Best Portable Jobsite Table Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

Construction worker often need to relocate from one place to another depending on where their project is located. They have to take their equipment with them to the next job site every once in a while. It means that having tools with high portability is pivotal. Among many tools used by builder on project site, you will most likely see a portable jobsite table saw.

This type of bench saw provides steady surface for builder to perform numerous kinds of cuts on different material types. The portable version of said table is likely to be less powerful but it is still doing wonders on projects.

The options of portable stationed saw are very diverse. It is not that hard to see why many construction workers take very long time in choosing the best portable jobsite table saw for their projects. There are five products that are considered leaders within the market.

Top 5 Best Portable Jobsite Table Saws


For those who are looking for highly functional saw with enough power to cut hardwood and lumber (even those that have been pressure treated), this product should be an obvious choice. It has 15A motor and measured rotation per minute of 4,800. The rip capacity that it is capable of performing is 32.5 inches, therefore you will be able to work on large various sizes of woods, from small to large one. You will be able to make angled cuts as well. If you make 90º cuts, the depth would be at 3.125 inches. Meanwhile for 45º cuts, the depth would be around 2.24 inches.

Several features are also added to make working onsite a whole lot easier. It is equipped with specific port to collect your project debris. This port can be linked to vacuum for quicker and effortless clean up. The bench part itself is spacious enough (measured at 22 x 26.25 inches) and made of strong material to provide solid working support. This tool is also one of the easiest tools to install with its rolling stand technology. You can maneuver it around tough construction field without much difficulty. No wonder people utilize it to perform many jobs, including installation of hardwood floor and home remodeling.

#2. SKIL 3410-02

If you are not exactly working professionally as builder but often performing construction tasks on your own, this model would work wonder. In order to operate its 15A motor, you will need 120V voltage. The measurement of its motor rotation is about 5,000 rpm without load. Because of the power of its motor, you will be able to work on many wood varieties efficiently. User can create assorted cuts as well. As an example, you can perform bevel cut with angles varying from 2º to 47º. When you are cutting at 90º angle, you are able to reach maximum depth of 3.5 inches. Meanwhile, you can reach 2.5 inches depth when cutting at 45º angle.

The work station of this construction equipment is measured at 26 x 20 inches. It is made of cast aluminum material to brace your projects. This stationed saw is also armed with measurement system named EZ View that helps user measuring their projects more accurately. Its rip fence also aligns automatically following the length and width of your current work. You also do not need to worry about setting up this tool since it has fast mount mechanism. The foldable stand is made of long lasting steel.

#3. Bosch 4100-09

High productivity and efficient design are two main themes that you will find in this particular Bosch product. It is not only designed to create stellar outputs, but also easy to handle and transport. A supply of 120V is required in order to run the machine’s 15A motor. This motor can rotate at 3,650rpm and produces power output up to 4 horsepower. You will be able to perform diverse kinds of cuts utilizing this saw, including cross cuts and rip cuts. The tool has ripping capacity measured at 25 inches. When starting such machine, the table tends to shake wildly at first due to sudden shock. This product has gentle start that can easily be accelerated to its maximum speed.

Its work surface comes in size of 21.5 x 29 inches. The table top is made of aluminum cast. It can accommodate worker to deal with big and heavy woods or lumbers. Many people who have worked with this tool reported that it increases cutting precision significantly due to the rip fence that can be maneuvered and clasped with ease. Some safety features are also added into the saw bench, including kickback prevention. High portability is also another great feature offered by this product.

#4. Jet JBTS-10MJS

When it comes to easy storage and setup, this Jet’s model is almost unbeatable. It has great power too. Voltage of 115V is needed to operate this machine. This tool has 15A motor that provides power output up to 4.4 horsepower. Construction worker who uses this tool will be able to work on hardwoods with such power, even if the woods have been treated with pressure to improve their hardiness. It is also helpful that the tool allows ripping capacity up to 25 inches. The capacity enables worker to deal with moderate to big size woods and lumbers, which is an important part of construction task.

A great feature that comes in this unit is soft initial running. In other units, you will find that the entire table will shake heavily during the first few seconds. This situation is not only inconvenient since you may have to clear out your work station at first to prevent items from dropping. It can also make the engine worn out fast. The mobility of this tool is also great. Despite not being the lightest model in this list (it weighs just slightly under 100lbs), it has rolling helpful rolling stand to do the moving job. Sufficient storage is also provided at the base.

#5. Hitachi C10RJ

This Hitachi’s model is believed to be one of the strongest movable saw and table combo in the current market. The 15A motor needs the support of 120V and 15W power source to operate optimally. The rotation rate of this motor can peak at 4,500rpm. It implies that the saw will be able to cut through the tough wood quite efficiently. This unit’s cutting capacity height is 10 inches. User can perform many difficult angled cuts utilizing this electric machine. As an example, it is able to create bevel cuts of variable degrees (from 0º to 45º). The bevel cuts have a range from 3.125 inches to 2.25 inches depending on the angle.

Tabletop equipped in this tool is measured at 22 x 28.75 inches. However, due to the telescope mechanism, it can be extended to enlarge your work surface. You can extend the rip capacity up to 22 inches to left side and 35 to right side. Several safety features are packed within this tool. The first one is gentle initiation which prevents the engine from recoiling and also decreasing noise. It also has brake system to stop blade rotation immediately. The stand is foldable and can be rolled. You can transfer it securely throughout any difficult field.

