Best Cordless Pole Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

A great number of people are taking their gardening hobby very seriously. It means that they will purchase gardening equipment deemed necessary in supporting this hobby. Among many gardening tools popular for home use, cordless pole saw is indeed placed on the upper part of the list. Saw on a pole stick is used to reach high area without having to climb when gardening. This saw is not connected to any main source since it is fueled by either gas or battery.

For many home gardeners this particular tool is very helpful, especially for those who grow moderately tall trees in their garden. Although you need to have some experiences with its usage, the skills required to utilize this tool are not too extensive. The main point is to use the best saw on pole for your needs. You will be presented with some best cordless cordless pole saw reviews in this passage.

5 Best Cordless Pole Saws Reviews

#1. Greenworks 20672

The model is often called the easiest pole-based cutting saw to use. Its pole stick is made of lightweight aluminum material. In total, the tool only weighs slightly more than 8 pounds. The length of its chain bar is around 8 inches. Features found in the tool are maximizing its capability. First, you can tighten and loosen the chain using the knob that is located on the side. In addition to that, automatic oiling mechanism can be found in the extendable saw as well. The oiling mechanism will lubricate the chain and bar when they require it. Thus, you can make sure that the device will work in optimum manner.

It is powered by 40V Li-ion battery for its running. The 2Ah battery is rechargeable. It ensures long run time after every charge. You can make around 65 cuts on 4 x 4 inches lumber with a fully charged saw. To kick start the saw, electric starter is utilized. Some maintenance tasks must be done in order to maintain the tool at its best condition. You have to clean and sharpen the chain to get maximum output. The oil tank for lubrication must be emptied and cleaned after every usage too.

#2. Sun Joe SWJ800E

Trimming branches located at high place can be dangerous. This Sun Joe saw model ensures that you will not need to worry about that, though. The saw is attached to a pole stick that can be extended up to 8.7 feet. This way, you will be able to get up to 15 feet upper outreach. Its bar’s length measures at 8 inches. You get plenty of different features from this saw on pole. Adjustment of chain tension is managed by a special screw, so you can do this task without too much difficulty. Oiling system that runs automatically is also helpful to coat the chain for effective cutting.

The handle is designed to be ergonomic. It ensures that user will have comfortable grip and can keep working for longer period without being exhausted quickly. In total, the tool weighs about 7.7 pounds so it is not too heavy to handle. The motor power of this saw is 6.5A. This power allows such little saw to cut a branch that is about 7.5 inches in diameter. You will be delighted to know that this device is powered electrically. It means that it would not emit terrible fumes and smokes. It also has safe switch to prevent the tool from starting accidentally.

#3. Black+Decker LPP120

Many people will tell you that electrically powered saw would be less powerful than the gas fueled one. However, once you have seen this particular product, you can see that sometimes electric saw’s performance can be compared with the gas one. As an example, in a single charge, this Black+Decker model is capable of cutting up to 100 branches measured at 1 1/2 inches. That might sound like a simple task; nonetheless, the engine endurance must be high to reach that rate. The number of rotation per minute is 375. The 20V Li-ion battery is indeed supporting its running optimally.

When it comes to ease of usage, this model certainly takes the cake. It weighs only about 6.3 pounds. The pole can be arranged to vary between 6.5 to 10 feet in length. It means that you will be able to have 14 feet upward reach using this tool. Its cutting bar is measured at 8 inches, which enables user to cut branches with diameter up to 6 inches. This saw is perhaps the easiest extendable tool to assemble and disassemble. When purchasing it, you will get blade protector to guard its sharp blade when the tool is not being used.

#4. Maxtra 6955185710333

This model is the first gas fueled model in the list. It is equipped with double stroke engine with capacity of 42.7cc. The engine can provide speed up to 7500rpm. With its power, you will be able to cut thick tree branches with diameter up to 10 inches without issue. For a home gardening tool, it is considered a big achievement.

To start this engine, you do not need to wait for long time since it has Quick Start mechanism that makes the jump start quicker. The engine has also received certification from EPA that deems it safe to be used by human and emitting low emission.

The length of its pole can be adjusted from 8.2 to 11.4 feet easily. This implies that it can have maximum upside reach up to15 feet. You will be able to work on taller branches easily with the tool. A downside of this particular model is the fact that it weighs considerably heavy, which is around 16 pounds. To support the weight, every purchase includes shoulder strap. This special strap will be able to reduce vibrations and help minimizing fatigue. The added carry bag is also a nice feature to have since it enhances mobility.

