Best Manual Pole Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

For your garden maintenance, you may need manual pole saw. The device may be manual, but it still can give great functions and some people still love to use it. In addition, the product can also be used for other functions in case you need to cut the trees to make them tidier. If your old pole saw is no longer sharp and it is not good enough to use, then it is time to choose and buy the new pole saw.

In choosing manual saw, it can be tricky since there can be various options to choose. All products may look great, and it only makes things more complicated. Of course, choosing based on the price is not the solution. In this case, you will need some recommendations to get the references. Fortunately, there are some recommended saws for you. Surely, the best manual pole saw reviews can provide the useful insights.

5 Best Manual Pole Saws Reviews

#1. Silky Telescopic 179-39

The first recommended product is Silky Telescopic 179-39. This is the nice pole saw that can give you good length for working. In term of length, the pole saw gives the maximum length up to 21 feet. These are divided into some sections. By having the sections, it is easier to adjust the length to deal with the height in cutting the trees. The pole material is aluminum. This is sturdy material, and it will give good quality and durability. The pole will surely last long, and can be used for a long term.

For its blade, it has the carbon steel metal material to make sure that the blade will be strong enough to cut the branches and other sturdier or thicker parts. For the weight, it is only around 7 pounds. This is not heavy stuff to deal with. When it is combined with the sharp blades, it gives good flexibility in cutting the stuffs in height, and it will not be too heavy. In addition, there is also rubber grip for the comfortable handling during the use of this pole saw.

#2. Fiskars 93016059J

If you love to do gardening and need to cut the high branches of trees, you can use this pole. The Fiskars 93016059J can be your great partners, and you do not need to use ladder anymore to deal with the branches of tree. It is surely the best pole saw to deal with the height since it has extendable pole. It is easy to adjust the height and you will need to worry about the location of branch. The maximum length is 14 feet, and it is more than enough.

Then, the saw blade of this device is the most powerful part. It is also the main point offered by the product. This saw is equipped with the useful Power-lever technology to give the stronger power for cutting the parts of tree. The technology can give up to two times of the common tree pruners. Of course, this cutting power is so useful. Moreover, it has 15-inch saw blade, and its size is very useful to deal with the thicker parts of tree. In term of maximum diameter, it can deal with branch with diameter up to 2 inches. When these are not enough, the saw also comes with lifetime warranty to make sure you will get the satisfaction in using this device.

#3. ARS SC-EXW18

The third pole saw is ARS SC-EXW18. This is a telescoping pole saw that’s also recommended for you. The pole saw can give the good length. The maximum length will help you to cut the branches without heavy ladder. Furthermore, you can save your time in taking and climbing the ladders since the pole saw will do the jobs.

For its function, it has the nice arborist blade. This blade is in 13-inch size, and it is good size to deal with some branches in the trees. Tidying them will not be big problems since you will be able to get the great precision. Its straight blades will make sure you will be able to cut in good accuracy, even when the branch has quite thick density. Meanwhile, the sharpness will be so helpful as well to give the great precision.

Then, its portability is also the other point to consider. The whole parts of this pole saw are only around 1.7lbs. It does not make the pole saw heavy and you can make it as useful stuff in working outdoors. It is so easy to carry, and it gives you comfort due to its lightweight feature. Related to the comfort in using the saw, it has ergonomic grip with some options of stop. Of course, it will give the nice handling while you are cutting and directing the sharp blades.

#4. Milliard 7-14

Milliard 7-14 is the other recommendation of pole saw. It gives the easy access to reach the high part of trees and cut the branches easily. It is not necessary to climb or use ladder. The pole can give the length up to 14 feet. It is may be long, but it is extendable pole. In other words, you can easily adjust the pole, so it can lead to easier access in dealing with the trees and make them tidier.

For the blade, it is sharp enough to give the precision in cutting branches. For the blade, it is able to cut up to 1.5 inches of branch diameter. Of course, it is quite useful and it shows the good strength and cutting power of its blade. Moreover, the device is also a 3-sided blade, so it gives some options to cut and it will give easier access in dealing with branches in various locations. The blade itself is made of carbon. Therefore, it is lightweight yet sturdy enough, especially for the long term of usage.

