Best Miter Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

Using miter saw is simple and easy. You just put the wood below chain then push downward while the saw does cutting. The result is smooth contour for anything on your project. This kind of saw comes in handy for home task for trimming and cutting small wood board. You need accuracy for such job, and this saw is the right choice.

Besides, this saw is known for miter cut, bevel cut, and crosscut. Each has similar cutting style, but certain adjustments make the separate result. In general, you can cut the wood to be as accurate as possible. That’s the main purpose of using this saw.

Several manufacturers provide reliable and excellent saw. You need references of the best miter saw reviews, especially for beginner who has no idea about buying the right saw. In this article, you will learn about few products that are considered being the best ones.

Top 5 Best Miter Saws


One of the best miter saws is DEWALT DWS780. This product has many features and functions to perform excellent woodcutting. You can adjust it to several settings based on what you need. For your information, DEWALT is prominent name in woodcutting tools. This miter saw is their product dedicated for delicate and tight cutting. You may put the wood plank or bar then cut into small pieces with smooth contour. This capability is what miter saw supposed to be as the basic function.

This miter saw uses high quality plate and strong metal for cover. You can work excessively without exhausted. The tool is designed to withstand any excess cutting that you do hundred time. It’s impressive capability for single saw. Besides, the design is quite compact with lightweight capacity. You may carry and put it in table or desk. For security and easy access, DEWALT provides miter saw stand as well. This is supported product to ensure the miter saw will be in proper installation.

Other features are crosscut positioning system, beveled cut, and sharp blade. You may adjust the blade speed up to 3,500 rpm. That’s enough for cutting wood in various solid levels. You need extra cut when the wood is very strong. On the other hand, smooth cutting is preferable for delicate woodcutting. Another capability is feature called crosscut positioning. You have a task, not just vertical cut. In this case, perpendicular or certain angle cut is needed. You just turn the blade left or right at specific angle. It helps for generating perfect kerf.

#2. DEWALT DW715

Miter cut is the right tool for cutting small board, plywood, and any wood bar. You can cut almost anything as long as it is reachable to chain. One of the best products is DEWALT DW715. This tool comes in handy for everyone, even though they do not have experience in woodcutting. Crosscut or miter cut is what DEWALT DW715 can do.

It uses stainless miter plate, precise miter system, and machine base. They are important parts when cutting into utmost precision. Stainless plate will keep the miter saw in check when you push it downward then cut the wood in high accuracy. The machine base helps the security measure out of slipping to left or right side. The next feature is bevel position that adjusts to be in vary angle. You may lean chain left or right at certain angle. It is useful for bevel cut or crosscut. As you know, woodcutting has several styles. Well, bevel cut is usually for joint where two wood boards meet each other. You can see this part at table corner.

DEWALT DW715 has protective cover for extra safety. The handling is ergonomic, and the size is lightweight. This miter saw is suitable for any project at home or new place. You just need proper desk or miter saw stand. The blade is 12-inch with sharp edge that can cut almost all wooden items. You cannot cut metal or steel, but plastic seems fine. The power source uses electricity, and the consumption is relatively efficient. As long as you adjust the speed in proper level, you can cut excessively without worry.

#3. Makita LS1016L

The next miter saw is Makita LS1016L that considered the best in term of accuracy and portability. It has blade with length 12-inch which is enough for many cuttings. As usual, the first feature you need to check is bevel or miter cut mode. The saw is adjustable to specific angle in order to fulfil your angle leveling. Woodcutting needs perfect kerf, and Makita LS1016L is the right answer for such purpose.

Manufacturer creates this tool to be lightweight, ergonomic, durable, and easy handling. Lightweight and compact size makes this device reliable in any place. You may bring it from home to workplace. The handling is installed above the saw where you push and press downward when cutting through wood. This position gives extra pressure with effective cutting result. Moreover, the adjustable speed makes sure the result is what you want.

Other features are extended wing and dust bag. Extended wing is a place for holding area when you put long board. The normal base is only reliable for short wood. You need extended section for holding bigger and longer one. This tool has this part and easy to detach if you do not need it anymore. The dust bag is important part to get rid of dust immediately, but in proper storage. For better utilization, you must use miter saw stand. It is additional support for holding miter saw. For power source, the saw relies on electric motor. You may put more power and speed when doing excess cutting. That’s what you should know about Makita LS1016L.

#4. Black+Decker M1850BD

Many miter saws are available at store. You surely want to pick the best one with utmost ability and functionality. The simplest way is by picking from the top brand, such as Black+Decker. This company produces several miter saws, and one of them is Black+Decker M1850BD.

