Best Scroll Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

You may have puzzle and jigsaw with precise cut in each edge. You also has furniture with delicate carve and finishing. Those are the things that scroll saw do. This is special machinery for deep cutting and striking directly from material. You can put the things in table then let cutting begins after adjusting the speed and direction. In simple design, this tool is like sewing machine where you let the cutting directly on table.

Based on functionality, only few people will use scroll saw. If you need delicate carving and cutting, having this tool seems the best way to deliver top result. Besides, cutting through scroll saw is not much difficult. Vendor and manufacturers provide guideline to their products. In order to find the right products, you must read the best scroll saw reviews. The content includes the top products from prominent vendor, including the review about specs and features.

Top 5 Best Scroll Saws


If you look for the best scroll saw, one of the top choices is DEWALT DW788. This tool has everything you need for the task that requires extreme precision. The design is compact and ergonomic with solid base as desk. Users may change this base to adjust with their position. The blade is versatile that consists of several models. If you need tipped blade for accurate kerf, standard blade will do the job. The package includes other blades and users can change easily.

It has feature called double parallel-link arm for keeping the blade in stable position. This kind of support is useful in decreasing vibration. You can put things directly on the base plate without much vibration that can ruin stability. The next features include speed control, dust blower, and tension setting. The speed is up to 1,600 strokes per minutes that are easy to control. You can cut faster in easy mark or reducing speed when cutting delicate line. The dust blower is attached to get rid of any debris directly. The tension setting is feature which is useful related how much cutting to be done. More tension means the result is quite delicate. Besides those specs, DEWALT DW788 also has several supports and features to boost the productivity.

2. WEN 3920

Another best scroll saw is WEN 3920. At the first glance, the design and specs seem similar to other products. When you see closely, the blade uses dual configuration that can be adjusted for perpendicular and standard direction. You can rip more when the job needs specific support. This kind of feature helps users to manage the work properly.

The next features are variable speed, air pump, flex light, and cast iron base. WEN 3920 has speed up to 1,600 strokes in one minute. You may adjust from 40 to maximum speed based on the tasks you work on. The delicate and tight project requires slower speed for more accuracy. You may cut effortless when the material only needs usual cutting. Moreover, the air pump is integrated to get rid of dust and debris while cutting. Besides, all debris will be in proper storage. The cast iron base and bevel level are part where you put material then let the blade to do striking.

WEN 3920 also has screw blade adapter. Standard blade might not be enough because you need custom cutting. In that case, WEN offers other blades as part of purchasing package. Using this adapter, you can remove the existing one then put the new one. This scroll saw is designed to configure easily after the blade is ready.

3. Delta Power Tools 40-694

Next reliable tool is Delta Power Tools 40-694 with advanced features. It uses electricity as power source, and the design is compact. The features are electronic speed variable, parallel link arm, upper arm lift, blade camp, and dust blower. Each feature has its own functions to boost capability.

Speed variable is the top aspect when you need new scroll saw. Delta Power Tools 40-694 is capable to deliver stokes up to 1,750. That’s impressive record when compared to competitors. You may change speed to be slower or faster depending on project. Faster speed is reliable way to cut and strike in no time. On the other side, some jobs need accuracy and artistic side. For such purpose, the speed has to be slower and more delicate. Besides speed control, it uses parallel link arm that’s useful for stability. Striking position is not only from above and users can add stokes from below section. This is function that arm lift does. Dust blower or air pump is installed for removing any debris during working.

As similar to standard scroll saw, it also has blade clamp and adapter. You can change the blade based on what you need. Delta Power provides several blades that are sold as package or separately. You can purchase at official store or nearby shop.

4. Shop Fox W1713

The next product is Shop Fox W1713 with elegant style and compact design. It is tool that you see as art. As scroll saw, base plate will help adjusting any position and direction. You can put things then let the blade add strokes. Variable speed is installed for controlling how much speed you must put. More speed is common when the strokes are necessary without much delicacy. On the other side, users must change table direction for utmost precision after adjusting blade speed.

It has features, such as work light, dust port and blower, and pin-end blade. The work light is additional lighting fixture with gooseneck mode. You can see this one at top that can be adjusted into different position. You just keep he light on while working then turn it off after done. Dust port and blower is feature where you need to keep dust in proper location. The blower helps cleaning any debris to make clear sight. Meanwhile, port is internal storage for all debris.

Basically, all features are similar to other scroll saw. On the other hand, Shop Fox offers option for changing blade not from theirs. Pin-end blade is compatible to any blade as long as you have the right measurement.


The last product is PORTER-CABLE PCB375SS. The features and specs are similar to other scroll saw. However, user receives stand that looks like small table. It is part of tool configuration that you can put anywhere. When working in new place, finding proper table to install this tool takes time. Instead of waiting until everything is in order, stand helps users for working in comfort way. You just need chair or stool then the rest will be done in no time.

The features include base plate, dust blower, blade clamp, and LED light. Base plate wide metal is available for adding your material. This is working are where blade puts strokes. Based on official information, the strokes have maximum level at 1,500. You may reduce to be 500 or adjusting at certain level above that number. The variable speed is important feature that scroll saw must have.

