Best Compact & Mini Circular Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

Manual saw becomes unreliable tool when you need clean cut in tight area. On the other side, regular size saw is too big that’s not easy to penetrate. As solution, the tool has to be compact and ergonomic, including the small product. The answer is compact & mini circular saw that’s similar to the big one but in smaller blade size.

Well, compact means you can put your hands easily with firm grip. Even though the size is small, compact design is the most important part while working. Some projects are not in nearby location, which means you should bring this tool. With compact size, the tool is reliable to be in your bag to be carried anywhere.

Before buying this tool, you should read, the best Compact & mini circular saw reviews. You need to know which products are the best based on its function, capability, price, and features. In general, they have similar style. The deeper explanation will be in the following section.

Top 5 Best Compact & Mini Circular Saws

Rockwell RK3441K

You need reliable saw for perfect kerf. One of best circular saws is Rockwell RK3441K. At the first glance, the design is compact and small that you can grasp with one hand. This design is specifically developed for any maneuver during your jobs. When cutting through branches and plumbing, you just push slowly then let the saw does its job perfectly. You may adjust kerf and chain speed based on what you need. Ergonomic design is also useful when the job is in tight sport or confinement space. You have the door or window that needs cutting immediately. With small handling, this saw will do cutting carefully until everything is in proper order.

The feature includes clear vision on the left side with dust removal. Usually, cutting wood produces dust and debris that may disturb your sight. That’s not issue anymore because this saw is capable to do cleaning while cutting continuously. You have two options when buying this product. Vendor offers product with circular saw as primary package. The second option will give extra blade. You may change the saw with blade then continue cutting with different pivotal direction. Due to compact size, you may put it inside the bag then go anywhere alongside this machine. That’s what you should know about Rockwell RK3441K.

Rockwell RK3440K

Mini circular has small size with lightweight design. Several models are available at store, and one of the best products is Rockwell RK3440K. You recognize this brand as prominent vendor in wood working appliance. You do not need expensive and bulk saw for small cutting. Furthermore, this product is more reliable for handling many cutting jobs.

The design is compact with ergonomic handgrip. When using this tool, you just keep your hand firmly then push forward for delicate cutting. In general, it is saw for wood, but the function is expanded to many materials. You may cut plastic, thin metal, paper, tile, and flooring. Vendor provides extra blades based on material you will cut. Metal, tile, and flooring are solid material and the blade requires specific treatment. You may adjust kerf in order to deliver perfect angle and result.

The next feature is speed control. This saw is capable to generate up to 3,500 rpm that’s capable for adjusting. Furthermore, this saw uses pivotal metal guard which you can see in saw and chain sections. This part is useful for safety and security. Dust extraction adaptor will help to get rid of dust while cutting. You can see cutting line clearly, and the dust is no longer an issue.

Worx Worxsaw WX429L

Compact and lightweight design is what you see for the first time at Worx Worxsaw WX429L. This tool is specifically for delicate job, such as cutting wood into thinner mode. The design is ergonomic with handling at right and circular at left. This position provides clear view when you do cutting in tight space. Handling keeps your hand in firm mode while working in tight spot. Due to small size, it is capable to do cutting in place and position you cannot reach with regular saw. This benefit is the reason why Worx Worxsaw WX429L becomes preferable choice for mini circular saw.

The feature includes gauge lever that’s useful for adjusting saw position. You can turn the chain to be in, certain angle before cutting. With that function Worx Worxsaw WX429L is capable to deliver clean and deep cut with perfect kerf. Some tasks which need this function are wood cutting on door, furniture, or window. You do not need to separate the door or window frame. All cutting tasks will be done while users cut directly. With compact size, power source is more effective and efficient. It uses electric power to generate blade movement. The last feature is vacuum adapter to get rid of debris.

Dremel SM20-03

Dremel is the top manufacturer that produces high quality tools. One of them is Dremel SM20-03 as mini circular saw. Customers will receive several blades for specific cut based on material. As you know, this tool is versatile for any tasks, such as deep cut, plunge cut, straight cut, and flush cut. Several materials do not have issue when cutting. You may cut wood, tile, metal, plastic, and other. Plastic and wood are the easiest options due to delicate and less solid. When cutting wood, you have to adjust the blade at certain angle. It is important in order to deliver perfect kerf. Tile and metal require strong blade that you just change immediately.

The design is compact and ergonomic with one-hand grip. You do not need both hands while working with this tool. One hand takes control on handle and the rest will adjust direction. Furthermore, the tool has dust removal that’s capable to get rid of any debris from material you cut. In this case, your free hand does not have to be around this tool. Protective gear will manage to avoid any accident. Dremel SM20-03 is capable to product up to 3,500 rpm. It’s enough for your job in any position, material, and situation.

Genesis GCS545C

Certain tool is only for specific purpose, but few of them are reliable for many tasks. You have DIY project in plumbing and carpentry that need the most versatile saw. The best option is Genesis GCS545C. It can cut through anything, such as wood, metal, tile, plastic, even solid flooring. Moreover, working on plumbing will be easy with this tool.

The design is relatively small with compact style. You can grasp and add firm grip directly in handle. While working, your hand will be in static position without much difficulty for adapting with blade movement. That’s why this product becomes the top choice for beginner. Easy handle is the first thing that people consider when buying new saw. Tipped-blade is sharp and easy to adjust at various positions. You may do clean cut, straight cut, plunge cut, and other type of cuts you want. In confined space, cutting might be difficult, but this tool will support effectively.

