Best Jigsaws For the Woodworking Reviews And Buying Guide

Jigsaw for woodworking is one of the most excellent tools to have and use. It is an absolute necessity to have for any users dealing with woodworker project, no matter what level of skills they have. It comes in wide ranges of models, differs in shapes and size. Despite its versatility nature, the primary function of all jigsaw models stays the same.

The jigsaw is generally built from two components, reciprocating saw blade and an electric motor, and equipped with a handle for users’ hand. It makes the tool different from a scroll saw or a band saw. It also helps that the tool is so typically easy to use, as the simplicity is probably the reason why it is the second most popular DIY tool after the power drill. Below is top five list of best jigsaw for woodworking that might help you to find the best tool to suit your cut working project.

Top 5 Best Jigsaws For Woodworking

#1. Bosch JS470E

The Bosch JS470E comes powerful with 7.0 amps and 120 V to help you handle heavy duty task. With only push on a button, it can turn to maximum speed of 3000 SPM instantly from zero, thanks to the variable speed dials and accelerator trigger control. Surprisingly, it produces low vibration when used, resulting in cutting accuracy and smooth operation of the tool.

It is the practical piece for DIY projects for beginners, or for professional woodworker jobs like furniture building, countertop cut-outs or countertop installation. The machine is able to cut a piece of wood with up to 5-7/8-inches thickness, 3/8-inch on mild steel, and aluminum up to 7/8-inch.

This tool serves basic duty of jigsaw really well. The top handle is user-friendly, the die-cast foot is sturdy, and the cut precision control is amazing. There are various useful and premium features that The Bosch JS470E has, including clamp for multi directions blade, and anti-splinter to insert, and lock-on button for left-hand person.

The last feature is really useful for ambidextrous purpose, it serves comfort and steadiness. When you buy The Bosch JS470E, it will come in set with a blade, a carrying case, a plastic overshoe, an anti-splinter insert, and a bevel wrench.


The PORTER-CABLE PCE345 is one of the more affordable tools, for you who do not want to dig a hole into your pocket just to purchase a high-end model of the jigsaw. The lightweight quality is really comfortable to use, if you have to hold the tool for a relatively long time. It powered by 6 amps motor which just the right power to use for various projects.

The tool has multiple speed settings, in seven speed dials which range from 0 to 3200 SPM. Besides looking neat and elegantly designed, this jigsaw is also amazingly constructed. It also has low vibration, which is rare to found in a jigsaw on a cheap side of price.

In case you work with different kinds of material, the 4 orbital settings come in handy. The blade can be set back to forth for difficult and though materials, thus making the job easier. This orbital setting along with the multiple speed setting set this tool to be a step above from entry-level tools. To keep your hand from fatigue, it offers lock-on button to provide you easy control on prolonged use. It also offers amazing comfort and great control to use by its handle overmold and oversized front.


DEWALT DCS331B sets in as new generation of Dewalt legacy, the company who manufactures it. Despite the claim, the blade speed comes in normal range, up to 3200 SPM while the other competitors can be forced up to 3500 SPM. The speed setting can be changed just by one finger and easy to reach by one hand.

It operates in 20 V platforms, to serve maximum longevity performance. With the T shank jig saw blades attached, it can cut 2 inches thick piece of wood and 0.375 inches thick piece of metal. It weighs 5.3 pounds that does not cause any inconvenience. The weight mostly concentrated at the front end part.

The handle is rubber overmolded D-shaped that provides exceptional ergonomics, which is very well designed. The saw also comes in set with Lenox blades that provide stellar quality cuts. The stand out features from this tool is the minimal vibrations production, because often times, high vibration messes the accuracy of the cut. The quick and easy to change blade is also a big plus. The LED light, which is recently becoming favorite feature amongst woodworkers and tool enthusiast, is really appreciated. It boosts visibility during work by lighting the work surface.

#4. SKIL 4230-01

The SKIL 4230-01 might not be the most incredible tools with extravagant features jigsaw model on the market, but it works just fine with adequate qualities. Powered by 3.2 amps motor at 120 V, it is perfect to use for small to medium scale DIY projects for beginners. The speed options are available up to 3000 SPM, which making the tool stands on lower specs side.

The blade slots are versatile because it matches both T and U shank, and blade storage to save extra blades. There is also a blade support roller feature which helps to improve the accuracy of cutting work. It will work ideally to cut softwood with 2 inches thickness, hardwood with 1-1/4 inches thickness, aluminum with 3/8 thickness and mild steel with 3/16 thickness.

There are multiple features that make this tool is so convenient, simple and easy to use. First is the back cord that existed solely for users’ convenience. The foot adjustment is tool-less, you can easily change the angle of the foot to 45 degrees, in either direction if you want bevel cutting result. To give the user a better visibility, it comes with line of cut blower that is used to direct air stream.

#5. Black & Decker BDEJS300C

Black & Decker BDEJS300C is the jigsaw that works decently by powered with 4.5 amps motor. The blade speed varies and can reach up to 3000 SPM. Instead of professional and commercial uses, it may suit woodworking hobbyist and DIY enthusiasts. It is quite affordable too, which a big appeal for the two users mentioned in prior. That is also probably the reason why when you purchase this tool, it only comes as a jigsaw piece and blade sets, and no other things.

Despite the average decentness, it has 4 orbital setting to allow you to customize the saw’s orbit. It also has bevel cut features up to 45 degrees. The adjustable shoe will provide amazing stability for a precise cutting result, along with a comfortable grip. This grip lowers the vibration by absorbing some of it, so you will be able to use Black & Decker BDEJS300C in longer time. The tool-free blade change which is common to be found in newer jigsaw models is also available in this jigsaw. The front side of the tool is booted with vacuum attachment, to collect the dust. It has improved wire guard feature that provides clearer sight for you on our cut line.

