this tool, you need to follow a certain guideline as provided in the next part.

Durability of Its Parts

When you are purchasing this tool, you have to make sure that the product is designed to have longevity. Everybody knows that the tool will be used to carry out heavy duty tasks. If you are using tool that is made of flimsy materials, you will get more headache in the future since your gauge will have a chance to break faster.

Easy to Handle Design

Another factor that you have to pay attention to when buying this woodworking tool is whether you will be able to handle the tool with is. Some products might have high specifications and other attractive features, however they can be very tricky to use. If you want to make smart purchase, you have to read reviews about it. That way, you can ensure that many buyers before you have been satisfied by certain models.


Purchasing this tool is meaningless if you are not looking at its performance. You are buying the gauge in order to make sure that your woodwork will have the utmost precision. It is important though to balance out the promise of performance with the ease of usage. Especially since most high performing devices are not really friendly to users at beginner level.

Skill Requirements

Usually, this tool is used by professionals in woodworking. However, some home users may require it to make some small projects. You need to purchase tool that has skill requirements you can fulfill. Many tools out there require the user to have advanced woodworking skill. If that is not the case for you, you should purchase the less advanced model instead.

Feature-price Comparisons

This is probably the most important decision making factor that you have to emphasize. You need to balance the features offered and price tagged on a model. Certain model will offer very low price, but the features that it offers certainly does not fit your needs. This can goes on the other way. Knowing to get the necessary features at the cheapest price is important


So, those are some reviews of the best table saw miter gauges. These surely give you insights and references of great miter gauges to choose. Each of them comes in different benefits to offer, and all of them will give high accuracy to work with cutting process.

Well now, dealing with precisions and various angles will not become big problem anymore. Each of them has unique angle stop that will help you to maintain and hold the angle during cutting process. For example, Incra Miter1000/HD can provide nice indexing system integrated with its powerful locks to prevent any shifting during the process. It is only the matter of your personal preferences to choose one of them as your partner in working with table saw.