The blade has several options based on type of cutting and material. Vendor makes sure the changing is simple and only needs less time. The blade speed is up to 3,500 rpm, and users can control based on their preference.

Compact & Mini Circular Saw Buying Guide Everyone Needs to Know

Buying a compact & mini circular saw is something quite frequent to happen. A lot of people love keeping this kind of saw at home because they find that the tool is heavily versatile. It can be used for many cutting purposes, including cutting woods during woodworking, trimming branches, and even cutting through hard stuff like metal rod.

If you also have the plan to buy circular saw and want it to be compact and small in size, the buying guide is down below. There will be a lot of things to understand, and they are all important to make sure you get the right product. Here is the buying guide that you should know related to the saw.

Pay Attention to the Blades

The first thing, and probably the most important thing, to understand about the saw is the blade. The blade is the part to do the cutting job. Without reliable blade, the compact and mini blade won’t be able to perform proper cutting job.

Usually, the blade size is different from one brand to another. To make sure that the saw can perform well, choose a saw that has a blade with at least 4-inch size. This size of blade is enough to keep the blade powerful in cutting hard stuff.

Pay Attention to the Ergonomics

The ergonomic factor of the design should really be well-considered. There are a lot of incidents and unwanted events that happen during the usage of a compact and mini saw. That is all because the users of the saw have no idea how to handle the tool. This is basically the reason choosing complicated, heavy-weighted saw is never recommended.

You need to select and compact and mini saw with the simplest design possible. It has to be well-balanced between the blade part and the machine part. The handle must be covered with rubber grip to ensure that it won’t slip during usage. Also, it has to be lightweight to keep the user comfortable in any possible cutting jobs.

Should you go for Corded Saws or Cordless Ones?

For your information, the main thing about corded and cordless option is basically going to depend on how you are going to use the saw. If you plan to use the saw occasionally, you do not need a lot of power for it. That is why choosing the cordless one will be more suitable. This kind of compact saw will be powered mostly by lithium-ion battery. It is still powerful, though, and you won’t get bothered by the extended cord during usage.

However, if you plan to get the saw to do frequent cutting job and it is mostly to cut through thick, hard stuff, surely you need a compact and mini saw with a lot of power. Battery-powered saws are mostly limited in power and they can go running out of power, too. You do not want this problem to happen during a tough cutting job.

That is why you need to make sure that you choose the corded one. Corded saw has unlimited power once you connect it to the electrical socket. The downside is, of course, the limitation of movement because of the extended cords.

How Much Power are You Looking For?

Both battery-powered and electricity-powered saws produce huge power. The power is important to make sure that the saw can perform proper job. Normally, a mini saw is going to produce 3 to 5 AMP of power.

If you plan to use the saw for small cutting job that won’t require much power, the range of power is fine. However, for heavier cutting job, choose a saw that can produce 6 AMP or more. This ability is usually only available in the saw powered by electricity or corded saw.

Depth of Cut

Besides of the blade, you also need to pay attention to the depth of cut. There are two depths of cut options that are usually featured in a compact and mini circular saw. The first one is a one-inch depth of cut and the second one is the two-inch depth of cut.

Choose the saw with one-inch depth of cut if you tend to use the saw for more casual purposes, like cutting thin wooden board, tree branches, and so on. However, if you like to do tough cutting job, like cutting through thick logs, wooden blocks, and many more, choose the saw with two-inch depth of cut.

Additional Factors to Consider

There are quite a few other things to consider when choosing the saw. They are including safety factor, blade replacement, and helpful features. The safety factor is important of course to keep the users safe during the cutting job. Make sure that you choose a saw that has solid rubber grip, carrying case, and shield between the machine and the blade. They are all going to keep the user safe for sure.

As for blade replacement, you do not want to buy a saw with blade that cannot be replaced. The worst thing that can happen to a saw is that the blade is breaking down. In order to keep the saw working properly again, the blade needs to be replaced. Choose a saw with replaceable blade and make sure that you have the spare blade ready at home.

Helpful features in a mini and circular saw are including LED light and laser cutting guide. LED light is going to light up the surface of the material to cut. It will ease you to do the cutting job for sure. As for the laser cutting guide, it is usually available in high-end saw. The laser shines in straight line, giving you a guidance to cut through the material easily and produce straight cuts.

Those are some of the things that you should know about compact and mini circular saw. They are important to keep you buying the right product every time you are about to purchase this particular saw so won’t end up buying the bad ones.


At the list above, Rockwell RK 3441K is regarded at the best product. The design, size, and feature support many tasks you do. It can cut any material, such as metal, wood, plastic, and tile. DIY project at home becomes more affordable as long as this tool is in your side. Besides the product from Rockwell, several saws are also reliable with similar features and functions. Comparing each other can help you to find the best one.

From explanation above, kerf is important part that determines the result of your cutting. The blade works effectively when you adjust with speed and direction. Some tasks are simple that you only put the speed as fast as possible. On the other hand, certain cutting is delicate in tight space, and the speed has to be in control. You should pick the best compact & mini circular saw with this feature, including additional blades for specific cutting based on material and cutting type.