Best Electric Pole Saws Reviews for Your Reference

Technology makes everything simple, including cutting branches without ladder. You can rely on the best electric pole with capability to reach the top area easily.

You may have trees that need for trimming due to many branches and excess leaves around the garden. You may cut the branches one by one with regular saw. However, this task is not efficient especially if you rely on manual one. In order to overcome this situation, you can use the tool called electric pole saw.

From its name, you may expect what this tool looks like. It consists of chain saw that attaches on long pole with handle grip. The saw is relatively small and compact with lightweight material, but very versatile when moving around from one spot to another. You can use the pole to extend saw capability for cutting branches located at high position. You do not need stool or anything to reach those branches. With this saw, you just need to cut directly. It uses battery as electrical source, so you do not have to worry about electricity. To find the right tool, the next section will explore the best electric pole saws reviews.

Top 5 Best Electric Pole Saws

#1. Greenworks 20672

If you need pole saw, Greenworks 20672 is the right one for you. This tool has the bar and chain with the weight around 8 pounds. Supporting feature is adjustable chain to control the tension that’s used by the tool while cutting. You may tighten this tension if you need extra sharp saw. For the shaft, manufacturer creates adjustable mode that can extend up to 8 feet. Moreover, you will receive three poles in one product depending on which model you choose. The shaft also has reliable part for strong grip to ensure the steady position. As you know, cutting branch while direct saw upward is not easy task. Therefore, handgrip will create firm grip to prevent slippery and misplaced.

The tool uses batty system as electrical source. Customers will receive battery including charger as complete package. The battery is enough for regular yard work. Furthermore, you can recharge battery in order to gain more power. The saw needs oil, and this tool has automatic oiler. This feature exhausts oil directly to the bar and saw when necessary. This oil is useful to extend the durability and capability in order to do cutting efficiently. You just check the oil tank and see the indicator, whether the oil needs to refill or not. That’s what you need to know about this product.

#2. Poulan Pro PPB40PS

Garden work becomes simple and easy with Poland Pro. This product is electric pole saw that relies on battery for electricity. The design is cordless with long pole to put the chain. The first feature is cordless and ergonomic design. As you can see, there is no cord, wire, or anything that prevents owner bringing around anywhere. The chain and bar use high quality material with strong durability. It is also lightweight that’s easy to put on top of pole. Moreover, the chain uses self-tension mechanism to adjust with any work automatically.

Other features are pole or shaft with adjustable mode which can reach 8 feet. You do not need ladder or stool anymore for reaching the top branch. Furthermore, this pole can reach the area that you cannot do with normal saw. The next part is automatic oil mode to lubricate the saw immediately when you need extra tension and working. The process is done with automatic mode, and you just maintain the oil quantity through indicator. If the oil is below the level, refill it with new one. This tool uses instant button for starting easily without relying on cord mode. Another feature is noise reduction that keeps the sound in check. You do not need to worry for disturbing neighbor.

#3. Sun Joe SWJ800E

Another good option for electric pole saw is Sun Joe SWJ800E. Trimming branches is no longer hard work anymore because you can stand without ladder to reach the top trees. Besides, the tool does not rely on gas because energy source comes from battery. In this case, do not worry about the fume and loud noise.

This saw uses strong and durable material, but it is still lightweight. You can attach the bar and saw at top telescopic pole then press the button to be ready for cutting anything. Telescopic pole is capable to extend up to 8 feet. It is enough distance for stability when your hand holds this pole at stable position. The next feature is auto-oiler that produces lubricant immediately when the saw needs extra oil. As you know, saw and bar are sensitive when the oil level is not enough. You can manage to refill oil but the lubricant process is done automatically.

This product has safety handler and button to prevent unexpected start. The safety handler will help your hand to do strong gripping without slipping easily. You can move around while stabilizing this saw. The button also has safety feature to avoid unwanted start. Those are what you know about Sun Joe SWJ800E.

#4. WORX WG309

Cutting log is done with regular saw, but it is different while the branches are still on the top part. You need the pole to extend the saw capability. In order to fulfill such need, you can choose WORX WG309 with 2-in-1 features. At first glance, this is regular saw with basic feature. Moreover, it is lightweight enough for your task. The features are automatic lubricant, motor, bar, and saw.

Manufacturer provides additional pole to attach at rear side. You can cut the branch upward while keeping the saw in work. The pole has length around 8 feet with adjustable mode. You can extend when the saw needs to be at high position. In addition, the handgrip will keep your hands in form while the saw does job perfectly. Another benefit is auto tension without manual adjustment. The chain will be in proper tension automatically.

As electric pole saw, the power source comes from battery with rechargeable mode. You can work without worrying about safety cord, and the battery is enough for regular task. Cordless mode is good for safety, and you do not need to plug it to nearby electrical socket. As customer, you also receive the guideline on how to work properly with this tool. Besides, the company offers warranty for maintenance and repairing. This product is the right pole saw you should buy.

#5. Earthwise PS43008

One of electric pole saw products is Earthwise PS43008. It uses telescopic pole to extend the saw and bar while reaching the branches and limbs. You do not need ladder anymore and cutting branches becomes simple task. The main features consist of pole and head saw. You can detach the pole and work with saw for regular task. The pole is telescopic mode that’s easy to adjust, and the saw has three positions. You can adjust the direction for that saw, and then the pole helps your hand to stand as firm as possible while cutting. Another feature is capability for adjusting bar and chain tension automatically. You just work, and the rest of setting is already done.