Best Jigsaws for Woodworking Buying Guide

In order to get the perfect jigsaw for woodworking, make sure you know everything about the blade. The buying guide is going to help you to do that.

Buying jigsaw for woodworking is not something to take for granted. This electrical power tool is usually quite expensive, and that’s why you do not want to buy the wrong product and waste your money. Jigsaw is usually useful to make curved cuts in a lot of different materials, including wood, laminate, PVC, and even metal.

Since there are a lot of different things to understand about jigsaw that you need to know, buying the saw cannot be done in haste. Read the buying guide first. It is written down below and contains everything that you really need to know about that kind of saw. It will certainly help you in getting the right jigsaw product. Here is the buying guide.

Jigsaw Blade Materials

In general, there are three materials that are common to make jigsaw blade. They are carbon-steel, bi-metal, and carbide. Carbon-steel blade is the most common one. It is hard, sturdy, and practically unbreakable. It is great to cut PVC pipes and wood. The Bi-metal is like the upgraded version of the carbon-steel. It is even sturdier and intended to cut harder, tougher materials like metal.

Carbide is a strong material, too. It has hardened teeth under the blade to add more power during the cutting process. This material makes a versatile blade as it can be used to cut a lot of things, from plastic to metal.

Be Careful Using jigsaw

Yes, yes you can get injured when using a jigsaw. However, injuries can be prevented by adding more safety features to the blade and wearing safety garment and accessories. For the saw, make sure that the blade is covered by a casing. It will prevent the hand from getting slipped into the running blade.

As for the garment and accessories, there are a few things to understand, too. First, you need to wear thick gloves during the usage of the blade. Then, wear a protective goggle to prevent the eyes from flying debris coming straight from the cutting material. They will keep the hand and the eyes safe during the cutting process.

How Fast Are These Blades?

The speed of the blade is going to be determined by its SPM, not by its material. The detailed information about SPM can be read later down below. However, the speed usually can be divided according to its cutting materials, too.

For cutting wood, the blade must have a high speed rate. For cutting plastic and aluminum, the speed rate needed is the average one. As for cutting steel and metal, a low rate speed is required to get the trimming done. Last but not least, to cut a tough but delicate material at the same time, like ceramics, the speed rate must be extremely low.

What is Orbital or Pendulum Action?

They are basically just the movement of the blade. Pendulum action means the blade is going to be moving backward and forward. As for orbital action, the blade is moving up and down. To cut tougher materials, set the blade into pendulum action. Both of those movements can also be combined in several jigsaw brands, composing a really tough and powerful performance.


Yes, certainly it is. The price is going to be a deciding factor before you buy the saw. However, it will definitely depend on the brand. Well-known brands, like Bosch or Dewalt, are prominent for its quality for a long time. Their products certainly are more expensive in the market.

Will These Jigsaws Sit Comfortably On My Hands?

Yes, it definitely will. You just need to choose a jigsaw with the right kind of handle to make sure that it will be comfortable to grip and use. There are two kinds of handle available in most jigsaw products. The first one is top handle and the second one is barrel grip handle.

Top handle is the most common one. It can be used to grip the saw with one hand only. The barrel grip handle has to be handled using two hands. Choose which one fits with your need the most. If you tend to hold on this saw using one hand, choose the top grip.

Warranty Cover

Most of the warranty covers the machinery inside the saw. However, some manufacturers also provide warranty for the blades as well. The warranty is commonly lasted for two years. During those two years, if the machine inside the saw is broken, it will get replaced or fixed for free.

Difference Corded And Cordless Jigsaw

The main difference between corded and cordless jigsaw is basically its source of power. Corded saw is using electrical power. It needs to get plugged into a socket to get the motor running. A cordless one needs battery instead of electrical power. It does not need to be attached to anything.

Using a corded saw will limit your movement but giving you unlimited power during cutting process. On the contrary, using cordless saw provide you with limitless movement but the power is highly limited according to the capacity of the battery.

Can A Jigsaw Handle Heavy Duty Projects ?

If you buy a jigsaw with average blade and it is intended for DIY projects, like casual wood cutting, do not use it for heavy-duty projects. It will certainly damage the blade and the machine as well. Buy another one intended specifically for industrial and heavy duty usage.

What Is SPM ?

In jigsaw, SPM stands Stroke Per Minute. It is a sort of measurement when it comes to the stroke rate of the jigsaw’s blade. Stroke rate here means the number of times the blade of the jigsaw can move up and move done in one minute. The more stroke rate a jigsaw has, the more power it has as well. In general, a jigsaw should have around 3,500 SPM.

If you plan to get a jigsaw, you should pay attention on the SPM. Read the product description of the product and make sure that the saw that you are about to buy has the proper SPM or at least enough to cut the intended material. Say for example, if you plan to cut wood a lot, surely the SPM of the jigsaw must be higher to support its performance.

Now that you know everything about buying the right jigsaw, you do not have to worry about spending too much money on the wrong product. Having a jigsaw is a sort of investment, especially if you do love woodworking and carpentry. The jigsaw will be quite helpful in preparing the materials and cut them into the desired shape.


As it applies to many products, a lower price does not always necessarily mean lower quality. The best tool is not always the most luxurious, high-end one. To get the best jigsaw for the money, you need to evaluate what features are important to have for the projects, as in what materials do you need to cut, or what level of precisions you’re aiming for, or how much skills do you have to operate the tool and produce the best result possible.

By disclosing the details of five jigsaw tools above, Bosch JS470E is chosen as the best model of jigsaw. The reasonable price comes with many excellent features to help you stay in budget while still be able to achieve precision and accuracy that you want. This tool really shines amongst its other jigsaw competitors in the same category. It performs high degree of quality result even under various circumstances.