Best Metal Chop Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

Working in factory or machinery needs reliable metal chop saw. Some options are available at stores. In order to find the right one, some aspects have to be put into consideration. This kind of saw will be your tool for cutting metal. In that case, the machine is more durable for longer period. Some products have blades consisting of various designs to adjust with the type of metal you need to chop. Iron and aluminum can use the same saw, but with different blades.

The features do not need to be complete because you only choose the saw with specs you needs. Specific machinery helps to handle the work faster and more efficient. On the other side, some tools are for every jobs and usually have more expensive price. Each product has pros and cons that you should put into the list then assess them one by one. The next section is the best metal chop saw reviews for several products considered as the top list on market.

Top 5 Best Metal Chop Saws

#1. Makita LC1230

One of best metal chop saws is Makita LC1230. This product is what you need when handling any metal chop at workshop or outdoor area. You can cut iron, pipe, conduit, and anything without much hassle. The features also support difficult project that other machines cannot do. Moreover, the features include quick release vise, support fence, shaft lock, socket wrench, aluminum base, and collection tray. The design is compact with stability base. You can see the firm handle at top where your hand will be. This machine is capable to produce up to 1,700 rpm while cutting through almost every metal.

The quick release vide is feature to make sure the material becomes stable and firm in cutting process. This is the key feature that cannot be ignored, even though the blade is sharp enough for cutting almost anything. When you need another blade, the shaft lock can do changing in no time. You just remove the old one then put new blade into shaft. Aluminum base is feature for protective mode including stability. As similar to other saws, the dust and debris always come after cutting. In this case, Makita LC1230 uses special tray, not the dust blower.

#2. DEWALT DW872

Another tool for cutting metal is DEWALT DW872. For your information, Dewalt has been the top company in factory appliance, including several saws. The design is ergonomic with horizontal handle. Your hand is in firm position while working for long period. Besides, anti-vibration will keep your hand from exhausted while keeping vibration in check.

For this one, some features are installed to upgrade capability. They are Multi-cutter saw, carbide-tipped blade, 14-inch blade, and quick-lock vise. Multi-cutter saw is capability for cutting many types of metal. You can chop and cut the aluminum, stainless steel, iron, nickel, and other. One tool for many tasks is suitable option if you have tight budget. The blade has size 14-inch that’s capable to do deep cutting in high precision. For such purpose, Dewalt puts carbide-tipped blade that’s specifically for durability and utility. The blade is still in excellent condition even though you do cutting many times.

The next feature is called quick-lock vise for stability while grinding and cutting. DEWALT DW872 also has protective base and dust removal. Furthermore, the product uses electricity as power source. Based on official information, it works at 15 amp to be at the top speed. That’s what you know about this tool for your task.

#3. DEWALT D28715

DEWALT D28715 is the top choice when you look for reliable metal chop saw. The design looks simple but many features are available for utmost capability. It can cut almost many metals as long as you adjust the position and pivotal direction. The saw uses 14-inch blade with capability to deliver advanced precision. The features are quick-change blade and quick-fence tool. The name for both is related because of supporting function each other. The change blade is capability to change he blade with new one.

After long work, the blade is exhausted but still reliable. On the other side, you need fresh blade due to different metal. This feature will make the changing process as fast as possible with simple way. Moreover, fence tool is the feature for adjusting direction. As it mentioned above, cutting metal is different because you may have delicate line to follow.

The blade is 14-inch and available in several options. You may purchase the blade separately but make sure the brand is from Dewalt. From the exterior side, you can see protection gear installed for keeping the blade in check. It is the most important when cutting metal because small debris will bring bad result. The design is ergonomic, and you can work for long hour with minor rest.

#4. Evolution EVOSAW380

One issue when cutting metal is heat that might increase for more works. Most of metal saws have coolant for solving this situation. If you like simple saw with coolant, the answer is Evolution EVOSAW380. This product is definitely different from other. Metal cutting will be in balance heat while you work excessively. Coolant is not necessary and no debris will spread.

Another feature is abrasive saw, aluminum base, and long blade. The saw uses blade with enough length for any cutting and chopping work. More importantly, it has abrasive saw that can cut almost many metals. You do not need another machine for different metal. One tool is enough for every task. This benefit also comes with aluminum base that’s usually for protection. Some metals or materials are solid that require strong and firm base. Aluminum is perfect choice for such base, and Evolution EVOSAW380 installs that one properly.

The material for blade is high quality that lasts longer. The estimation cutting times is approximately 1000 times. You do not need new one for short period. The blade will be in best condition as long as you maintain it properly. The next feature is collection tray that’s available at bottom side. The metal debris is toxic that needs to put into proper place.

#5. Milwaukee 6177-20

Milwaukee is the top name in appliance industry with many products. If you need metal saw, the best choice from this company is Milwaukee 6177-20. The design looks elegant with compact size and ergonomic style. Its handling makes sure every grip will be in the right position. You will feel exhausted after several cutting. In fact, this tool is easy to adjust based on your personal preference.

As similar to other saws in the same category, it uses blade with strong tipped. You may cut any metal at easy, including the deep cut with high precision. Only the best metal saw can do such thing, and this product is one of the best at all.