It uses lightweight material that brings more portability when moving around from one place to another. You may carry this tool anywhere and keep it in the proper location. Based on official information, it has variable stops for speed level. The accuracy needs delicate and smooth speed. You just control such speed and Black+Decker M1850BD will handle the rest. The esign is ergonomic with anti-vibration grip. You just push it downward and the saw will cut through any wood immediately. This tool also has accuracy guide. You will need it when the wood is too small for normal ruler.

This tool uses sharp blade that can cut many things. Usually, any wood is not issue as long as it is capable to put in the base metal. Good thing about Black+Decker M1850BD is that it’s capable to be in any desk or position without stand. You only need to prepare the plain and solid surface, usually desk. Black+Decker provides warranty for maintenance and replacement.

#5. Hitachi C10FCE2

Hitachi is known for company that produces high quality products. Some of them are tools for woodcutting. If you look for the best and most reliable miter saw, the answer is Hitachi C10FCE2. This tool is specifically designed for cutting in high precision. Furthermore, you can do DIY projects at home and cut almost many woods as long as they are enough to put in cutting base. It uses solid metal and high quality cover for protection and safety. The vibration is not issue due to the feature that’s capable in reducing excess vibration. Moreover, the handle is ergonomic, so your hand will be in the right position. The overall size is compact and lightweight.

In addition, it has bevel cut mode and angle positioning. Usually, you put wood in base and let the saw cuts directly through it. The result is vertical cut with smooth contour. For leaning angle, you may adjust saw position then cut again for contour with different angle. This is basic feature that Hitachi C10FCE2 has for everyone. You may use several angle modes and speed level in order to obtain various result.

The blade is capable to do woodcutting for almost anything. Basically, the miter saw is for delicate cutting surface. You should put the wood bar, plank, board, and anything that’s reachable through the saw. The blade is sharp, and the speed comes from electric motor. Hitachi C10FCE2 needs the desk or stand specifically for miter saw. This support product is available in separated purchase. You should check at nearby store for the availability.

Miter Saw Buying Guide

Craftsman who is ready to tackle on more complicated projects is suggested to invest on special kinds of saw. One of the examples for such saws is drop saw or miter saw. The round shape saw is designed to help people making cuts in certain angles. If you are someone who often have to make delicate projects with fine details (e.g.: photo frames and window molding), this saw is something worthy for investment. It is going to make those jobs a lot easier.

When you try to look for a model, though, you will be bombarded by seemingly unlimited options. This tends to discourage people from purchasing the saw machine because they do not know how to tell if a saw model is good or not. There are eight aspects that you should consider when purchasing this saw. They are discussed in the following sections.

The Difference between Compound vs. Sliding Compound Miter Saws

You should first know that there are two general categories for this particular sawing tool. The first one is the compound kind, while the second one is called sliding saw. Although both types are considered drop saws, they have slight differences in some components. Let’s see what those differences are.

  1. Rail, The main difference between these two categories is the existence of rail. Compound saw does not have rail obstructing the cutting arm. Meanwhile, sliding saw is equipped with rail. This rail allows this tool to move front and back across the rail path. Such design differences have several implications to its working result.
  2. Cutting Capacity, Rail affects the cutting capacity of this saw. Since the compound saw’s arm is not obstructed by rail, it is able to move a lot more freely. Therefore, user is able to cut thicker material without too much difficulty in standard size blade. The sliding type can accommodate user who needs to deal with wider and longer size of plank, though. Its blade can move freely back and forth so it has wider outreach.
  3. Price, In the market, you will find that sliding saw is priced higher than the compound one. It is likely because the tool has more specific purpose (cutting wider objects). If you consider the tool to be worthy investment, though, you should not need to worry about paying more. It tends to have relatively quick return of investment.
  4. Space, Space is also something that differ both categories of drop saw. Sliding saw requires larger space than the compound one because of its mechanism. Since its blade moves back and forth, you will need more space to accommodate that movement. If your workshop does not have extra space for it, you may want to purchase the compound type instead.

Tool to Match Your Needs

Assessing one’s need is the most important step in your decision making process. Even though a certain model receives rave reviews from many craftsmen, it does not necessarily mean that the saw model would be the right product for you.

You need to think about the kind of projects that you usually deal with. Some users will need model that provides strong power because they need to work on tough items on regular basis. If the tool is not powerful enough, they will not be able to work efficiently. Those who only deal with relatively easy task may not need such tool, though. The types of projects you often deal with also determine which type of drop saw to purchase: compound or sliding.

Price should also be your consideration. Professional craftsmen would invest on expensive state of art tool to aid with their job because if not, they would not be able to deliver high quality work. They also tend to do various kinds of projects so sophisticated saw will benefit them by creating many types of cuts on different materials in efficient manner. However, for those who only use the saw for small projects at home, tool that is on cheaper side would be sufficient.

