Best Corded Reciprocating Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

Variety of tools needed by carpenters and woodworkers are designed to perform specific woodworking tasks. However, if a craftsman is asked to choose one tool that will be able to do several distinctive tasks, their immediate answer would be corded reciprocating saw. This saw type can cut different kinds of materials because of its power. Not only that, due to its shape, craftsman will be able to do intricate cut with it. Compared to other saws, this particular one is very handy although you must have certain skill level to utilize it safely.

When you browse through the marketplace, you will be surprised to see the number of models popping up. The seemingly unlimited options might confuse you. Good news for you, this article compiles best corded reciprocating saw reviews. After you are done reading this, you will most likely be able to make your choice. Let’s dive in immediately!

Top 5 Best Corded Reciprocating Saws


High versatility is the key concept of this model. The saw is armed with powerful motor that requires 12A of electrical service support. To run the tool, 120V of voltage is needed. This motor is capable of providing enough power for maximum 2,900 strokes in a minute. The length of each stroke can reach up to 1-1/8 inch. The combination of speed and stroke length is perfect if you need to cut materials quickly without using up your energy. You can cut many things using this tool, from wood to metal.

User will be getting the chance to vary its motor speed when utilizing this saw. The navigation for speed control is easy so you can do it seamlessly as you are working. If your work requires you to change blade direction, this tool can definitely accommodate that need. In order to arrange the tool’s blade direction, you only need to navigate a simple lever system without having to press keys or anything. Because of this, you will be able to create complicated cuts such as flush cut without fuss. When it comes to design, the model certainly takes the cake. It weighs only about 8 pounds and comes in reasonable grip size.

2. SKIL 9206-02

Even if this model is very affordable, the quality cannot be said to be flimsy. The electrical service needed by its motor is 7.5A while for that rate the voltage needed would be 120V. Speed of stroke for this tool varies from 800 to 2,700 strokes in a minute depending on user’s needs. If you need to work on certain cuts quickly, then you should increase the stroke speed significantly. Its blade length is measured at 6 inches. User will not have an issue when trying to tackle big projects as long that they have the right kind of blade.

Some special features are added to increase the usability of this saw. The first feature is a control for vibration. Due to this feature, user will have more balanced grip on the saw while it is operating because they will not feel excessive vibration. There is also a pivoted foot in the tool that provides extra support for stability especially when user is cutting through extra hard materials. This tool also enables user to switch between blades without difficulty. It only weighs about 8 pounds too. The model’s metal gear is assured to be highly durable despite having to work on tough projects.

3. Makita JR3050T

You will find this model to be the most ergonomic one in the market. It weighs around 7.3 pounds which means that user will be able to hold it up for longer time without feeling fatigue. The overall design is created to provide more balance handhold. In addition to that, the handle part is covered with soft rubber for maximum comfort while working. The ergonomic design is also supported by highly powerful motor. Its motor requires 12A and 240V to operate. With this motor, you can create stroke length up to 1-1/8 inch which improves the efficiency in cutting, even for the toughest materials.

In addition to that, user is able to vary the speed of its stroke. It allows for wide range of speed variations, from 0 to 2,800 strokes in one minute. This allows you to have better precision when cutting any material. Due to the mechanism of this tool, user is also able to adjust shoes and blades easily. Another nice feature that you will hardly find in another model is built-in blower. This blower will clear out debris and dust around your project so you will have better vision on it. This saw is designed to be very durable due to added bearings, balls, and motor sealer.

4. WEN 3630

This model is another great example of versatile saw in the market today. It is armed with 10A motor that requires 120V. The motor of this saw machine can have manually adjusted speed which ranges from 0 to 2,800 strokes per minute. To control the speed, you only need to press a speed trigger. This trigger is sensitive to pressure, which means you do not have to press too hard just to get it going. The length of this machine’s stroke is 1-1/10 inch. With this stroke length, the model can even cut metal that is around 3/5 inch thick.

Performance is not the sole highlight feature of this model from WEN. The model also has super ergonomic design that will make any woodworking job becoming a breeze to do. It can be categorized as one of the lightest saw machines of this type. The grip is lined with rubber material for comfort while working. Its foot can be adjusted if you need to work on certain angle too. That feature is added to match the 360º pivoted head. You can angle the height in eight options of angles which 45º difference each. Every purchase comes with two blades: one is designated for metal cutting and another is for wood.