#5. Ryobi One + P4360A

Although this particular model looks simple if compared to others in the list, it still delivers quite powerful performance. To fuel this saw, a rechargeable Li-ion battery with maximum voltage of 18V is equipped. The battery is paired with bar in the length of 8 inches. It means that you will be able to cut little to medium size branches over your head without encountering difficulty. The material that makes this pole-based saw is lightweight metal. When assembled, this no-cord saw only weighs about 7.4 pounds. It makes user being able to maneuver the device during rigorous gardening tasks a whole lot easier.

The pole can be extended easily and it can reach up to 9.5 feet in length. You can definitely work on higher branches because of this. Auto oiling system is included in the device to maximize its work. In addition to that, its in-line motor is designed so that home gardener will be able to work on branches located in tight space.
One downside that you will find when purchasing this model is that the battery and charger is sold separately instead of within the package. To some people, it can be a huge let down. Every purchase comes with scabbard cover for the blade.

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Cordless Pole Saw

When your garden or yard is full with trees or plants that are quite hard to reach, it can be a bit problem to trim and keep them neat and tidy. Instead of using ladder, which could induce risk of injury, cordless pole saw is a nice alternative option of it. However, there are few things to consider first before purchasing one, which will be summarized below.


Weight is a significant aspect to consider when buying a cordless pole saw. It is best to buy lightweight and comfortable to use cordless pole saw. It may weight more than corded pole saw because of the battery, however the cordless one is more flexible to use outside. Depending on the battery size, it can weight anywhere from 7lbs to 13lbs. To see if the weight of certain model is fitted and felt right on your hand hold, get a feel by grabbing it before you purchase it.


A powerful enough cordless pole saw is an excellent buy if you’re going to make it handling a medium to heavy task. Cordless pole saw is the most ideal tool to cut down tree branches and small limbs. Few models are more powerful than other models, so they will make the cutting job on thicker branches easier. So if your yard is filled with big, thick branched trees, it is only makes sense to purchase cordless pole saw with maximum power among its peers. However, compared to its cousin, the gas powered pole saw, the cordless one is always on the less powerful side.


Having a long lasting battery is important, if you’re planning to get the best experience possible offered by the cordless pole saw. Also, it benefits you in a way that you do not need stop the work and recharge it often, resulting in time effectiveness. Get information about the cordless pole saw average battery life of the model you want to buy. Quick recharging is also one beneficial feature that a lot of tools have offered these days. It also helps if the model offered secondary battery as battery swap when you need to do the work between recharging it.


The length of the cordless pole saw indicates how high the reach the tree branches you will be able to cut. The pole saw manufactures mostly understand that the consumers want tools with high reach capability. However longer cordless pole saw doesn’t always equal with the best. A long tool that doesn’t match with someone’s physical ability will cause difficulty in controlling the cutting movement. A well balanced tool in terms of its length is always the best.

Angle of Head

Depending on the relative position of the blade to the tip of the pole, some models have it straight and others have it tilted. The tilted one might be better option, because you do not need to stand directly under the branches to have it cut.


Most of the cordless pole saw models have pretty similar basic maintenance. Most of it depends on the blade types because the maintenance revolves around the blade. Ask the store employee or whoever in charge about how much maintenance a particular model you attracted to will need. Basic maintenance of the cordless pole saw models are including oiling the saw with the chain oil, wiping down the saw after every use, sharpening the chain and cleaning the bar rails after, and storing the tool in dry place with adequate ventilation for the air to flow.

How Much Will You Use it?

If you’re planning to use the cordless pole saw frequently, it is better to invest in best one with high durability, even if it is on the pricier side. The rule also applies if you’re going to use the tools for long, heavy duty task. You can read the online review to find to most durable cordless pole saw.

The comprehensive guide above will be helpful for you who struggle to make cordless pole saw buying decision. More expensive price is not always a guarantee for the best tool, but most of the time, it is. When you choose the correct tool, it will be so much useful, make your task easier, and the job safer.


Based on the reviews above we can conclude that the list including Greenworks 20672 are without doubt the most superior products in the market nowadays. Those garden cutting tools are easy to handle and can help home gardener reaching high places without much hassle. The length of their pole sticks can be shortened and lengthened with ease. Some of the pole extended saws are fueled by electric battery while others utilize gas. You can definitely select your own preference. The features which are packed inside those tools are also supporting them as ones of the handiest saws for gardening.

If you deem that one model is unsuitable for you, then other models within the list can be great alternatives. In the quest of finding the best cordless pole saw, you have to read as many reviews as possible. That way, you can come up with the most perfect tool to make the garden even more beautiful.