Best Table Saw Fences Reviews And Buying Guide

Table saw fence is always needed when you love using the saw. It is well-known that table saw, or many people call it “sawbench”, is an essential tool in woodworking. It is useful to make cuts and trimming on wooden boards and logs.

However, not everyone is an expert in using the sawbench. Making straight cut can be incredibly hard to do. That is why a fence is needed here. The term fence here means a tool to guide the usage of the saw.

This tool is like a long ruler installed on the sawbench. Using the fence, the user of the saw will be able to make a straight cut with ease. If you have the plan to get youself a new fence for a sawbench soon, make sure that you choose the best one. Read these best table saw fence reviews down below before you purchase the saw fence.

Top 5 Best Table Saw Fences

#1. Vega U26

Vega U26 is one of the finest products of table saw guide that you can find out there. This fence has a lot of helpful features to make sure you produce nice and neat cuts of wooden boards or any other materials. The fence is incredibly light weighted. Its weight is less than 34 pounds, making it easier to install and handle.

The feather-like weight is also not going to be a burden for the sawbench, so it will work properly all the time. Vega U26 saw bench guide is made out of hard, high-quality steel. It won’t rust and won’t break easily. It will last for goods with proper maintenance. When you get this fence, you will have to assembly the whole thing a little bit because it comes in parts. However, the assembly can be done with ease.

Some of the best features of this fence are including auxiliary table support and also a micro adjustment. The fence has 36-inch range that can be adjusted with ease to the smallest size so that the woods or other materials are easier to be cut, even in small, thin size. This is why this product is often considered as one of the best ones available.

#2. Shop Fox W1410

Shop Fox W1410 is a sawbench fence that can be done with ease. It is one of the most common fences to be used by those who love woodworking. Why so? It is because this fence fits with almost each and every brand of table saw. Using the fence, the cutting job can be done in no time at all and the cutting final products are neat and consistent for sure.

To use this fence, make sure that the size of the table saw is around 27 inches. The brand does not matter at all. The fence has standard rail and ball bearing features. To make sure that the cutting process and the cutting products are all proper and satisfying, the saw has adjustable positioning knobs located on the left and the right side of the guide. It also has locks on both ends of the fence.

The locks are useful to keep the material from sliding off the sawbench. It also enhances the safety of those using the sawbench. The fence is around 38 pounds in weight. It is considered as light weighted and perfect to be installed on a saw bench. Make sure you choose or at least consider this Shop Fox W1410 because it does have a lot of things to offer.

#3. DELTA 36-T30 T2

If you are looking for a fence that can be used on a 30-inch sawbench, the best product to buy is surely the DELTA 36-T30 T2. This fence has plenty of great features to offer. For the security, it has fence clamps. The clamps are going to secure the materials to be cut right on the place so that it won’t wobble around and put the user’s hands on risk. The clamps are located on both front tube and the rear rail of the fence.

The DELTA 36-T30 T2 is made entirely out of steel. It is sturdy, long-lasting, and lightweight as well. The fence can glide easily and perform amazing repetitive work with precision. The fence is going to make sure that the blade of the sawbench works properly and produce precision ripping. It will also make sure that the blade produces squaring cuts.

To make sure that the table saw is working properly, the fence is going to lock the blade as well to one spot using its T-square locking feature. As the result, the blade will have the ability to cut even to the thinnest size of 1/64 inch. This is basically why DELTA 36-T30 T2 has its spot on this list.

#4. Delta Power Tools 78-919BT2

Another product of table saw guide from Delta is Delta Power Tools 78-919BT2. This product is also known by the name of “Biesemeyer”. The Biesemeyer is well-known for its sleek and incredibly stylish look. The fence is made out of light weighted steel. It is very hard, sturdy, and easy to maintain as well. The material is not prone to rust and molds, even when the woodcutting process are done in damp environment.

The features of the Biesemeyer fence are including the sophisticated locking system and adjustable clamps. The locking system used in the fence is the 3-point locking system. It is simple yet very advanced. Using the locking system, the cutting materials will be locked on both end sides and in the middle as well. The adjustable clamps are used to make sure that the fence can produce fast and accurate trimming process.

The Biesemeyer has black shiny finish to make sure that even though woodcutting is a rough job, it still can be done with style. This is why a lot of people are easily interested in this product. It is visually appealing and apparently it has great features, too, to enhance the process of wooden board cuttings and other types of material.

#5. Shop Fox W1716

The last item or product on this list is the Shop Fox W1716. For those who are looking for a table saw fence to be paired with 57-inch bench saw, the choice must be the Shop Fox W1716. This product is incredibly good. It has wide right angle design. This kind of design allows the user of the bench saw to maximize the accuracy and support when doing the woodcutting project.

Also, this fence has easy locking system. It is in the form of a simple lever. All you need to do is just move the lever to the desired position and lock it to secure the materials that are about to e cut. The fence wear pads are also adjustable to make sure that the user of the sawbench can do the job with ease.

The Shop Fox W1716 is also made out of steel and aluminum body. It allows the final product to weigh so light. Even so, the overall performance of the fence is going to be durable and sturdy. This product also has magnified cursor lens to help the user of the sawbench to cut with extreme precision. This is why this product needs to be well-considered before buying the tool.