The features are abrasive saw, spindle lock, accessible brushes, and pivoting wheel guard. Abrasive saw is common feature in metal saw. It is capable to do cutting into any type of metal which is in lower level in term of solidity. Accessible brushes are part of cleaning mode from debris. Cutting metal is similar to other work that always produces debris. The wheel guard keeps metal and tool in check when you cut excessively. In general, Milwaukee 6177-20 has everything that you need. Besides, the price is relatively affordable compared to other products.

The Ultimate Metal Chop Saw Buying Guide

Metal chop saw is the kind of saw a lot of people need, not only for the professional construction workers. Even though it has “metal” in the name, the saw is not only usable to cut that particular material. Other materials like hardwood, PVC, and even ceramics can also be cut and trimmed using this kind of saw.

If you have the plan to buy this saw, there are a lot of things to consider first. Here is the ultimate buying guide that you need. With this guide, you will be able to find out everything about the saw and thus allowing you to purchase the best one. Here it is.

Saw Safety

The first thing that you should consider when buying the saw is its safety feature. Make sure that the product of metal chop saw that you buy has all the needed features to protect the users during cutting process. There are two features that are mandatory: rubber handle and blade casing. The rubber handle will prevent the user from slipping accident while handling the saw. The blade casing essentially conceals the sharp blade and prevents any injuries caused by the blade.


The saw needs to be used in a well-ventilated room. It is better to use it outdoor, though. The frictions between the blade and the material will cause so much heat and so much flying chips and debris. It can be easily inhaled by the users if the air circulation is not proper. This is why the saw is never to use in small, narrow room.

Fire Safety

As stated before, the saw can cause heat, debris, and flying debris during operation. They can trigger fire easily as well since the frictions between blades and materials create sparks, too. That is why the saw needs to be placed as far as possible from fire-triggering materials, such as paper-based stuff and also softer wood. Keep the saw far from any fire hazardous stuff like petrol and oils as well.

Physical Safety

One thing to remember in order to make sure you know exactly how to be physically safe while operating the saw is to mount the saw. Mounting the saw keeps the equipment at one point only and it won’t move around, causing any damages to the user.

Waste Storage

Of course, cutting materials using this saw is going to leave a lot of debris. They will get harder and harder to clean if you let them piling up. The best suggestion here is to clean up the chips and small debris from the cutting process as soon as the job is done.

Personal Safety

The personal safety of this kind of equipment will always involve safety glasses. The user of the saw is mandatory to use safety glasses paired with a full face shield during the operation of the metal chop saw. The user also needs to be protected by the proper garment made out of strong polyester or nylon materials. In order to prevent flying objects and debris from the cutting material, the user needs to use proper helmet as well.

Eye and Ear Safety

The eye and ear protections are extremely important. For the eye, it is important to protect them because injuries from flying wood chips and metal bits are very common. It is damaging to the vision and essentially blinding. That is why protective eyeglasses are needed here. It will shield the eyes from the flying, damaging debris.

As for the ears, the noise level of metal chop chain saw can reach 120 decibels, which is really loud. It is even louder than huge speakers used in outdoor music concert. Surely, the noise can damage the ear with ease. That is why ear-muff hearing protection is necessarily needed here. They need to be bought along with the saw.

Safety Garments

The safety garments that have to be purchased along with the saw are quite a few. First of all, a safety vest has to be bought. The vest is going to prevent chips and bits of the material to hit the chest and cause damages. Also, you are going to need long-sleeve polyester shirt to make sure that during the usage of the saw, the skin won’t be explicitly exposed. Additional pairs of boots are also needed here for more protection.

The best physical safety feature that can be purchased along with the saw is the chainsaw chaps. These chaps have multi-layered protective materials that will protect mostly the lower part of the body, especially the leg and knee, from branches, wooden cuts, or metal parts that you have cut. These protective chaps are also completed by ballistic fibers to jam the saw immediately if the user makes accidental contact with the blade.

Public Noise

Most products of metal chop saw are going to be quite noisy. This equipment is using motor that can produce noticeable buzzing sound. That is why a lot of people living near construction site often complain about the noise pollution. To make sure that you won’t cause public noise because of the saw, choose the saw that has sound suppressor feature inside of it. Usually, it is available in the high-end saws. With this feature, the saw won’t produce that much noise and bother people around it.

Available Options

The available options that people should have are including extra blades and cleaning brushes. Extra blades are useful to replace the dull old one. The cleaning brushes are useful to keep the blade and the rest of equipment nice and clean right after being use. Besides of them, you can also keep extra clamps and lubricants as the available options for the saw.

Those are the things you should know before buying the saw in the first place. Make sure you can understand them all properly, so deciding which metal chop saw to buy won’t be hard at all. After all, this equipment is not cheap. You do not want to spend your money on the wrong product, right?


The products above, including Makita LC1230, are highly capable for many metal cutting works. You can do several projects simultaneously without changing the new saw. The features have similarities and differences. Most manufacturers use the same principle in term of capability, specification, and performance. For example, metal saw uses strong blade with deep-cut precision and direction-change mode. You can put metal then cut swiftly in certain position. If the saw can cut into clean and delicate result, just choose that tool for your work.

Another consideration is ergonomic handling, including anti-vibration. Usually, the handling is located at the top where you keep the hand firm in stable position. During cutting, your hand needs to adjust with cutting position. Ergonomic handling keeps your body out of fatigue easily. You do not need to worry about long work hour. Another part to consider is the base for strong and high durable protection. Those are what you should know when buying the best metal chop saw.