Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews And Buying Guide

Chainsaw is what you choose when handling cutting, trimming, and chopping trees. This tool comes in handy for heavy task, even for the most unreliable one. For example, you may rely on chainsaw in order to get rid of wall, ice, and metal. Of course, such work requires specific bar and chain installed directly on the chainsaw. Several models and brands are available at store. If you ask people for the most popular brand, one name may come in their mind. Yes, Husqvarna chainsaw is considered the best pick and the most well-known one. You will find workers using this brand in many places.

Husqvarna produces several models with specific number to distinguish between one and other. For beginners, some of them have the same design but professionals know difference. In order to choose the right one, you need the best Husqvarna chainsaw reviews. The next section will explore more about this topic comprehensively with the best models on the market.

5 Best Husqvarna Chainsaws Reviews

#1. Husqvarna 455

If you have heavy-duty task and need reliable chainsaw, Husqvarna 455 is the right option that consists of 18-inch and 20-inch model. Each has similar design and the longer one is the top option. This product is specifically for long project outdoor where you need to do cutting big tree, chopping tons of lumber, and preparing plywood. The features include 2-cycle engine, orange cover, fuel tank, and automatic fuel system. The engine relies on 2-cycle mode in order to control the machine properly. You can adjust the tension on bar and chain before working.

This chainsaw uses gas as fuel, and the tank is enough for long working period. The oil will deliver alongside the chain automatically. As you know, oil is necessary to ensure the chain and bar is in proper condition. You only need to check the oil level regularly then refill it again before empty. As you know, oil and gas are not part of purchasing package. You should buy separately.

The next feature is called air filter with quick release. One issue when having gas-fueled chainsaw is smoke from engine section. The air released will get rid of this part, but the air filter requires replacement. Manufacturer produces this product to be simple and easy when you need cleaning regularly.

#2. Husqvarna 240

The next model for the best chainsaw is Husqvarna 240. At first glance, the size is quite smaller but the features and capability are at the top level. This product is specifically for the tasks with difficult condition. The chainsaw will cut almost anything, including the ice in your surroundings.

The first feature is called X-torque that’s useful for reducing emission. This chainsaw relies on fuel for power source. You can choke this machine before ready working. For control, Husqvarna gives stop and go button for adjusting cutting level. You can work continuously with long log or minor short cutting. The control is simple and easy to adjust based on what you need. Another support feature is called lowvib or low vibration mode. Most chainsaws have vibration due to the way the machine works. This condition is not good for hands. For solving this issue, this tool has cover that’s capable to lessen vibration effectively.

Using fuel will need air filter to do cleaning regularly. This machine has air injection that’s capable to get rid of dust and debris. Moreover, the system is capable for cleaning before reaching air filter. You do not need replacement regularly. That’s what you should know about Husqvarna 240 before buying the device at store.

#3. Husqvarna 450

The next chainsaw product is Husqvarna 450 with advanced features, high durability, and powerful machinery. This product is specifically for outdoor work in any place. You can cut many logs quickly and efficiently. The engine uses 3.2H X-torq which is capable to produce 3.2 horsepower. It’s more than enough for regular cutting tasks. It uses 18-inch chain with adjustable tension and automatic oiler. You can use choke mode to start the machine then control it via stop button.

Another feature is centrifugal air cleaning. As you can see, this tool relies on gas as fuel. After working in several hours, the machine produces smoke and dust. You need to get rid of it immediately to prolong the machine’s capability. This centrifugal system will push the dust out of air filter effectively. You just do the cleaning on filter regularly, and then the machine will work perfectly. Besides, the machine uses kickback protection that’s useful for holding your arm and body from unexpected inertia push.

The next features are ergonomic handle and low vibration mode. The machine is lightweight to keep your hand in firm grip with less fatigue. You can work for long hour without worrying about excess vibration. Manufacturer produces specific cover that keeps vibration in check. Therefore, you can apply utmost precision while keeping the machine in check.

#4. Husqvarna 435e

Husqvarna produces several chainsaw with upgrade technology. New model is more capable for handling difficult cutting process effectively. In addition, the design is ergonomic and more reliable. One of recommended products is Husqvarna 435e. It uses 16-inch chain that’s compatible for daily task. Some machines are too big when you put at back of your car. On the other side, this one is suitable option because 16-inch is quite compact for the storage in small car.

The basic features are similar to other products from Husqvarna. You can obtain bar cover, 2-cycle engine, oiler, tension system, and air filter. The bar cover is protective gear installed for safety measure. This chainsaw will become dangerous tool without proper protection. Husqvarna puts extra feature in this area. The engine is reliable to be adjusted. You may put extra tension if the log or wood is hard. For smooth cutting, try to loosen slowly before starting. The next feature is oiler that always becomes important part in chainsaw. You can fill the oil then the machine will take automatically.

For your information, the oil is available separately and you may rely on other brands as long as they are compatible. The last one is air filter for keeping the machine from exhausted. You just remove this part and do cleaning before starting the new task.

#5. Husqvarna 440E

Several aspects need to be considered before buying chainsaw. You should know the chain size that varies from short to long one. Regular size is the better option due to flexibility for domestic and professional work. After that, you should check the machinery and the way the engine works. Husqvarna offers chainsaw with 2-cycle engine which is quite similar to old motorcycle. After that, the chainsaw has reliable oiler to ensure every chopping and cutting goes properly.