In order to make the jobs easier, it has Double Tackle Compound Pulley System. This cutting system will make you able to cut the branches easily. It will bring the smooth access in cutting. Yes, you will not need to use extra efforts in cutting the thick branches.

#5. Jameson LS-6PKG-6

The last recommendation is Jameson LS-6PKG-6. It may be the least, but it is not the worst. In fact, it is the nice pole to give the great length. The maximum length is up to 18 feet. These are quite long, but you do not need to worry in case you want to make it shorter. The poles are divided into three sections, but it is easy to set them. It will make sure you will be able to sue it comfortably.

Then, it also has nice blade. It is a barracuda blade with feature of tri-cut blade to give you an easy access in case you want to cut the branch. Even, thick and sturdy branches will not be big problems with this sharp blade. Making your trees tidier will not be big issue anymore, and high place of branches is surely able to reach by this pole.

Best Manual Pole Saw Buying Guide

Choosing good manual pole saw can be tricky. However, by having the manual pole saw buying guide, it can be so helpful.

In dealing with your garden, it is necessary to have pole saw. It is useful to cut the trees and make your garden tidier. In term of pole saw, there are many types, and manual pole saw is one of them. In case you are also looking for the good pole saw, there are some points to be your consideration.

Pole length

The first point to consider is the pole length. This is the important part since the pole saw is usually needed to cut the parts of tree in the unreachable height. Instead of using chairs and saw, the pole saw is best solution.

In term of length, there are many options to choose. However, mostly pole length is around 7 to 15 feet long. There can also be other lengths to choose. In this case, it depends on personal needs. However, it is good to find the adjustable pole where you can set the length based on your needs. Yes, it is good point to consider.

Pole material

Pole material is also the other parts to get the concern. This points deals to two benefits. First, good pole material will provide good durability. Since the saw is sometimes used for heavy duty and outdoor works, the durability is very important. Secondly, it is the matter of weight. It will determine how you use the pole saw. When it is heavier, of course it is more uncomfortable.

In this case, there are two options of material. The common one is aluminum. This is known for the sturdy and durable quality. However, it is necessary to be selective in choosing the lightweight aluminum. Then, there is also fiberglass for another option that gives good weight, yet sometimes it is less durable and may not be suitable for the heavy duty. In addition, it is also important to find the rubber grip that will make things easier.


Blade is the vital part of pole saw. Of course, sharp blade is the main requirement to consider and mostly the pole saws already have the sharp blades to choose. However, it is important to find the good blades with some features. For example, it is good to find adjustable or replaceable blades for pole saw. Blades with different angles can be necessary point to consider.


When talking about quality, there can be some points to include in the consideration. They can be further things to think about.

  1. Price

Price is important. It is true that good stuff comes in higher price. However, lower price is not always about the lower quality of product. It also happens for the case of pole saw. When you look for the pole saw, it is better to check the saw and all parts of it. At least, you can make sure that the blades are sharp enough to meet your expectation.

2. Safety

In term of safety, you should also pay attention to this point. You are dealing with sharp blades and it can be quite risky when you do not check its built quality. Of course, it is always better to spend more time and even money to choose the best built quality since it can be the beneficial investment.

3. Warranty

Although sometimes people never use the term of warranty for products, it should also become consideration. In fact, it is the manual pole saw. However, sometimes the pole saw also have features, and warranty can be good point as you will be sure that the product fully works as what is said about it.

By having these considerations, it will not be too difficult to get the good manual pole saw. These buying guides can help you when having no reference about the things to choose and consider. Of course, quality, efficiency, and safety should always become the points to think about.


Those are some reviews of great pole saws. Each of them has different features. In term of length, you can also have various options with some features to adjust the lengths. For example, Silky Telescopic 179-39 can give more than 19 feet of length, and it is very useful. Other products also have poles that can be divided into some sections. Therefore, it is easier to use if you need to have shorter pole to cut the lower branches.

Moreover, you can also find various features. Well, the length is not the only point needed by the poles. That is why some features of the best manual pole saw are also needed to make things easier in cutting the branches and tidying the trees.