Best Portable Band Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

Choosing portable band saw cannot be taken for granted. For the best industrial and professional use, the saw has to be strong, durable, and reliable. There are a lot of band saw products out there that can be purchased. However, not all of them are great.

For the best cutting result, the saw that has to be bought is the one with helpful features, such as integrated hang hook, LED sight, rubber bumpers, and so on. When the band saw has all of those features, the cutting job will be so much easier for sure.

If you plan to buy a band saw in the near future, you need to know which products of the saw considered as the best these days. Here is the list for you containing 5 of the best band saw products available. Down below, you can also read the best portable band saw reviews and then decide which one to buy.

5 Best Portable Band Saws Reviews

#1. Dewalt DWM120K

This Dewalt band saw is often considered as the best one of its kind. Indeed, this saw has a lot of great features to help the cutting job done easily. One of its greatest features is its motor. It has 10 AMP motor to produce high and strong power. It will be suitable to cut through any materials, including the tough ones. The Dewalt product is also completed by a lot of safety features. The most prominent safety features here are the steel shroud and the rubber bumpers. Both of them are useful to keep the user of the saw safe during its usage on the jobsite.

For better cutting experience, the saw is also completed by LED sight. So, even though the job site has minimum light, the user can still cut the material safely and easily. There will be no difficulties for the users to work on the low light jobsite environment. The product is also designed for higher durability and high convenience as well. The blade and the casing materials are all sturdy and won’t break down easily. Overall, this band saw product is indeed one of the best ones available these days. It has to be considered well.

#2. Bosch Bare-Tool BSH180B

Another great product of band saw is coming from Bosch, a well-known manufacturer of industrial tool. The product is Bosch Bare-Tool BSH180B. This band saw product is considered as the best when the aim of the cutting is the lighter material. The saw is powered by lithium-ion battery of 18 volt to make it works longer. The design is sleek and slim, making it great to work on tight space. If you want the saw to perform overhead cutting, this saw is going to work very well for that particular purpose, too.

Some of its best features are including the LED light to illuminate the jobsite if the condition is low light. Besides of that, the saw is very much lighter than any other products. It is more compact and easier to carry as well. With the cutting capacity of 2-1/2-inch by 2-1/2-inch, the saw is going to be amazing on lighter cutting job. However, for the tough ones, the saw may have to face some obstacles. This is why the saw is not particularly recommended for those who are looking for really strong, tough, and sturdy saw. This Bosch product is more like on the side of the lighter cutting job.

#3. Milwaukee 6238-20

Milwaukee is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to band saw. On this list, you will see two products of Milwaukee band saws. They are both like sisters because they are basically the same but only have differences in some features. The first Milwaukee product here is the 6238-20. This Milwaukee 6238-20 is considered as the best these days because it has two-speed band saw to deliver more powerful and reliable cutting. The saw is powered by 11-AMP motor for better and larger cutting capacity. Even for metal working on industrial scale, the band saw is still going to be amazing.

The product is also great in cutting lighter materials, such as plastic. It won’t take a long and hard effort for the users to cut through lighter material like that. The product is completely easy to use as it has comfortable rubber grip and many other features for the users’ convenience. The entire body of the saw is made out of metal and plastic combination, giving it a long lasting body and making it more durable for sure. This is one of the best products people should consider to buy today if they tend to get a strong and reliable band saw.

#4. Milwaukee 6232-21

The other Milwaukee product on this list is the Milwaukee 6232-21. Indeed, it is practically the sibling of the 6238-20 that has been explained up above. This 6232-21 band saw is almost identical to the 6238-20 one. However, it has several features that are considered to be newer and more advanced. They are including the slimmer motor housing. It makes the saw easier to handle and relatively slimmer. The users can use the saw to cut in narrow jobsite as well. There is also tool-free locking feature that can be used to operate the saw even easier and it will be done in no time at all.

This saw has protective features, too. It is including the existence of protecting clutch and a non-slip rubber grip. The overall material of the body is all metal.
Surely, it makes the saw even more durable and studier for long-term usage. The saw is powered corded-electric source. Users will have to connect the saw to electrical socket to get it operated. It needs 120 volt to get started. Overall, this saw is incredibly good and considered as better than its sibling the 6238-20 above. If you like Milwaukee products, this one should be preferred.