Portable Jobsite Table Saw Buying Guide

For a woodworker, a table saw is the heart of their works. Table saws have been advanced so much for the better, that the portable jobsite table saw version is available now. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap, so it is important to take plenty of considerations before buying one. There are some factors that could add up to the price such as the precision capability that table saw offers more than conventional circular saw, the tools’ operating simplicity, and also various features that increase the tool’s functionality. Buying guide below might help you to decide which jobsite table saw model that will suit you the best.

The right saw for your needs

Jobsite table saw is only one of the many types of table saw machine. There are other types of table saw, such as bench top, compact, workbench, contractor, hybrid, and cabinet table saw. The jobsite table saw design is pretty similar to workbench. However, jobsite is the popular type of portable table saw used by professional, whereas the workbench is mostly used by hobbyist or homeowners for DIY projects.

Most of the jobsite models designed with powerful quality, lightweight design, speedy and high accuracy cut work, with lower price than other professional’s favorite types of table saw like hybrid or cabinet table saw. Beside the accuracy and speed advantages, the jobsite table saw also usually holds longer years of use. Thus, the users and owners can utilize this tool for heavy duty work in shorter period of time and do not have to worry about the machine to break down in near future.


In terms of cutting accuracy, jobsite table saw may fall pretty short compared to hybrid or cabinet table saw. However, the portability aspect is what makes this type win. When it comes to portable table saw, the weight is an essential thing to considerate. Heavy weight is important since it can reduce vibration and improve stability. However, in order to make the machine easy to mobile, it needs to be not too heavy.

Besides the weight, the easiness of setting up the machine also matters. Some models are quite hard to be set up because they are so clumsy cannot be steadied. If the tool didn’t set up correctly and steadily, it will be hard to control and unsafe to use.


The power of the jobsite table saw that you need, will depend a lot on the kinds of material to cut and level of skills you have. The table saw power is determined by the motor and the drive type. For jobsite table saw, which is portable kinds, the direct drive motor configuration is more common to be found. It is cheaper than the belt-drive type. This direct drive type is also considerably lighter, smaller, and need less maintenance. The down side of the direct drive is that it produces quite bit of noise when operated, causing higher vibration and less precise cut.

The power of the machine is defined by its horsepower. The models on the market are available at 3 to 5 horsepower. There are also the voltage and amps measurements, where the higher those measurements are, the more power the machine is going to offer.

Rugged construction

The reason why jobsite saw is popular within professional contractors is because of the robust and rugged construction that it has, compared to compact or bench top table saws. That’s why the terms “contractor table saws” and “jobsite table saw” are considered synonymous these days.

The rugged construction of the machine will allow you to generate better and more accurate results. It will stand still when set on the table. Despite this quality, it still stay compact, durable, and powerful, to fit heavy duty cutting works. It also possible to get a rugged constructed jobsite table saw with smart design like a foldable one, because it takes less space.

Safety first

It is important to produce the best result from your project, but the safety always comes as more important. To operate a jobsite table saw, you need to place your hand few inches from the high speed rotating sharp blade, so the risk of injury is pretty high. You have to make sure that you follow all the instruction and direction to operate the machine correctly.

Some of the safety features offered on jobsite table saw are the blade guard, the anti-kickback pawls that will prevent injury if the object you are worked on ejected by the machine and flew back to your body a high speed, the riving knife which is small knife that moves accordingly with the blade that will cut and rip the ejected piece that is held by the anti-kickback.

Accuracy in cuts

By default, because of the machine construction differences, the portable jobsite table saw will produce a good but less accurate result than the stationary table saw. That’s why it important to look for jobsite saw with best cut working accuracy.

Some features like rip fence and miter gauge add up the machine’s accuracy to the extreme. T-square fence for example, is the standard rip fence that provides adequate cutting accuracy for average users. Miter gauge is the feature that guides and holds the object at certain angle to make sure of a precise cut.


When it comes to price, not only the amount of the budget needed is important, but also the best money value. It means that you want the most durable and effective machine possible that is balanced with the price. As there are many models of jobsite saw available at market, take your time to search and compare different options. If possible, try not to compromise the jobsite table saw’s quality for only few dollars.

The buying guide above should help to make you understand about portable jobsite table saw better. Different users with different skills and different circumstances obviously will fit to different tools, so there is no one-size-fits-all model. Find the best jobsite saw that is convenient for you to use, serving you best, having long durability, and at the right price too.


As you can see from the list above, all of the products have admirable power output. It means that they can cater your need to work on variety of cutting projects in efficient manner. However, power is not the only thing that you should look for in this type of saw on table gear. Take an example on DEWALT DWE7491RS. This model has the most powerful motor among others within the list. It is highly sought after not only for that reason, though. The machine is highly transportable. It has endurance to be rolled through tough field as well. The fact that it is capable of making tons of cuts is also an added bonus.

If you wish to purchase the best portable jobsite table saw, you will not be disappointed when choosing one model from the list above. Many people have reported satisfaction toward the models. Nonetheless, you should still match the features with your personal needs.