Best Lightweight Chainsaws Reviews And Buying Guide

Truthfully, you will have a hard time finding tool as useful and easy to operate as a lightweight chainsaw. This particular tool is designed for home-based operation, although professionals also tend to have it in their equipment sheds. Most of them are designed to conduct simple to moderate level of hard material cutting tasks. However, there are few models packed with high performance output despite their slight bodies.

If you are a newbie in this area, you are likely to be confused by many options available out there. A lot of models promise to be the best. But are they really the ones? They may boast high performing motor, great oiling system, low emission, and other interesting features that they sound unreal. The best product must balance all of those characteristics. You should read the following best lightweight chainsaw reviews very closely. There are five models that we consider worthy of your attention.

Top 5 Best Lightweight & Small Chainsaws

#1. Black+Decker LCS1020

You can hardly find another small size saw as useful as this model. It is powered by a Lithium Ion battery with maximum voltage of 20V when the tool is not being used, while it operates at around 18V. This battery allows user to use the tool for long time (five times longer if compared to equal powered battery) even only with one single charging. This battery can easily be applied to other saw products produced by the manufacturer which utilize similar power system. Although it is designed to only tackle small kind of cutting jobs, the tool is still a force to reckon.

It is armed with a 10 inches chain and kick bar that enables user to create clean cuts quickly. The chain and bar is supported by automated oiling mechanism. This extends the usability of this tool further. User can easily check the oil level through the clear aperture. If you want to arrange the tension of its chain, you only need to turn a knob around. From ergonomic perspective, this tool is highly convenient. It weighs around 7.2lbs so user will not experience fatigue too fast. The bale handle also allows steadier grip to improve control, and most importantly user’s comfort.

#2. WORX WG305

For something that comes in a compact size, this WORX product definitely takes the cake. It is an electric and corded chainsaw which means you will have steadier power supply if compared to battery powered tool. The power will be able to support its 8A motor so that it can deliver stable performance. This motor does not have loading speed. The tool’s chain and bar is measured at 14 inches, which is relatively long for such type of saw. It means user will have more options of cutting jobs to do up to the moderate level ones. This saw is often used to do limbing and pruning jobs of mid-size stems or branches.

A nice feature that is offered by the manufacturer in this product is automatic tension mechanism for its chain. User can also adjust how tight or loose they want the chain to be in order to do one job appropriately. In addition to that, there is a 4-fluid ounce tank for to operate the chain oiling system. User can check the indicator to find out if they run out of oil. Overall, this tool only weighs about 8lbs. The handle is located at the upper side of tool and encased with soft rubber.

#3. Husqvarna 440E

Despite its size and weight, this particular model yields powerful performance. The main reason for that is its gas powered mechanism. A fuel tank with maximum capacity of 40.9cc is attached to the tool. The fuel system is supported by X-Torq technology which minimizes the consumption of your fuel since the motor runs very efficiently. Power output that is produced by the motor is 2.4 horsepower. The output rate is quiet high for a tool that claims to be in lightweight size. When this saw machine is at idle state, the motor will rotate at the rate of 2,900 rotations per minute.

The length of its bar is 16 inches. For a small saw, that is considered a feat. Combination of motor power and bar length enables you to tackle harder projects. It is also armed with automatic lubrication system to protect the chain and bar. If you want to control the tightening of its chain, there is a knob on the side for that. Although it sounds like more complex model if compared to the other ones, it is still user friendly. You can start it very easily unlike many gas powered saw. User also does not experience too much vibration when trying to work using it.

#4. Poulan Pro 967084601

This is another gas powered product on the list. As expected, due to this fuel system, the power it is capable of producing is also high. Its 2-cycle engine is powered by fuel tank with utmost capacity of 40cc. The manufacturer’s special technology named OxyPower is included in the design. This technology allows the machine to lessen carbon emission up to 70% while at the same time facilitating the engine to consume less fuel. The engine can be started easily by pulling on the designated cord lightly. Its bar is 16 inches long. You will be able to conduct moderate to hard level of tasks utilizing this saw unit.

There are plenty of additional features built within this handy tool. It has oiler that is driven by automatic gear to keep the bar and chain lubricated. The air filter system is also very powerful and promised to be longer lasting too. Every purchase will include a “scrench” that will enable user to access chain tensioning key. This tool also has a mechanism to lower the vibration rate produced to make user handling the saw more securely. The overall design is very ergonomic as to prevent user from experiencing fatigue too quickly. The downside would be its 13lbs weight.

#5. Oregon 570995 CS1500

If you need a saw that is not heavy, environmentally friendly, and has long bar then this model is a great contender. In order to operate this model, you need electrical service of 15A and 120V voltage. Such power is able to run the chain up to 2,888 frames per minute. The length of this model’s bar is measured at 18 inches. Technology underlying the chain is PowerSharp, which allows it to sharpen itself without having to be dissembled. The chain and bar combined with its power will enable you to do heavy cutting jobs, even if you have to cut moderate size lumber.

