Best Pole Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

Buying a pole saw is definitely needed, especially when you are going to use it quite frequently for many projects, such as rod cutting or tree trimming. As we all know, this kind of saw, also known as pole pruner saw, is a very versatile tool.

There are a lot of brands offering pole pruner saw. They are quite different from one another. Some of them are designed to be corded, and the others are cordless. The difference of each product can also be found on the length of pole as well as on the bar and chain.

If you have the immediate plan of buying this kind of saw, read the reviews down below. There will be five best products of pole saw reviewed here. They are all considered as the best ones indeed. With the best pole saw reviews, it will be easier for you to eventually pick the right one.

Top 5 Best Pole Saws

#1. Remington RM2599

Remington RM2599, also known as Remington Maverick, is the best pole saw product from the manufacturer. It has a lot of amazing features to support the performance of the cutting and trimming jobs with the saw. This product is a gas-powered saw that can be used with ease. The pole can be extended and even extension pole is available. You do not even need ladder to cut limbs, branches, and the end of pole rod, too.

There is QuickStart technology used in this saw to make you start the saw so easily. All you need to do is just pulling the start trigger and the saw can be used immediately. Another great feature of this product is the automatic oiler to allow the saw getting lubricated all the time. It won’t jam and stuck during usage.

This saw is also compatible to be paired with numerous attachments, including edger, hedge trimmer, even a blower. With the combination of 25cc gas engine and the 8-inch bar and chain, surely Remington Maverick will be able to deliver amazing performance. Whether it is simple cutting job like trimming a rod or tough cutting job like trimming huge branch of tree, Reminton Maverick can simply do that with ease.

#2. Black+Decker LPP120B

The LPP 120 is a cordless pole saw product. It is considered as one of the best products from Black + Decker. This saw is using battery as its power source. The battery is a long-lasting LBXR20 lithium battery that will keep the saw going for a whole day without charging. The battery is easily charged, too, using a reliable battery charger you will get within the package.

The benefit of using this product is the fact that the motor is so powerful, even to cut immense branches of tree. Also, you can use the saw easier and more comfortably. Your movement won’t get limited by tangled, extension cord. The saw is also compatible with a lot of gardening tools. For those who are looking for a saw with durable and reliable performance, surely this LPP 120 is the answer.

Do not worry about tall trees to trim or trimming a rod located by a tall ceiling. This saw has the shaft that can be extended up to 10 feet. Even so, the saw is not heavy at all. It is light weighted and it is less than 7 pounds in weight. That is why it is very comfortable to use for sure.

#3. Greenworks 20672

Greenworks 20672 is a battery-powered pole saw with extended shaft. It has a sturdy and powerful motor powered by 40V lithium-ion battery. It won’t run out of power during usage. The bar and chain of this saw is easy to adjust and, of course, extremely reliable to use. It has quick tightening system as well to make sure that the chain sticks properly to the shaft.

The bar and chain are 8 inches and powerful enough to cut huge-sized materials. There is also automatic oiler feature in this product to allow the user to keep the chain lubricated all the time. One of the best things about this Greenwork saw is that it is completed by see-through oil tank. The translucent design of the tank allows the user to easily check how much oil left to lubricate the saw. If the oil is running out, they can simply refill it.

The shaft is made out of high-grade aluminum. It is strong, tough, and won’t rust at all. The shafts are available in 3 pieces and they are all extended to 8 feet. All these features make the users of Greenwork 20672 get easy cutting job, even when the material to cut is hard and tough.

#4. Sun Joe 20VIONLTE-PS8

When you are looking for durable outdoor equipment, especially a pole saw, Sun Joe 20VIONLTE-PS8 has to be considered. This cordless pole chain is very useful to trim a lot of things, including heavily overgrown trees. This product is using battery to power the motor. The battery used in the pole is the 20 V battery with EcoSharp type. This type of battery is, of course, easily rechargeable with the available charger coming within the package.

Sun Joe 20VIONLTE-PS8 has telescoping pole. It can be extended up to 9.2 ft or 2.8 meters. This is why you can just adjust the pole to the desired length. All you need to do to start the motor is also just pressing the power-on button. Once the button is pressed, you can start cutting longs immediately. The saw is capable to cut up to 7.5 inches-thick logs, rods, or branches.

Several other features of this saw are including the sturdy cutting bar with self-lubricating surface, plastic blade cover to ensure more safety during the storing process, and light overall weight of the product. It is just around 9.5 lbs and can be lifted with ease for any backyard tasks at home.

#5. Silky 179-39 Telescopic

The last pole saw to get featured here is Silky 179-39 Telescopic. The saw has 4 shafts. They are all made out of aluminum and three of those telescopic poles can be extended with ease. When extending the pole, a feature called positive locking can be used on this saw. The locking system allows the user to completely seal the desired length of the tree, preventing any misbehaving from the saw during usage and hence improve the safety as well.

With operating weight only at 6.9 lbs, the saw is considered lightweight and effortlessly to lift. One of the most-adored features of this product is the custom scabbard that is included in the package. The hook tip are sharp and useful in pulling the branches or hangers that are stuck in higher trees.

For those who are looking for great pole saw with amazing features and affordable price, surely Silky 179-39 Telescopic is the answer. It will allow you to use the saw commercially or just for at-home usages. It is suitable as well to trim higher vegetation, including palm trees and nut-bearing trees as well. In conclusion, this product from Silky is really reliable indeed and perfect for any usages.

Purchase Guide of the Perfect Pole Saw for Smart Buyer

For professional yardmen or garden owners saw is without doubt one of the most important gardening devices in their toolbox. It is used to prune branches, trim shrubs or grass, and other activities. There are plenty types of saws available for you to choose. Among the most renowned ones is pole saw. This saw is very special since it allows user to reach higher spots without the necessity of climbing.

