Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

Reciprocating saw becomes the right tool when you need quick cut in confined space. For your information, reciprocating means the blade movement is forward to backward mode. Some saws are manual that you need to push and pull with hand. For quick and better result, you must choose cordless reciprocating saw. This kind of tool has compact and lightweight design that you can lift easily.

One feature you must know is cordless mode without direct electricity for power source. However, the device usually relies on battery, and you must bring extra for longer task. Most common features are variable speed, blade clamp, and protective gear. The speed uses strokes per minutes for measurement. You can enhance the speed when needing the quick result but less precision. To know which product is the right one, next section will provide the best cordless reciprocating saw reviews for your reference. You can explore one by one and finding what the best product.

5 Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws Reviews


You may have small task for making tiny cut in stud. In that case, cordless reciprocating saw is what you should have. Several models are available at store with their own specification. If you want the best one, DEWALT DCS387B is what you should pick. At the first glance, the design is compact with the length for sawing up to 14-inch. That’s enough to do maneuver in confined space. This kind of saw is useful of making cut and hole directly on the log or wood.

Other features are 4-position blade clamp, battery, pivoting shoe, variable blade speed, and LED light. You can change the blade position in 4 options. This feature helps for adjusting your task when the confined space is too tight. Furthermore, you can create cutting with smooth result at ease. To support this feature, you should control the blade speed. Based on official information, the blade is capable with speed between zero and 2,900 spm. You may push to the top speed if the surface is very hard and solid. On contrary, slower blade creates subtle cut. Pivoting shoe is the feature for keeping the device as steady as possible. For your information, it is not easy to do cutting in the tight space in firm grasp. Therefore, you need pivoting shoe.

2. Black & Decker BDCR20C

Cutting small thing is not issue anymore because the answer is Black & Decker BDCR20C. This device is reciprocating saw with sharp blade for handling any cut. You can create small cut for materials, such as plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and wood. The design is compact with ergonomic handle and pivoting shoe. You need to hold this device at steady position before starting to cut.

Several features are installed in order to boost capability. The most common is variable speed and blade position. The basic purchase only has one blade and user may obtain others from Black & Decker store. The blade is retractable that can be removed easily for cleaning and sharping. The next feature is blade speed that consists of several levels. You can choose from low speed and the fastest one is 3,000 SPM that’s enough for handling anything. Faster movement is usually for hard object and slower one is for delicate surface. You can control with stop button in order to adjust with speed you want to generate.

This device is cordless, and the power source comes from battery. You can bring it anywhere inside the bag and do not have to worry about electrical supply. That’s why Black & Decker BDCR20C becomes the top option for daily task and trivial project that needs delicate cut in confined space.

3. Milwaukee 2620-20

Reciprocating saw comes in handy for small cut that you cannot do with normal saw. Furthermore, cutting with this saw is better than knife or scissor. You can put the precise speed, and the cutting is done in smooth result. One of top products for such thing is Milwaukee 2620-20.
At first glance, the design is compact that consists of blade and machine itself. You can retract the blade while it is not working for safety and easy cleaning. The device provides variable speed up to 3,200 strokes per minutes. You can maximize cutting speed when the object is solid. On contrary, slow speed is suitable for smooth cutting. This gauge speed helps adjusting to any speed you want.

Moreover, the device does not rely on direct electricity supply. It is cordless with battery as power source. You can plug the battery and start immediately then check again the battery level. The indicator will show how much capacity in your battery. If the power is not enough, you can recharge and plug again from beginning. In general, manufacturer creates specific gear and protection for the entire Milwaukee 2620-20. You may grasp its handle with firm grip while working continuously. Furthermore, your grip does not slip away easily due to low vibration mode. That’s what you know about Milwaukee 2620-20.

4. Powersmith MLRS12C

One of the best reciprocating saws is powersmith MLRS12C. The size is compact that you can put inside the bag and bring it anywhere. It has ergonomic handle for firm grip. The protector will keep your hand in firm position while you work for long period. At the front side, the blade is attached alongside pivoting cover. When you need deep cut, the blade will be in straight line with no detour that may ruin your cut. Furthermore, the blade is available in several speed modes. You can increase the speed when you need fast cutting for handling many tasks. On the other side, slower is better for precision and tight space.

Most products in market only offer single blade. You will obtain several blades when buying powersmith MLRS12C. The vendor provides blades for wood and metal. Each has different capability that you must understand. Woodcutting uses blade with delicate sharp piercing. For metal, the blade is strong and durable with a little bit dull yet sharp blades. Of course, you can replace the blade based on what material you have. Sometimes, the metal blade is also reliable for wood. For power supply, this device relies on battery, and you should recharge it if the capacity is at low level.


Reciprocating saw uses picoting show in order to balance cutting position. You surely want smooth and delicate result. For such purpose, the blade has to be firm and stable in your hand. Several saws are available to fulfill that objective, and one of them is PORTER-CABLE PCC670B. This product is considered as the best in market due to several reasons.