The next feature is automatic oiling and indicator for sign. This tool will take oil automatically and you do not have to worry about that matter. Oiling system ensures every work comes with proper oil level. Besides, this tool uses battery for power source. There is no need to attach the cord and plug it into electrical socket. You can bring this saw anywhere and work at yard as long as the battery is at full capacity. The product has manual book as guideline for customers. You need to know how to work properly with this tool.

Best Electric Pole Saw Buying Guide

Choosing the best electric pole saw is something you should not take for granted. There are a few kinds of this saw, and there are many things to consider before purchasing one. If you are about to buy this kind of saw, here is the buying guide and full information you should know.

Battery Operated

The first kind, and probably the most popular kind, of electric pole saw is the battery-operated one. The saw is using lithium battery to produce power and eventually run the machine. There are a few pros and cons about this type of saw. The full information about it can be seen down below. There are its pros explanations and the cons as well.


Has Better Portability. This kind of electric pole saw is cordless. Its power is within its battery. This is why it does not have to get tethered by cords, allowing the saw to be moved easily and has better portability.

Low Maintenance. Battery-powered electric pole saw does not need to be checked regularly for its machine’s condition. All you need to do to keep the saw works properly is just replacing the battery and keep the chain nice and sharp.

Easier to Use. This electric saw is normally lighter in weight. It makes the saw easier to use and handle. The saw is also simple to operate as the machine has only one power button that you have to press to start it.


Relatively Smaller. Battery-powered electric pole saw is relatively smaller in size. The bar of the saw is only 8 to 10 inches long. With that, the user of the saw can only trim small trees to medium trees. When it comes to tall, bigger-sized tree, the pole saw of this kind won’t properly handle it.


The corded type of electric saw is basically the opposite of the previous type. It does not run on battery. Instead, it has cords that have to be attached to an electricity socket. Of course, there are also pros and cons about this corded saw. The explanations of the positive and negative sides of the saw are shown down below:


Budget Friendly. Corded electric pole saw is the cheapest kind. For those who do not have large budget when purchasing an electric saw, they should choose to buy this corded type. The machine is cheaper because it is still operated by plugging the saw into electrical socket, which is too old-fashioned for some people.

Can be Used Longer. The best thing about this kind of electric pole saw is the fact that it can be used longer. You can trim any trees for hours without worrying the machine runs out of power. It does not use battery or gas that can get dying or run out. It uses electricity that technically flows all the time.

Quieter. If you do not like the buzzing sound of electric saw, choose this corded type. This kind of saw is considered quieter compared to gas-powered or battery-powered types. It is a good thing when you do not want the buzzing sound to bother anyone in the house or around the neighborhood.


Limited Portability. Because it is corded, naturally the machine has to get tethered into an electrical socket. It limits the portability of the saw. This is why you will have to find an electric socket close enough to the tree you are about to trim, which can be a little bit of hard work.

What Makes a Good Pole Saw?

When it comes to deciding whether or not a pole saw is good, you will have to rely on its quality right from the start. An electric pole saw is considered good when it has sleek design, great power, and simple maintenance. Those factors allow the users of the saw to operate the machine with ease, without too many complicated procedures from time to time.

Tips When Buying

When buying a pole saw, there are a few things that you have to consider. They are including the price of the saw and the brands as well. The price range of the saw will heavily rely on the types. For those who have limited budget, cheaper kind of the saw, like the corded one, should be chosen. On the contrary, when the budget is practically unlimited, saw with higher price but with more convenience, like the battery-operated one, should be bought instead.

Available Options

There are a lot of available options for electric pole saw these days. For the corded saw, the best option is including Remington Ranger Combo (RM1015SPS). The saw has numerous great features, including anti-rotation design to make sure that the saw is stable when in use, cord lock system to prevent the cord from getting tangled and adjustable poles that you can extend or shrink. The maximum length of the pole is 10 feet, making it easier for you to trim higher trees.

As for the battery-operated electric saw, you can rely on Black and Decker Cordless Pole Saw (LPP120). This saw is completely cordless, allowing you to use the saw anywhere with ease. It runs on lithium battery of 20 volt capacity, which is great for longer usage. The machine is very light, too. It is less than 6.5 lbs of weight, making the users can lift the machine easier. The cutting extension ranges between 6 to 10 feet. It makes the cordless saw eligible to trim small, medium, or tall trees.


Each pole saw has similarities in term of capability and function. As you can see, the product has two basics parts consisting of head saw and pole. The head part is what commonly called as regular saw, and the pole will attach at rear side. When you need to extend capability, telescopic pole will make the saw work effectively for cutting the branch in high position. The example of this feature is easily seen in Greenworks 2067. Other products also have the same features, such as auto-oiler, battery, tension control, safety start, safety grip.

When buying the best electric pole, you need to consider few things. Usually, the product uses lightweight saw that’s relatively small. You only use this one for cutting medium log and branches. Of course, this saw is not for excess work due to limitation in term of electrical power. If you work outdoor, it is better to obtain the power bank for recharging. In addition, you should read the manual book before working.