The light fixture is additional feature for more light when you are working. It is attached to saw then can be adjusted at certain direction. As usual, dust blower is always available to get rid of debris. The next feature is blade clamp that user may change and put another blade.

Important Facets to Look at When Purchasing a Scroll Saw Unit

A seasoned woodworker should not only be able to do larger size cuts. They must have skill to perform delicate cuts from time to time too. A helpful tool that craftsman will use to make fine cuts is scroll saw. This small saw machine is often listed as one of the most basic tools is woodcraft making. Knowing how to judge the quality of it is important for those who plan on expanding their tool collection with this tool. There are several facets to look at during your shopping period.

When scrutinizing a saw unit, you must consider the working platform provided by it. Some people prefer to have spacious work space to enable less restraint movements. However, the size of table is not really an important parameter for this facet. Oftentimes, small worktop with great design will be more ergonomic than the larger one. Of course, this might be a different case if your projects tend to be sizable.

You should care for the stability of your work surface as well. Precise cuts will be hard to achieve if the table wobbles too much. In addition to that, wobbly table might be dangerous when operating the saw. User will have bigger chance to experience accident. It is said that fixed table will be a lot more stable than the one that can be angled.

The Scroll Saw Arm

Another important aspect to study is arm design of this saw tool. The part is important since it has various functions to support the tool’s performance. It lowers the vibration rate as well as toning down the noise level produced by your tool. Therefore, the arm enables craftsman to create more intricate projects with greater precision.

There are three basic styles of arm in the scroll style saw.

1. C-arm Style

Unit with this arm style has only one piece of arm shaped like a C letter. The blade is attached at both tips of the unit’s arm. It is a single axis saw that is said to be more powerful. However, you will not be able to get the utmost precision with this saw. If its blade gets broken, the tool can be quite hazardous too.

2. Parallel or Lateral Arm Style

Most units utilize this arm style. It is consist of two separate metals which are arranged laterally and linked. The blade is attached to one end. It has safety mechanism if the blade break since the tool will stop working altogether. The blade is motioned vertically in nearly straight direction. It also offers better precision due to lesser vibration.

3. Parallel or Lateral Link Style

This particular arm style is often found in higher grade saws. Due to complex link to a center beam behind the blade, the arms can move back and forth. Since the vibration is reduced and the blade has more consistent motion, user can have greater accuracy. However, the saw has more moving components that can increase chance of machine failure.

Throat Size

The size of saw’s throat shows interval between the backside of saw machine and its thin blade. Bigger interval implies that you will be able to work on larger size projects with the tool. Buyer is often suggested to purchase unit with bigger throat size or length. In the market, you will often find the size to vary from 16 to 20 inches.

There is one thing to remember, though. You cannot choose a unit only based on the size of its throat. In fact, if you are still a beginner in crafting, you will be recommended to start off with something small. With larger work surface, the margin of error will be bigger. Without appropriate experience, working accident may happen along the way.


The type of blade that a unit can accommodate is also one facet to watch out for. There are two blade models known to be used in this tool.

1. Plain End Model
The blade model requires a clamp for its platform. Changing blades is not exactly convenient with this model, especially since you are dealing with finer blade. However, due to similar reason, you will be able to make accurate and delicate details on your projects. There are plenty of style choices available in the market too for this model.

2. Pin End Model
This particular blade model is thicker compared to the previous type therefore it is useful if you are dealing with thicker wood. It is also relatively easy to switch between blades using this blade model. However, if you are expected to make intricate projects, then you will not achieve satisfying result with it. The options also tend to be quite limited.

Variable Control Speed

When you are purchasing this saw tool, you have an expectation to be able to deal with many kinds of materials. This has a lot to do with the ability to vary its saw speed. You will need the saw to go slower when making cuts on less dense materials. Meanwhile, higher speed is required for dealing with tougher materials since the blade cannot cut through them otherwise. Thus, the more variants of speed a unit offer, the more versatile it is.

Other Features

Some additional features must be considered too because they support the tool’s main function as well as user’s convenience. Here are some examples of them.

1. Debris Collector
Debris is inevitable when you are doing cutting tasks. If the tool accumulates debris, it can be very uncomfortable and not to mention distracting. Some units are equipped with debris collecting system while many are not.

2. Blade Tension System
Being able to vary your blade’s tension is also important during crafting. Most units are armed with such system. However, there are only few that allows user to maneuver through the system with ease.

3. Illumination
It is not the most important aspect when choosing a saw unit. Nonetheless having a specific illumination system for the saw is very convenient. You will be able to see your project more clearly. This will improve the quality of your work.

4. Raised Upper Arm
This is not exactly a main concern for some crafters. However, having a scroll type saw which upper arm can be lifted allows you to work on more diverse projects.


Based on what have been explained, each scroll saw has similarities and few differences. The features are quite similar, such as base plate that looks like table, blade and its supports, dust blower, and blade clamp. Those are what you see on DEWALT DW788 and the rest of saws. You want to know which one is the best for you. The answer depends on what you need and availability.

Scroll saw is only for specific task, though cutting other materials and positions are still possible. On the other side, only few people own this kind of saw in order to support their work. You may obtain one of products above then read the guideline before using it. Manual book contains what to do including configuration and adjusting. You will understand why they are included as the best scroll saw after reading about their capability and performance. That’s what you should know about scroll saw.