The design is ergonomic and compact that’s easy to carry anywhere. You can do project in indoor or outdoor area without much issue. It has the design with handle for firm grip. You will not slip away when the vibration comes out during working. The cordless mode helps to be flexible with battery as power supply. When you need long hour work, prepare the extra battery and power bank for recharging.

The next feature is variable speed up to 3,000 strokes per minutes. You can cut small branches simultaneously with stop control. Faster speed means the strokes will cut excessively in no time. When you have delicate space, slower one is much recommended. Therefore, you can change the speed based on what you need including the blade position. That’s what you know about PORTER-CABLE PCC670B as the best saw with reciprocating mode.

Complete Buying Guide for the Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw

A cordless reciprocating saw is one of the practical tools to help you get the projects done. It is best to use when your workspace is limited. There is a wide range of cordless saw options available, so make sure to choose the most suitable one. To find out which model might be the best for you, below are few features to look for.


This kind of saw is so versatile that it can cut about anything. If you will use the tool for a heavy cutting work, you need to go with one that has more power. For example, cutting dense metal, hard and thick wood, or a piece of rebar, will be utilized better by powerful saw than light materials like drywall or tree branch.

Match the power with the kind of project you are supposed to do. For you who perform cutting works on wide range of materials, it is best to choose powerful reciprocating saw model because it works well for various uses. Typically, the more powerful the motor of the saw is, the vibration level will be higher, resulting in a bit discomfort. Some tools are equipped with anti-vibration to reduce this problem.

Variable Power Settings

Variable power settings correspond to the speed trigger of the reciprocating saw. A quick and easy changing speed is a convenient feature to have on the tool. Use this to have more control over the cutting performance. Again, this depends on what material you have to work on. To perform a precise cutting work on a material, a low power and speed setting is appropriate to apply. As the opposite, fast speed setting will for a quick cutting work.

If you are a beginner and want to get familiar with the tool, try to remove the saw blades and set the power and speed to try out. On some models, you won’t need additional tool to change the blade. It is handy to use if you cut a drywall for example, where you need to go with different speed setting on one kind of material.

Battery Power

Due to the cordless feature, which means the tool will not be connected to the electricity power while working, all cordless saw’s life depends on the battery. To have a short lived battery that suddenly went off after a brief use must be quite irritating. Thanks to the battery powered industry that show an advancement in improving their long lasting battery so it has longer, and more reliable performing hours.

Even so, that doesn’t mean the long lasting battery didn’t have its own flaw. The more power the battery holds, the size will be bigger, thus the weight tends to be heavier. The heavy weight can interfere with your work, so suit the battery models based on your work needs. If necessary, find one with both existing and secondary battery to not waste time on charging.

Changing the Blades

The blade will highly determine the cutting capability. If someone were to ask whether a particular reciprocating saw will be able to cute a specific material, it all boils down to whether there are suitable blade for it. That’s why it is important to choose the model with easy to change blades feature. A proper blade on the saw would make sure you make a cut on wide variety of materials safely, compared to rotary cutting tools.

Combined with the right blades, a reciprocating saw can cut anything from solid rock to metal like the studs, metal pipes, or metal bar. It also works well on lighter materials like drywall or mild steel, even brick or concrete, as long as the blade is changeable to suit them.

Size and Weight

The saw size and weight is available in a wide array of choices. It typically bigger in size and heavier in weight than traditional reciprocating saw due to the existence of the battery. The weight can vary from 5lbs to 10lbs, with or without the battery pack. For longer performance, choose the most lightweight options possible.


An easiness to handle, firmness to grip, is nice addition to the comfort of this saw. It especially affects the work if you’re going to do heavy duty performance in a job site or at home. The high comfort is determined by the design and features, often worth the high price. The compact design and weight allows you to be able to reach the narrow spaces, and reduce the stress and risk of injury on your hand.

The buying guide above is meant to help you choose the best reciprocating saw to maximize your works. However, when it comes to choose the specific models, it depends again on the kind of project you’re performing. For every uses, task types, and user types, there is always a suitable reciprocating saw model to choose from the wide variety of options.


From what have been explained above, Dewalt DCS387B has features for your task. This product is specifically produced for the projects at home. Professional often relies on this one when needing additional cut. Manual book will explain how to control the speed and do the cutting properly. The rest of reciprocating saw has the same specification and capability, although it comes from different vendors or brands.

You need to consider few things before buying this kind of saw. First, the device is for hand tool, which means you must try before buying. Keep your hand at the handle then try from slow to the fastest speed. Some blades will create vibration, but minor level does not disturb your handgrip. If you feel comfortable, that’s the best cordless reciprocating saw you should choose. After that, check the specs and support related to capability and features. In this case, all saws have similarities because they are reciprocating blade.