The Best Table Saw Fence Buying Guide

Buying the best table saw fence is going to be quite difficult if you have no idea about it at all. We all know that cutting wooden board or other materials with a table saw requires a tool to keep the straight line. This tool is called the fence. The fence here is not that actual fence as boundary but most likely works as the guide to keep the cutting process easier and quicker.

The fence is going to be installed by the table saw and keep the cutting products straight, even, and consistent. If you have any plans to by a table saw guide or fence anytime soon, read this buying guide down below first to make sure that you purchase the best product at the end.

Do I Need a Fence at All?

The answer to that question is yes. Yes, you are absolutely in need of a fence whenever you use a table saw. Of course, if you have eagle eyes you do not need one. However, human beings have the limitation in seeing microscopic stuff. This will not be helpful during woodworking process. In order to produce straight cutting product, you cannot just depend on the bare sight of your eyes.

That is why guidance is needed. The fence is exactly the tool that you need here. The fence acts as a boundary between the blade and the cutting material. It allows the users of the table saw to cut straight lines and make sure that the final products are neat, tidy, and consistent. So, do not forget to complete the benchsaw that you have at home with the fence.

What Are the Essentials?

The essential thing to know about the fence is the material. There are two types of material often used to make a fence. The first one is aluminum and the second one is steel. If you want the fence to have a bit of weight, you go with the aluminum one.

However, if you like the tool to be light and easy to lift, steel is going to be the perfect material. Aside from the weight, both aluminum and steel are great to use. They are both strong and sturdy. They are, too, prone to rust and mold as well.

Manual or Electric?

When it comes to power, there are two types of power source used in a table saw fence: manual and electric. Manual, as the name says, does not have any source of power. The power to move the fence around is your hands. That is why using this kind of fence can be a little bit tiring.

The electric one, on the other hands, is powered by the electricity. Plugging the fence cord into an electric socket will make the fence moves on its own without having to be manually adjusted. For those who are looking for quicker cutting process, this model is definitely the right one.

The Types of Fences

There are two types of benchsaw fences in general: T-Square model and standard model. The T-square model is the more advanced one. It has more ergonomic design, more clamps to secure the cut materials, and is more suitable to perform heavy-duty repetitive cutting jobs.

The standard model is way more old-fashioned. It has the locks on both ends of the fence to make sure that the wooden board to cut is not going to slip away. It is more comfortable to be used but not for heavy-duty jobs.

Choosing a Model that Will Fit

Choosing the model that will fit perfectly to your need is going to heavily depend on the kind of cutting job you do the most. If you cut mostly lightweight wooden board and it is just occasionally, just by a manual and standard fence. It is cheaper, too.

However, for heavy-duty, frequent wood cutting job, do not take a risk and buy an electric-powered fence with T-square model. It will last longer, giving easier process during the wood cutting, and surely help you produce identical cutting produce most of the times.

Consider the Accessories as Well

Choosing the table saw fence that can be completed by accessories is sometimes important. Accessories are purely additional. However, most of the times, they can heavily improve the performance of the fence. Some of the most well-known accessories to be installed to the table saw fence are including mobile base, dust collector, and safety power switch.

The mobile base is like a wheeled board installed on the bottom of the saw bench fence to make sure that the tool can be moved around with ease. The dust collector, as the name implies, is a box-like accessories installed under the fence to catch debris and dust from the cutting process. As for the safety power switch, it is like a rubber rectangle frame to be installed on the power switch of the fence to keep the power going and not to bother the performance of the fence.

Stick with a Reputable Brand

The most important thing to remember before buying a table saw fence is to understand that sometimes well-known brand is better. It is a stereotype indeed that the better the brand, the better the quality. However, sometimes it cannot be wrong at all. Choosing a fence that comes from reputable brand is sometimes more satisfying and safe.

The brand has to be around in the industry for decades and they know exactly what to do to make their fence products have all the proper features. A reputable brand, such as Delta, Kreg, Vega, and Shop Fox, also won’t hesitate to give warranty to the products. Sometimes, the warranty is up two years. Surely, this is beneficial for the buyers because they can use the fence for a long time without worrying at all.

Now that the buying guide to get you the best table saw bench is understood, you can certainly buy the fence right now with ease. There are a lot of great products of sawbench fence out there and they are all coming from well-known manufacturers. Consider the price as well to make sure that you won’t get a fence that has the price way beyond your budget.


In conclusion, it is fair to say that all of those products mentioned above are all great. They can be useful to produce nice and straight cut of wooden board when you do any woodworking project. The products have different range of price from one to another. The only consideration left is just to make sure that you have the sufficient amount of money to buy them.

Those products, including the Vega U26, are all quite affordable and can be purchased with ease. This is the reason why you should really get this tool, especially when there is a sawbench of your possession at home.

The tool will easily improve the cutting skill of the table saw’s users as well as producing nicer looking wooden cuts and trimmings. There is no doubt then that buying the best table saw fence is incredibly important and need to be done as soon as possible.