5. Milwaukee 651-31

Comfort and work safety of user becomes the main focuses of this model. There are several features to support those objectives. The first one is the ability to reduce vibration. Since the motor of this model is quite powerful, you can expect the vibration to be quite extreme. When the tool vibrates too much, your hold becomes uncomfortable. This can cause imprecise cuts and worse, working accident. Removing the tool’s blade can be done seamlessly using quick lock mechanism so you do not need to touch the blade unnecessarily. The grip area also gets redesigned so user can handle the tool comfortably.

From performance perspective, this small tool is indeed powerful. It is capable of producing stroke speed up to 3,000 strokes in a minute. To operate this tool you will require 12A which paired with 120V of voltage. The length of stroke it can aim is around 1-1/8 inch. This tool is not only working exceptionally well for carpenters or woodworkers. Any construction worker will find this tool super helpful in helping them tackling various jobs. It is armed with a special clutch to protect the gears. This means, your tool will last longer in your shed. A downside to is the fact that blades are not provided in the package.

Corded Reciprocating Saw Buying Guide

Using corded reciprocating saw is very common, especially when you get involved with construction work quite often. There are a lot of products when it comes to this kind of saw. However, buying one is going to be trickier.

For you who have a plan to bring home this kind of saw, here is the buying guide to read. Down below, everything that you need to know about selecting the prefect corded saw will be explained, so you won’t end up buying awful products.

Power Is Everything

Considering that power is everything, one of the best suggestions when you plan to buy a reciprocating saw is considering the power source. Make sure that the corded saw has the simple plug-and-use design.

It should start immediately after being connected to the power socket. The motor should be the brushless one so that it won’t produce frictions during usage and then preventing any electrical-related damages as well.

Consider the Ergonomics

You should always choose reciprocating saw with ergonomic design. The design should be very easy to handle. The ergonomic part should involve the switch. The switch on the corded saw is usually placed inside the handle. With this kind of design, the users can simply pull the switch to start the motor and to get the saw going.

The ergonomic design should also be found on the shoe. The shoe is the part of the plate part of the saw. The shoe is pressed to the material that you are cutting. The shoe must be highly adjustable so that it will enhance the ergonomic design of the saw.

Multiple Speed Settings

A good reciprocating saw should have multiple speed setting. That is why it is important for you to buy a saw that has variable speed trigger. This feature is going to allow you to control the speed. You can select which speed is to use. The trigger helps to produce the correct speed for the usage of the saw.

Without this speed setting or without the trigger, the saw is going to have only one constant speed. In other words, it won’t go any faster or any slower, which can be terrible for long-term jobs in which you need different speed for sure. This is the reason why you should really consider buying the product with multiple speeds setting on it.

Consider the Weight

The weight of saw has to be taken into consideration. You do not want to buy a reciprocating saw that’s too heavy, right? It may give you hard time lifting it, handling it, and eventually using it. You do not want a reciprocating saw that’s too light either. An extremely light weighted saw may not be sturdy enough when it is in use.

Choose the reciprocating saw made out of high-grade plastic and rubber material on the body. The material of blade should be made out of high-speed steel because the material is harder and less likely to get broken with ease. It will give the saw a relatively perfect weight, which is not too heavy or light.

Why Corded?

The reason why you need to buy the corded type of the saw is mainly because it has unlimited power. With electricity as the main power source, the saw won’t run out of power for sure. It will be able to be used constantly.

As long as electrical socket is available, the saw is ready to be use. You do not have to worry about charging the saw because it does not even need any batteries. Plug the cord into a socket and use the switch to start using the saw. It is that easy.

The downside of using corded saw is that it may limit its movement. It is not as portable as the cordless one. However, considering that power is quite everything, this kind of saw with cord built on it will be more useful indeed.

Now that you know everything about the selecting the saw properly, you can try to find the best product that matches your need and budget as well. There are a lot of brands producing reciprocating saw out there, including the corded ones of course. All you need to do is just finding the most suitable device for your purpose.


The saw machines discussed in the previous listing stand out against other models in the market. They do not only provide powerful performance. There are other additional features that make them desirable for user all over the world. As an example, DEWALT DWE305 has super powerful motor and capable of making unique and intricate cuts. Any craftsman who deals with construction materials will find such functions as helpful. The quality of these models is not something to side eye either. They are constructed of durable materials. The models are also armed with extra features, such as case and protector to lengthen their lifespan.

If you are looking for the best corded reciprocating saw, the best options would be the five models that have been mentioned above. If somehow you do not think that they are the right products, it is important to use their features as benchmark for other models.