Best Corded Jigsaws Reviews for Buying Reference

Jigsaw has been common tool for any work related to wood. In general, it is small blade that works in reciprocating way. You can do manual cutting with saw, but the corded jigsaw offers better reliability and precision. Cutting wood to be artistic contour takes patient and concentration. You need jigsaw for such project. Furthermore, this tool comes in handy for project in confined space. Some woods are already installed at home, and the repair will be done without depraving other.

Finding jigsaw at store is not difficult. However, you should pick the best one that’s suitable for your needs. In general, the basic functions and features are similar between some brands. On the other side, some jigsaws are better in term of capability due to extra support and features. Certain people like simplicity and only buy the cheapest one. For reference, you can read the best corded jigsaw reviews which explain some products at the top list.

Top 5 Best Corded Jigsaws

#1. Bosch JS470E

One of the best products is Bosch JS470E. This tool is compact and quite lightweight for daily use. It has several features, such as less blade system, orbital action, and fast insertion. When using jigsaw, the blade will move in reciprocating way forward and backward regularly. You need to follow the line or mark in wood that you want to do cutting. Less blade system is the feature to stabilize blade in any situation. You do not have to change the blade and prevent touching hot temperature due to excess working. Fast insertion makes the blade do what it supposed to be quickly. Orbital action consists of 4 options that you can choose for the blade speed and direction.

Speed control is another feature you should consider when using Bosch JS470E. When cutting, certain woods are very tough that need extra speed and push. You can accelerate blade for aggressive cutting or turn down the speed for slower mode. This feature is useful when having trouble with the tight line. This jigsaw is the top choice for accuracy. As you can see, the blade and control can deliver utmost precision. If you are artist and carpenter, creating wood art needs relentless process. Precision is what you should have, and this product is the right choice.


One tool for almost every job is what you get from PORTER-CABLE PCE345. This product is suitable for any project, such as small cutting or complex artistic work. Moreover, you may consider this one for project that cannot be fulfilled by other jigsaws. The design is compact with protective gear and safety support. The features consist of orbital setting, speed dial, free blade change, and lock on button.

Orbital setting is the option to change blade direction and position. You can use basic setting for normal cutting. If this option does not suit your job, choose different orbital setting. This tool has 4 options for such matter. The next feature is called speed dial for controlling cutting aggressiveness. This is standard feature that every jigsaw has. Manual saw relies on your hand to adjust the speed. On the other side, this tool has 7 options for speed mode. You just choose from slow to faster one depending on how much you do. Delicate cutting requires slower mode.

In general, this tool is suitable for every work related to jigsaw. You can buy at store and read the manual before working. Make sure to check again before buying the real one. Manufacturer provides warranty as after sales service to customers.


The next product in this list is DEWALT DW317K. It is one of the best jigsaws you should have. The product is designed for several tasks that need ultimate precision. You can change the strokes level and speed then adjust to cutting line you need to do. This product is also reliable for long utilization due to ergonomic size, so your hand does not feel exhausted after long working.

DEWALT provides this product alongside the blade options. You may choose 10 pc or 14 pc which means the number of blade you will have. With 10 pc, you can cut almost many things in 10 different blades simultaneously. More blades bring many options for your work. As usual, this jigsaw also has speed options for adjusting blade aggressiveness. You may put into slow mode when needing precision and delicate cutting. Based on official information, maximum cutting is 3,100 strokes per minutes.
Small log or thin layer is not much issue when you need to do cutting properly. Besides, some support features are installed and integrated, including safety measure. The warranty will help for replacement or repair when your tool does not work.

#4. Black+Decker BDEJS600C

You need jigsaw and many options are available. Each has pros and cons in term of function, features, and performance. You must choose the right one for your task. For beginners, the simplest and easiest way is to pick the most popular and bestselling product. In that case, the right answer is Black+Decker BDEJS600C. As you can see,
Black+Decker is prominent name in home appliance. For jigsaw, their product is at the top list with the best quality and capability.
The design is compact with ergonomic handle. This tool does not make your hand exhausted even though you work for long period. The blade is sharp that’s easy to adjust into few orbital and speed mode. Based on official information, it has 5 amp for speed which you may choose based on the project level. If you have issue for creating bevel cut, Black+Decker BDEJS600C will handle it easily.

The next features are keyless blade clamp, dust blower, and wire guard. Dust blower is integrated feature where you need to get rid of dust while cutting. Users can see every line and cutting mark without worrying about dust and debris. The keyless blade clamp is what you need when the recent blade is not enough. Change the blade into different style and configuration for specific project. That’s what you should know about Black+Decker BDEJS600C.

