Best Miter Saw Stands Reviews And Buying Guide

Miter saw needs specific stand that’s capable to be adjusted and arranged properly. You may buy miter saw stand for this purpose. At store, the stands have several designs and styles depending on which vendor or brand you choose. Few of them are designed in complex configuration with many features. On the other hand, some of products are very simple with only folding, mounting, and adjusting simple parts. Each has pros and cons based on what you need the most.

Finding the stand for miter saw is easy task, but getting the most reliable one takes time. As it mentioned above, you cannot take any risk for having the bad product. That’s why the best miter saw stand reviews become reliable source for guidance. In the following section, you will find several products that suitable for miter saw. Each has similarities in term of basic function. Furthermore, you also see what makes one product is different from others.

Top 5 Best Miter Saw Stands

Bosch T4B Gravity

One of the best liter saw stands is Bosch T4B Gravity. This product is specifically for workers who need portable stand which can be moved around easily anywhere. The design combines ergonomic and simplicity to make it more reliable when handling the heavy task or various saws. The features are the integrated support and feed, leveling leg with telescopic mode, adjustable height, universal mounting system, rubber wheel, and high capacity.

Integrated support and feed is the most important part when buying miter saw stand. This is the area where you put your saw. Without integrated part, the saw might not be in stable position. You will feel difficulty when adjusting the saw configuration. Another feature is leg with leveling and telescopic mode. This is the next thing that miter saw stand always has. The leg is adjustable to low or high based on your position. You may keep the height based on your stool or chairs. Sometimes, you work at stand mode, and this leg is capable to increase more in order to be in your leveling.

As portable stands, the rubber wheel is necessary when you move the saw to specific place. After folding and adjusting, the wheel helps to be in stable position due to lack of vibration and stumbling. This is where the rubber comes in handy as protective part.

BORA Portamate PM-4000

Miter saw needs specific stand to work properly. Many products are available at store with their pros and cons. In order to choose the best one, you may start from the top brand. One of recommended miter saw stands is BORA Portamate PM-4000. The design is compact with simple mounted configuration. When comparing between this product and others, you might think uneasy due to simplicity. In fact, manufacturer does not put much fancy feature. On contrary, BORA focuses only for functionality that makes this product becomes favorable.

Mounted area keeps the miter saw in proper place. You may adjust the saw position based on where you work at specific spot. Another feature is leveling and folding leg. You may transport, move, and store this stand anywhere. Portable feature helps miter saw to be attached and detached easily. The next feature is the switch gear and mounts for replacing and switching more than one saw simultaneously. While working, you need another saw that’s different from miter or chop saw. In that case, new tool will be attached in this stand. This switch gear mode comes in handy for changing between one and another. With more stability, you can increase miter saw capability to up to 400 rpm.


DEWALT is top manufacturer when you need various saws. Besides, this company also provides support, such as stand that’s specifically for miter saw. One of their products is DEWALT DWX726. The design is simple and compact with rubber wheel for mobility. You may move it from one site to another easily with simple folding.

The features are wide adjustable feed, adjustable mounting rail, steel construction, and pneumatic assisted position. Adjustable feed helps to manage your saw in proper position. This product uses steel as the base material for frame and construction. The weight might be a little bit heavier compared to others. On the other side, the steel creates strong frame with long durability. It is capable to hold heavy saw in any size. You only use DEWALT DWX726 for several saw without much hassle. Adjustable mounting rail is the feature for keeping the saw from any excess vibration.

Each feature is the basic in miter saw stand. However, DEWALT keeps complex configuration as simple as possible. With proper mounting rail and adjustable feed, you can work in any place. As usual, the product also has foldable mode that you can turn into compact and easy-carrying form. That’s what you should know about DEWALT DWX726.


The next choice for the best miter stand is HICO UWC4000. The design is simpler but this product has more than what it looks. The features are tubular steel, quick attach and mount, tool mounting bar, folding leg, ergonomic height, and rubber wheel, and anti-slip leg. HICO UWC4000 uses tubular steel for construction. The product becomes more reliable and durable. You need extra weight for keeping new saw, and this stand can do without much hassle.

The quick attach and mount is the feature that’s always available in miter saw stand. Well, you can attach this product easily. This is similar to mounting bar that’s easily adjusted in various positions. You do not need new stand for the old saw because this one can manage everything. Folding leg helps transporting with utmost mobility. After folded into compact size, you may push or pull without slipping due to rubber wheel.

HICO UWC4000 puts many things that you may not recognize easily. With simple stand, most of tasks will be done. Moreover, the height is adjustable and the design is ergonomic. You will feel comfortable while working for longer period. That’s what you should know about HICO UWC4000.


Another best product for miter saw stand is DEWALT DWX723. It is the simplest design you will find at market. DEWALT makes sure you can attach and detach the saw easily, even for beginners. The features include mounting bracket, universal design, aluminum construction, non-marring feet, and leg lock lever. Universal design means it is easily to adjust to almost any saws. You only purchase one stand and the rest of saw will be handled properly. Any new saw is compatible with this stand.

That’s why DEWALT applies universal design. Mounting bracket is where you attach or detach the saw. This feature has lock to make sure the saw is in proper position with utmost stability. Leg lock lever helps workers for keeping the height in ergonomic and reachable configuration. You may increase or decrease it with quick lock but very strong.