The answer for that consideration is Husqvarna 440E. This product is specifically for regular jobs, but the experienced and professional workers may rely on it. The design is ergonomic with safety handle. As you know, it is tough when working with chainsaw. In this case, Husqvarna reduces vibration to prolong your work. The chain has size 16-inch that attaches alongside the bar and oiler.

The latter is useful to adjust with chain movement. Lack of oil is dangerous thing and user may it check easily from indicator in oil tank. The oiling mode is automatic as long as there is enough capacity. The next feature is air filter for cleaning. The dust and debris are common in chainsaw that should be cleaned regularly. You can get all those features in Husqvarna 440E.

Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Buying Guide

Husqvarna chainsaw is the number one option for most people when they decide to get a chainsaw. Husqvarna is indeed a very prominent brand of cutting tools, particularly chainsaw. Their products have been everywhere around the world and well-known for their excellent quality. Here is the buying guide for those who plan to get a Husqvarna product in the near future.

Important Things to Consider

There are two major things to consider before buying the chainsaw products of Husqvarna. The first consideration is the size of the wood to be cut. The size of wood to cut does matter because this brand of the chainsaw provides different types of chainsaw.

If the wood is thicker and bigger, it is suggestible for the buyer to purchase the larger Husqvarna products with bigger size and bigger power. However, if the wood to cut is small is lighter most of the time, regular chainsaw of Husqvarna, with compact design and smaller power is proper enough to be used.

The second consideration is the usage of the chainsaw. You need to decide if the chainsaw is about to be used as residential or professional use. Husqvarna chainsaw for residential use is designed with sleek body, compact design, and smaller power as it is not used professionally and only there for amateur usage.

However, the Husqvarna products for professional wood cutters or industrial workers are available, too. Most of them are heavier and completed by larger power. They can cut through bigger tree logs with ease as well.

What Makes a Good Chainsaw?

What makes a good chainsaw anyway? For Husqvarna products, the considerations will be based on these things down below.

  • The Power and Usage
    Surely, a good Husqvarna chainsaw will be the one having great power and simple usage. Most of the consumers of Husqvarna are regular home owners. However, some professionals and workers are also using the products of Husqvarna. The best consideration to conclude that a chainsaw is good is when the product has unlimited source of power and easy usage. It will make anyone capable to handle the chainsaw.
  • The Safety Features
    Operating a chainsaw is always tricky. You won’t have the chance to slip the machine without getting injured. That is why a chainsaw is good when it has protective features. A chainsaw with blade casing or rubber handles will be considered as safer and easier to use as well.
  • The Cutting Power
    The point of having a chainsaw is usually to cut wood. The cutting power of the machine must be reliable for it to be considered as good. When the cutting power is not enough to get cut through a wood log, the chainsaw is not going to be good. Thankfully, all Husqvarna products are all great in its cutting power.
  • The Vibrations and Noise
    The Husqvarna products are most likely to be quiet and produce less vibration. They won’t produce buzzing sound as it will bother anyone around the area. This is the reason why the products of chainsaw by this brand are considered good.

Available Options

Right now, there are two products from Husqvarna considered to be the best. Both of them are very closely related. The first one is Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw and the second one is Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chain Saw. They are basically almost the same but only different in several features.

The 460 Rancher is the newer. It has a lot of great features to it, including the excellent safety features. This chainsaw is extremely reliable and easy to use. The blades are very much the sharpest you can find. It can cut through the hardest types of hardwood with ease. The product is also designed with sleek and slimmer body, allowing the user to handle it pretty easily.

As for 455 Rancher, it is like the older sibling of the previous one. The main advantages of using this product are the fact that it can produce a lot of powers and it can cuts extremely fast and reliable. The machine is also easier to start as well as easier to use. The only downsides of this 455 series are its weight. The machine is relatively heavier than the 460 type and it may take some major heavy lifting effort to pick up the chainsaw.

Personal Protective Equipment

Using a chainsaw is not something to take for granted. This machine is dangerous when you use it randomly. To use the chainsaw safely, you need some helps, particularly from its protective equipment. Thankfully, Husqvarna provides some personal protective equipment (sold separately from the chainsaw). Some of the best of those products are including:

  • Protective Pants and Jackets
  • Husqvarna Helmets
  • Husqvarna Boots and Gloves
  • Husqvarna Hearing and Visual Protections

By wearing all of them, you can surely use the chainsaw with ease and with better feeling of safety. The chainsaw won’t hurt you at all when every part of your body, starting from the head to toe, is totally protected by the additional protective equipment.

Consumable Options

There are some consumable options of Husqvarna chainsaw. These options are like the parts of the saw that you can replace at some points. Some of them are including Husqvarna Chain Suits and Husqvarna Wheel Kit Suits. When the chain is getting rusty or starting to break apart, you can get its replacement with ease. The same thing happens to the wheel kit. Replace the kit whenever the original one starts to get obsolete.


Each chainsaw above has similarities in term of design, features, specs, and capability. The reason is obvious because they are from one company, which is Husqvarna. You may choose one of them, such as Husqvarna 455 that’s considered as the best one. You will also receive manual book for guideline. You should read and check each part, especially the oil and tension. Lack of oil can reduce the capability, and the machine will not work properly.

The next thing to consider is air filter. As you know, the fuel is not reliable power source for long utilization. Husqvarna ensures every product has proper air filter. The most reliable one is the product that’s just released on market. Air filter manages to balance the debris and dust. You need cleaning it regularly particularly after long work. Moreover, some parts require new ones after several works. Manufacturer provides spare parts for each product on market. Besides, the best Husqvarna chainsaw may interchangeable each other due to the same configuration.