#5. Hitachi CJ90VST

Another best jigsaw is Hitachi CJ90VST. At first glance, you will see protective cover and ergonomic design. Handgrip will keep your hand in firm position with less vibration. This tool has several features to boost the capability. They are blade change, speed mode, orbital action, and dust blower. The blade change is common feature in jigsaw. You need more than one blade if the project is complex and specific. Moreover, some blades are specifically designed to particular material. You may use regular one, but it’s not enough due to lack of support. That’s why Hitachi provides some blades as part of purchasing package.

The next feature is called speed mode including orbital action. When you need aggressiveness, the speed should be increased. On the other side, orbital mode is related to position that blade does. Delicate cutting requires blade position in precise position. Hitachi CJ90VST also has dust blower to get rid of debris and dust. You need clear sight when following every line while cutting. Dust blower will handle this issue at ease. Another feature is cast aluminum-nickel plate for solid support. It is part of protective gear to prevent scratching when you put the blade. That’s the capability and specs on Hitachi CJ90VST.

Corded Jigsaw Buying Guide and Things to Look Before Purchasing the Machine

No matter what materials you are worked on or what level of skills you have, corded jigsaw is the ideal and versatile tool to help you do the cut works. It is often used to do the woodworking, but it can also handle other materials, such as pipes or metals. With massive amount of jigsaw options in the market, it can be hard to make the correct purchase decision. However, there are few criteria you can use objectively before buying the jigsaw that fits you. Read the buying guide below to help you with the choosing problem.

How Well Do You Know Your Blades?

As the core part of the jigsaw, a blade plays a big role on how the jigsaw will perform. As the size of blade vary a lot between one another, in terms of thickness and length, it is essential to choose one that fits you the best.

The natures and dimensions of the materials you cut will also determine the types of blade that you should use. For the blade’s thickness, the thinner the blade, it will provide more precision and flexibility of the cutting work. However, the thicker blade delivers more sturdy performance thus neater result on bigger object of cut.

What Blade Speed Do You Need?

Multiple blade speed is a must feature to have in a jigsaw. The speed of the blade is determined by the amount of times the blade moves up and down on one minute that is shown in Strokes per Minutes (SPM) measurement.

How fast you should set the speed, depends on the material you about to cut. Most models have the speed in a range of 500 to 3000 SPM. Generally, for hard materials, the speed should be set between 500 and 1500 SPM. For softer materials, you should set it anywhere from 1500 to 3000 SPM.

Which Handle Style Do You Prefer?

The right handle style will be different for each person, depends on which feels more comfortable to them. The common handle styles for corded jigsaw are the barrel grip and the d-handle.

The barrel grip on the corded jigsaw has the handle on the back side of the tool. By having the handle on this position, you will be able to push the machine with more force and more precise cut. But it also leaves fatigue on user’s arm. The d-handle, also known as top handle, provides the handle on the top of the machine. It increases the comfort for user and makes them easier to do maneuver cut.

Sole Plate: Steel vs. Cast Aluminum

In terms of cutting accuracy, the sole plate of the jigsaw plays an important role. As the blade speed of the jigsaw moves quickly, the sole plate must be able to resist and absorb the machine’s vibration. Two most common jigsaw sole plates are steel and cast aluminum. Steel is the harder and more durable material compared to the aluminum, and able to reduce the high vibration. However it is more likely to be dented when dropped off compared to the aluminum. Aluminum is also lighter in weight so it is easier to handle for users. It is also more solid than steel.

How Much Power Do You Need?

The corded jigsaws are generally more powerful than the cordless ones. Check the power of the jigsaw by looking at the watts measurement, which is determined by its amperage. Most models run on 500W to 1000W. The higher the watts measurement, the stronger the tool is. The motors of the jigsaws generally range between 5 to 6.5 amperes.

Now, it is time to venture into the options on market and make up your choices. Remember that the best corded jigsaw to own is not the most expensive and luxurious one. Well, it is one that matches your need and type of projects.


Bosch JS470E is one of products in above list. In general, this tool represents almost majority of jigsaw. The design, features, functions, and capability are suitable for every project. Moreover, you can have this tool in affordable price. Some stores often offer interesting discount, and you should grab it as fast as possible. Besides this brand, the others are also on the same level as Bosch. You may recognize prominent names, such as Hitachi, Black+Decker, and Dewalt. They are not small company because they have been in home appliance industry since long time ago.

Most of products of the best corded jigsaw come from the top brands. That’s common way when you do not know which one to pick. Top manufacturers offer the best features and supports. Their jigsaws have features, such as orbital setting, speed mode, blade replacement, and protective cover. More importantly, you need the shape and design that’s ergonomic for long period usage.