Since there are many model options offered commercially, some people experience hard time in choosing the right saw machine. The following guideline will help you making smart purchase based on important parameters.


The first thing that people tend to look at when purchasing any saw type including this one is power. How powerful the machine will to accommodate your need? Generally, there are three groups of this saw type based on the power they yield.

  1. Manual or Non-powered Model
    The manual model is not powered; therefore it will not be able to do complex tasks such as pruning thick branches. Utilizing this model is also more laborious if compared to the powered one. However, if your gardening tasks are not too demanding, the manual saw is sufficient.
  2. Electric Model (Corded or Battery)
    There are two kinds of electric model: corded one that needs to be linked to main power source and the battery one (usually rechargeable). Electric model does not have big impact on environment. However, it can only be used for moderate level gardening tasks since the motor is not as powerful as the gas one.
  3. Gas Model
    This model is the most powerful in the list. It needs to be fueled with gas to operate. Because of this, utilizing such model will produce gas emission (although some models have been equipped with mechanism to reduce emission). If your tasks are rigorous, this model is highly recommended.


Another important parameter in choosing a model is how extensive the pole’s upward reach. Some poles can be extended up to 13 feet. It means that when you are using such tool, you will be able to reach taller spots in the trees without having to climb at all. If you need to work with tall trees, saw with longer pole is highly recommended. Nonetheless, you should still pay attention to how stable the tool is.

What is Your Power Source?

As explained in the previous part, there are several power source types for such saw type: gas and electric. If you are using gas then you need to fuel its motor every once in a while. The frequency depends on how often you are using the saw. If your electric model is run by rechargeable battery, you may have to recharge it before utilizing the machine.

If your electric saw is corded, then you may need to do some thinking beforehand. Since this saw is mostly used outdoor, you have to add an outlet to link your machine with main power source. Considering another power option might be wise if you cannot manage that.

What are Your Physical Restrictions?

This tool will be operated by a person. Taking into account user’s physical characteristics is therefore very pivotal. Tool’s weight is certainly the most glaring aspect related to this case. User with slight stature will have a hard time when operating heavy saw. It is going to make them experiencing fatigue easily and even leads to dangerous situation.

Gas powered model tends to be quite heavy due to the fuel tank. The same goes with battery powered unit although it will be less heavy than the gas model. Corded and manual units are the lightest options. In addition to weight, user also needs to consider how comfortable the grip is.

What will you be Pruning

You must conduct need assessment before deciding on a saw model. What kind of tasks that you often performing? Do you use the tool regularly? If you are a professional yardman, then you will have to handle various types of jobs including the rigorous one (e.g.: cutting high thick branches). To support such task, powerful tool is needed. However, if you only deal with small garden that has thinner and smaller plants then less powerful tool would be a perfect investment.


Maintenance requirement is another parameter that needs to be considered when purchasing such tool. As you are probably aware of, maintenance is the least favorite job when owning a tool. This is why people tend to opt for models that promise “easy maintenance” because this means they do not need to spend plenty of time and resources just to make the tools work properly.

The most demanding model when it comes to maintenance is definitely the gas unit. User needs to clean the tank every once in a while as well as working on the motor. Electric model is easier to maintain than the gas one since its motor system is not as complicated. Manual model is also easy to take care of even if it can be tricky.
Some models are equipped with supporting feature such as gear clutch to protect internal component from debris. This makes cleaning process easier. You can find several saw machines that come with handy storage bag. You also have to remember to store the tool appropriately so it will not get broken accidentally.


Warranty offered by the manufacturer should also become your decision making point. The length of warranty period is not the only thing that should become your main concern. You also need to pay attention to the extent of warranty offered by the manufacturer. Some products only offer replacement of certain components when they break within the period. However, some others provide complete maintenance and repairmen support for users.

As a smart buyer you must read the warranty clause thoroughly. Normally, products that offer extensive buyer support and longer warranty period have higher quality than the ones that do not make such offer. Of course, they are going to be more expensive though.


There are some combo saw models sold in the market. This combo has the functions of extendable saw and chainsaw. You can take off the saw from its pole and utilize it as chainsaw. If your tasks require you to use both functions, then combo model will be beneficial. However, if not, you are suggested to purchase the single function one.

How Often Will You be Using It?

You should also consider how often you will be performing tasks with the tool. If you work with it often, then it will be better to get tool that is made of high quality material and equipped with various features to extend its lifespan. Gas powered model tends to be superior in this particular subject compared to the other models.


People also care about the price of model that they will be buying. As expected, high quality product packed with amazing features would likely be very expensive. Unless your gardening tasks are demanding, you probably would have benefitted in investing for the cheaper model. Nonetheless, you should still choose the best one. However, if your gardening job is really demanding, then sophisticated model is the only way to go.

Remember Safety

Safety feature is always important when working with such tool, especially since you are dealing with blade. You should choose product that cares about this particular aspect. Best saw models tend to have features such as easy blade replacement and minimal fume (for gas version). You should also wear safety gears such as goggles and construction gloves when working with this tool.


Those saws reviewed above are indeed the best ones. They are mostly sleek and slim in design, allowing them to be kept with ease. They can be used professionally or just to be kept at home for occasional usage by regular home owner with no expertise in using saws.

Among those products above, so far it is Remington RM2599 named as the favorite. It has a lot of great features, including the automatic oiler to make sure the cutting and trimming projects will go fast and proper. That’s why it becomes the favorite among other products on the list.

However, the rest of products mentioned are also great. You can pick any of them that match to your need the most. Consider the price as well, so you won’t waste the money on overpriced saw. They are all already the best pole saws that can deliver amazing performance all the time.