The frame and construction utilize aluminum that makes this product more lightweight. You do not need to be worry about durability because DEWALT puts guarantee about such thing. Any heavy-duty saw will be handled easily. Non-marring feet is thing that keep lever and all construction is stable position. Those are features in DEWALT DWX723 as the best miter stand.

Miter Saw Stand Buying Guide

Miter saw stand is a tool with flat base to set your miter saw when you are doing a project. A well performed miter saw stand will stand the weight of saw and board. It is important to look for the right tool because the mediocre or poor one might collapse and ruin your miter saw. The best stand holds and supports your project board firmly, so the cut can be delivered precisely and accurately by the saw machine.

For your information, it is always possible to make DIY miter saw stand by yourself. However, it can be a bit of hassle, especially if you are a beginner in woodworking areas. Good news is, even if you are a less experienced one and wanted to find the good stand that’s budget friendly and work decently, there are a lot of options available to purchase in the market. Here is a buying guide to help you decide in which correct one you should buy to use on the next project.

What is a Compound Miter Stand?

In fact, a lot of miter saw stands claim to be universal, but it does not always fit the kind of saw that you have. Compound stand is the most common stand out there. There are a lot of models available with metal or aluminum materials. The plus side of this kind of stand is that it is completely sturdy, standing on two pairs of leg that support the saw superiorly. The compound stand design is so simple and will not take up much of your workspace.

You surely know some models are designed to be portable and foldable. These two features are very beneficial for woodworkers. The portability allows you to transport the tool anywhere you needed it to be easily, as the portable models usually created from lightweight materials. The foldable feature provides extra support, as you can extend the top part of the stand.

What is a Table Top Miter Stand?

As the name indicates, the top part of this stand model designed to resemble a table. Table top stand is the model that provides more work surfaces for your miter saw if you own a large one. It is usually made of hardwood materials, resulting in heavier weight than the compound stand. To compensate the weight and add mobility, it usually equipped by wheels on the bottom, so you can move the table top easily.

In fact, the table top stand is the most popular model to be DIY-ed. This one is so versatile and customizable. If you decide to purchase one, you can customize the stand to meet the criteria of your needs, suit the miter saw machine you own, the space that you have, match the support that you require, and designed to the look you want.

What is a Rail Miter Stand?

As basic knowledge, the name rail miter stand comes up from protruding horizontal rail as the work surface for miter saw. This model is similar with the compound stand, but it comes with clamped crossbar which provides a mounting system to keep the saw attached, secured, ready to be used and quick to be released. Just like the compound stand, it is available in portable and foldable version. The foldable means it provides extendable support arms for a long piece of object.

The rail miter saw stand is so versatile, that it is suited for various types of miter saw, such as folding or sliding one. Generally, this tool could hold a weight that’s 10 times its own weight. It suits users on all level of skills, and it is ideal to use on home or on-site project job.

What is a Wheeled One-Hand Folding Miter Stand?

Moreover, the wheeled one-hand folding miter saw stand is the ultimate type of stand. It is considered as favorite and the most popular amongst many woodworkers. In addition, it is basically the rail miter stand with crossed legs and wheels on one side of standing support. The wheels provide maximum portability, while the rugged standing support offers the stability to get your work done well.

The design of wheeled one-hand folding miter saw stand is so efficient and multi-purpose that you can transform it into a dolly effortlessly. Furthermore, it is also commonly equipped with handle for you to move the tools easily and quickly, whenever and wherever you want.

Aside from the features above, wheeled one-hand folding miter saw stand often featured adjustment of height, so you can adapt it to your comfort. The most common material used to build this stand is either aluminum or steel. In general, it can support the workpiece and miter saw that totaled four times of its weight.

What is a Traditional Miter Stand?

The traditional miter saw stand resembles a lot with basic workbench. It is the cheapest options of stand type in the market and the easiest one if you decide to make DIY stand because of its simplest design and limited beneficial features. Instead of commercially used by professional woodworkers for on-site jobs, it suits for residential owners uses. It is commonly built from heavy wood to support the weight of the workpiece.

Other Considerations

Aside from the type of miter saw stand, there are also considerations you should take before deciding to buy the suitable one. The first consideration is the portability. Each type has different level of portability. If you are a woodworker with high mobility, this feature is going to be important. Moreover, the second is its capacity.

Different users deal with different materials to work on, so if you are going to work on heavier materials on large scale, find the miter saw stand that could possibly support it. Third and last, is the durability. You should remember high-end products that cost a lot mean nothing if they are going to break down in short time. Just read for the reviews of each model that you have aimed to check the durability of the tools.


Each product above has functional purpose for keeping the miter saw in proper position. While working, you surely do not want any hassle that ruins your work. With the right stand, workers will feel uneasy and uncomfortable during workday. One of products in the list is Bosch T4B that has every feature as miter saw stand.

Based on explanation above, few products have unique and complex style which needs manual. You should read it carefully then check each part carefully. The complex features are not much difficult as long as you understand the basic way. The rest of products in list of the best miter saw stands rely on simplicity and compact. You only need to attach and detach the saw with mounted rail easily. For mobility, the products have portable mode that comes after folding leg and adjusting part. You may move it around easily due to rubber wheel and non-marring leg.