#5. Makita XBP02Z

If you want to look for a band saw with cordless feature, the choice should include this Makita XBP02Z. The band saw is powered by Lithium-Ion battery of 18 V capacities. It will make the cutting job last longer and more convenient. The saw’s battery can be charged faster, too. The saw has a reliable and strong motor. It will help the users to cut any materials, starting from the light ones like plastic to the hardest metal. Some of its most amazing features are including the thick and easy-to-grip rubber bumper. It is very protective and basically great to have on the saw.

The saw also has a stopper plate. This tool allows the user to get protected from any damages and help them to cut the materials easier. The saw has trigger-switch to make sure that it can be operated with ease. The saw also has built-in LED light to help the user to see better even when the jobsite is completely dark or in the situation of low light. For those who prefer working with a band saw that does not have any tangled cords attached to it, this Makita product should really get considered. It is great in so many ways and quite affordable, too.

Buying Guide for the Good Quality of Portable Band Saws

If you love to do the works by yourself, you will need some useful tools at home. In this case, the portable band saw can be one of the devices needed for you. It surely becomes part of your good investment when you can find the good product. In order to help you, this buying guide is useful.


First point to consider is about the comfort. You are going to use it right in your hand. You will hold the saw for cutting any stuff. That’s why you should be able to hold and use the saw comfortably. At least, the device should have good handles.

Then, the weight should also become the factor to consider in this buying guide. Of course, heavy saw will never be ideal for the portable saw. It should be lightweight, yet it can be powerful enough to cut the stuff. Therefore, you should try to hold and feel the weight before decided to pay the saw.


In term of durability, it cannot be taken lightly. You may want to make portable saw as your investment. It means you should be able to use it for long term. In this case, there can be two points to consider when it is to deal with the durability.

  • Body durability
    Body can be the dominant part of the saw. Unfortunately, when you are picking the lightweight material, usually it comes in less durable material. In case the lightweight option does not look sturdy, it is better to have additional weight to get stronger and sturdier body.
  • Blade durability
    Of course, the blade is the main point in the part of saw. The blade will have its correlation with the motor. Of course, both of them work together and it is important to get both strong motor and blade, so you can get best cutting result.


When it comes to the point of versatility, it is more about practical function of portable band saw. First, you should be sure on the use of your saw. When you are planning to use the saw to cut some metals, you have to make sure both motor and blade are strong enough to deal with the job. Of course, it is always good to have premium quality of blade and its motor. It will give a variety of cutting function, starting from the lumber to various kinds of metal.

Then, it should also have good accuracy. When it is about accuracy, it cannot be separated from the comfort. Motor performance and blade movement surely will make it harder to maintain good accuracy in cutting. Related to the accuracy, it should also give flexible access in cutting. This is important since sometimes you have to deal with difficult spots or corners, and your portable saw must be able to work well in this condition.

Added Features

There can be various features to have the portable blades. For example, you can find the saw which give you options or adjustment for the speed setting. This is very useful to get the accuracy and time efficiency in working with the saw. Then, the other feature to have is the one to adjust and keep the blade position. Some devices already have mechanism and tool to prevent tear and also wear during the use of saw.

A Word on Safety

The saw works in rapid speed, and it has sharp blade. In fact, it can be so dangerous when it has no safety features. That is why having some locks and other protection is necessary to prevent the saw for being dangerous. Lock can also be useful to prevent kids from playing with the device.

These buying guides give you some points to consider. It can help you to get the good portable band saw. There are various prices, but you have to also consider the quality and safety. There can be many points to consider, but these are for the better results in working with the saw.


For the conclusion, it is safe to say that all of those band saw products mentioned on the list of best portable band saw are great and eligible to be bought for industrial and professional usage. For you who want to get a band saw for domestic usage, or in other words just want the band saw for occasional usage at home, some of those products are good for that purpose, too.

However, for better overall usage and considering the best value of money, it is believed that the Dewalt band saw has to be the winner here. It has the most complete features and the price is relatively cheaper when it is compared to the Bosch band saw or the Milwaukee ones.

If you are planning to purchase a band saw anytime soon, this Dewalt DWM120K should be really considered. The saw is going to bring you the best result and the most satisfying cutting experience possible.