If you want to adjust the tension of your chain for certain cuts, you only need to tamper with a red knob on the side. Automatic lubrication system can also be found in this tool. Another plus point of this tool is its low noise. When it is in idle position you can hardly hear any noise coming from the engine. This is unlike gas powered unit that tends to emit loud noise even between cutting jobs. The tool is also designed to reduce vibration and have comfortable handle. It is slightly heavier at 12.9lbs if compared to others in this list.

Lightweight Chainsaw Aspects to Consider When Purchasing

Do you ever need to do some easy cutting jobs in the garden but finding them tedious when conducted manually? This might be because you are often required to perform such job. Gardening or any wood related job can be pretty exhausting too after certain period. A lightweight chainsaw can be a helpful tool for you. This saw is relatively easy to operate, affordable, and specifically designed to handle mid-tier cutting tasks.

Oftentimes, buyer find sit confusing to choose the right model for them. This guideline will give you a gist on what aspects to pay attention to when purchasing this handy tool for your house.

Bar Length

There are plenty of models sold in the market that offers varied lengths of bar. How does bar length affect the function of your tool? You may not really think about it, but the length of saw’s bar will determine the kind of task it will be able to perform. It also decides how well the result that this tool will yield.

With shorter bar, the task that you will be able is limited. You will not be able to cut big size lumber. Well, you can attempt to do that but the result will not be as clean as if you are using longer bar saw. With longer bar, you will be able to make more precise cut with less effort. Bar length varies widely. You can find bar with length under 14 inches or even longer than 18 inches.

Power Source

There are three main types of this powered saw based on the power source used.

  1. Gas Fueled Saw
    As the name suggests, this saw type is fueled with petrol. Usually, this saw type would be the most powerful one when it comes to cutting due to its motor mechanism. However, it is not as environmentally friendly as the other type. It produces emission, particularly the old model that does not have technology to reduce carbon emission.
  2. Electric with Cord Saw
    This is a nice alternative to gas fueled saw. Such models used to be much less powerful than the gas ones, but the performance output becomes increasingly high these days. You can find few models comparable to gas fueled ones. Unfortunately, with such model, you have to provide outdoor outlet which can be a tedious task on itself.
  3. Battery Powered Saw
    Compared to the other two, this particular saw type will not be as powerful. It will not be able to perform difficult cutting jobs. However, you do not need to provide electric outlet outside the house. It does not emit harmful carbon to the environment too. In addition to that, this model also tends to be more lightweight if compared to the others (as long as the battery size is moderate).

Chain Maintenance

In order to maintain the chain, you should lubricate it regularly (even when it is not being used). There is a special oil type for this. Currently, there are plenty models that equipped automatic oiling mechanism in order to lubricate the chain and bar even when working. If you want easier maintenance time, then you should choose such model. Few models also have sharpening system within the unit. This will definitely help you a lot especially when working on a task.


The noise level that your tool emits should also be a consideration, especially if the saw is utilized at home where you have surrounding neighbors. Gas fueled tool would be the loudest saw to work with. Even in between cutting tasks, it still lets out noise. Electric powered tool would be a nicer alternative if you concern about this one aspect.


Safety features packed in the tool should also come to your attention. Chainsaw is a tool that you are going to use within close range to your body. Miscalculation and unsafe practice can create accident which might turn fatal. Some models include chain brakes that immediately stop chain movements with one single click. You can also find several units with great vibration reduction for more stable grip.

In addition to safety features built within the tool, you should also be equipped with working gears when dealing with this tool. The basic gears include gloves, goggles, and helmet. Concentration is also important when working with it


Unfortunately at the moment, there are no known models that are designed for people with dominant left hand. It creates difficult situation since there is a great portion of left handed people who need to use this tool. To deal with this situation, they have to practice using the tool as how people with dominant right hand would utilize it.

If you are also a lefty, you should practice gripping the tool first. Your tool should be turned off because this can lead to dangerous state if you let it turned on. Make sure to do the practice every single day to get yourself accustomed to the grip.


The five models that are described above cannot be any more distinctive from each other. There are three power source variations listed: battery, gas, and main electric source. They also have varied blade lengths. Your choice depends on your specific needs. If you want something efficient for low to middle tier tasks then BLACK & DECKER LCS1020 would be the perfect choice. However, if your tasks tend to be very demanding, then you should choose tools with big motor power and longer blade length.

You should also consider the additional features too, particularly the one that is related to maintenance. Maintenance work becomes the biggest obstacle of owning such job because many people cannot be bothered to take extra steps for this important task. Hopefully this article will be able to help you choosing the best lightweight chainsaw to support your work. Once you have worked with one of these models, you can hardly look back.