The portability of your tool should also be considered. Some models of this saw are designed for easy setup and transportation. They tend to be more lightweight if compared to the other models. It is perfect if you are often required to perform job onsite. However, these models are likely to be less powerful than the more stationary ones. It all depends on your need.


Power is the first thing that people look at when purchasing a saw machine. Power is important because it determines what kind of jobs a machine would be able to tackle. High power output is crucial for professional construction worker because they have to deal with many kinds of materials, including the toughest ones.

The power of a saw can be seen in its power input, motor rotation, and power output. A large portion of professionals would say that they need the saw machine that is at least 15A. The motor should be able to provide 3,500 rotations per minute at the very least. The power input is likely to be more than 2 horsepower. With such power, a worker will be able to make angled cuts with this tool at very fast rate. The results would be clean and accurate as well.

For beginner or home-based craftsman, high power tool is not the biggest necessity. You need to think about electrical service installed in your home. When seeing at tasks that you need to perform, you may also see that super power machine is not required at all. In addition to that, you need to achieve certain skill level to work with high level powered tool safely.


Blade is also an important aspect when contemplating to buy this saw type. There are several factors to look at when looking at this particular aspect.

  1. Size, The size of blade will determine how large the cuts you will be able to make. If you tend to deal with small size projects then small blade size is actually beneficial to you. However, small blade size will not be able to accommodate people who are often tasked with larger size projects.
  2. Endurance, Buyer should always know the material used for their saw’s blade. It should be made of high quality metal to ensure its long lastingness. The blade should also be able to endure constant usage for extensive period of time without breaking. Blade with great endurance can deliver stellar performance on tough jobs too.
  3. Count of Its Teeth, Higher or lower tooth count of a saw blade does not have straightforward negative or positive implication. It depends on what type of project that you currently need to work on and how you want the result to look like. If you work on project with fine details, you will need blade with higher tooth count since it can deliver finer result. However, if you need to cut difficult material, larger blade with smaller tooth count will help making the task goes by faster.

Cutting Ability

The versatility of your saw machine when performing a cutting job is also an important point. If machine has enough power and good blade but cannot perform cutting jobs that you ask for, then it will not be a useful tool for you. Since this saw is particularly designed to perform angled cuts, people will look for a model that allows them to maneuver angles easily. It will create a more streamline working pace. This ability to maneuver angle must be supported by a reliable lock system to ensure that your blade will not wobble easily.

Miter or drop saw is also used to perform bevel cuts. Many models are only able to tilt in one direction. Because of that, to perform this specific type of cut, you must repeatedly turn the material to cut from the other side. It is not the efficient way to work and worker will get tired quicker. There are units with bevel that can be tilted in two opposite directions to deal with such issue, although the price is more expensive than the regular type.

Dust Collection

This quality tends to be overlooked by buyer. However, once you have tried working with the machine, you will realize that dust and debris are big issues. They will prevent smooth working flow if piling up on your working surface. The fine materials are not pleasant to inhale too. Luckily, plenty models in the market have been equipped with chutes to store the accumulating debris during work. The chute makes cleaning a lot easier for workers. Some units even have blowers that will automatically blow the debris toward collecting back. At times, this mechanism does not work as expected though.


Extra features are not necessarily becoming the most important aspect to look at when purchasing this saw type. However, they can be plus points when weighing between some interesting options. One nice extra to look for is laser guideline. This will help you making more accurate cuts on the material even if you are not in well-lit environment. Some models are equipped with built in laser and you should think of investing on it.

Guard in clear color is also a great extra to ponder on. With clear guard, you will be able to see the cutting process clearly without obstruction. Therefore, you can immediately detect if something goes wrong with the cutting process. It is satisfying to look at too.


When dealing with powered machine that has blade like this one, you should always think about safety. Each model in the market is equipped with safety features; however, not all of them are sufficient enough to protect workers from unwanted accident. One of the most recommended safety features to search for is brake. You should be able to stop the blade immediately when the situation turns quite dangerous. Equipped safety gears would be nice additions too.


Based on the above list, you know that most of products come from the top vendors or brands, including DEWALT DWS780. Well, DEWALT, Hitachi, and Black+Decker have been around in this industry. They produce the best tools for customers. Each of them has the base features that similar to what miter saw supposed to be. For distinction and variation, manufacturers add special features.

You must choose the one that’s capable to fulfill your task. Miter saw is compact tool and lightweight enough for home project. Besides, you also must read the manual before installing and utilizing. Usually, the saw is available as single package without stand. The saw has blade, base, angle positioning, dust removal, and support features for precision. For bevel cut, those tools can turn into particular angle. Leaning cut in tight position is the benefit for having miter cut. You can do such thing in other saws. When using the best miter saw, the stand is necessary for stable position.