Best Circular Saws Reviews for Every Cutting Project

Using circular saw is common when you need to do cutting. This kind of saw uses the round blade with faster RPM. The cutting will follow marked line you put on wood or lumber then slowly penetrate the surface with this saw. Due to circular design, the cutting becomes more efficient when you push slowly and quite harder. Some of circular saw will be capable to fulfill your task properly.

Finding this kind of saw is not difficult task. Many products are available at store with their specifications and capabilities. Each has similarities and differences that you must consider. You should compare between one product and another then make a decision which one is the best. Usually, circular saw has the same design and features. The product produces faster RPM for cutting wood quickly. Some of them are considered small size with slower RPM, but still reliable. Each has pros and cons depending on what you need. In order to know more about them, the next section will explore the best circular saw reviews.

Top 5 Best Circular Saws Reviews

#1. Makita XSS02Z

One of the best products for circular saw is Makita XSS02Z. The design is compact and relatively lightweight that you can bring anywhere. This saw is capable to produce utmost precision while cutting wood or log. Based on official specification, the motor speed is approximately 3,700 RPM, and users may adjust based on what they need. Such speed is capable to do cutting almost many things faster and more reliable. Furthermore, it can cut in several modes to adjust with the type of wooden itself.

Another feature is cordless model, and users do not have to worry about power source. It uses lithium battery to generate energy for cutting. Cordless means you can bring it anywhere easily without much hassle because of its compact size that’s simple to put in your car. The battery also has fast charging feature to refill the capacity at full mode in short time.

The next feature is safety handle with protection. You can grasp this handle without any slip while cutting difficult logs. Moreover, the saw also has protection in battery to prevent over recharging. Moreover, safety is at the top priority that manufacturer puts as the top consideration. That’s why you will receive the best product with nameplate Makita XSS02Z.

#2. SKIL 5280-01

Circular saw comes in handy for many cutting projects, especially wooden. Many products provide their utmost specifications, and one of them is SKIL 5280-01. This saw is specifically for project which requires more cutting capabilities. The motor will generate approximately 5,500 RPM that’s faster enough to cut in short time. To boost the capability, manufacturer adds several features and advanced technology.

The design is compact with handle bar at the top. You can replace the blade easily, and the product provides several blade levels. Well, the interesting features are beam laser and dust blower. When cutting, you need to keep in line in order to follow what have been marked. Beam leaser will make sure the machine is in straight line with the laser indicator. Meanwhile, dust blower helps to get rid of dust while cutting simultaneously. Another support feature is indicator to know whether the machine is ready or not. It prevents from unexpected cutting because you are not aware while handling its grip.

The next feature is battery for power source that’s available alongside recharger device. You can work outdoor and far from nearby electricity source for longer period. After the battery is at low level, you just plug and recharge it again for new power. Furthermore, the battery has protection cover in order to prevent the electric discharged.


You may have project to redecorate new house. Most of materials are wooden, and you need the best circular saw for excellent cutting. In order to fulfill such need, one of top choices is DEWALT DWE575SB. At the first glance, it is quite smaller than other products in the same category. The weight is less than 9 pounds with the handle at top. You can bring this one anywhere, especially for outdoor project.

Manufacturer provides several features in order to enhance the capability and durability. The saw has brake that’s reliable for preventing unwanted triggered mode. Lower guard is installed for extra protection and precision. You can cut small fraction without trouble while maneuvering for reaching the tight corner. Such precision becomes better if you replace the blade with another one which is capable to manage such task. You also receive several blades based on specific purposes. You can replace and try the new one for different cutting mode.

While working, the dust appears along the way and you need dispel it immediately. This machine has dust blower for such situation. You can see the marked line with clear sight. It is important part while working in difficult design. You have risk to do misplace cutting because you cannot see the proper line. That’s not issue any more with this circular saw.

#4. WEN 36055

You can look for reliable saw for cutting board. Some products are capable to fulfill your request and one of them is WEN 36055. It has compact design with simple cover and reliable circular blade. You may replace the blade with others to adjust with the thing you will cut.

The features include maximum precision and plunge cut ready. The precision feature helps to keep your hand on track while cutting difficult mark. This machine helps to produce utmost precision and you need to adjust the deep cutting level in plunge cut mode. Some boards or woods require small cut. On the other side, you may boost the cut level deeply and easily. The next ones are riving knife and bevel 45 degree. The blade is flexible enough to prevent retracting while cutting difficult material. You just decide when to stop, and then the knife will continue.

Based on official information, this machine is capable to produce 5,100 RPM. That’s impressive RPM compared to other products. You do not need to worry about cutting wood with deep cut. Everything will be done easily and efficiently. Before using this tool, you must read the manual and prepare the material properly. The company offers warranty for the parts, repairing, and maintenance.

#5. Rockwell RK3441K

Circular saw has many models, and one of them is Rockwell RK3441K. When you compare with others, this machine is at the lowest level in term of size. Based on official information, the size is 4-1/2 that’s quite compact. Moreover, the handle is next to the blade, not at the top. You just grasp and put the firm grip on that handle then move forward or backward for cutting process. With small size, it is reliable appliance for DIY projects. You do not need expert for small cutting in lumber, wood, and plywood. This Rockwell product will do everything effectively and easily.

The motor speed is 2,500 RPM that’s enough for any cutting. You can maintain this speed to be lower while cutting specific location. The machine also has clear visibility at below area and repels the dust automatically. You still have clear line in your work without much dust covered. Due to compact size, you can do upward and downward maneuver easily, particularly at the wall. It is not easy for cutting window frame that still attached on the wall. Fortunately, you do not have issue for such thing with this product. The compact, reliable, effective, and advanced features are enough to put this circular saw at the best list.

The Best Circular Saws Buying Guide

Purchasing a circular saw is easy. However, choosing the right one is not. You need to know everything about the saw before trying to get one. Why so? Well, it is practically because the saw is not cheap. You do not want to waste money on wrong saw. Here is full explanation about the saw for you.

Cordless vs Corded

There are two types of the saw: cordless and corded. You can already tell its difference. Yes, one of them is using cords to connect to the electricity power and the other one is not. Which one of them is the best to buy? Find out the pros and cons of each type down below. Let’s begin with the pros and cons of cordless circular saw.


  • Moveable. Cordless circular saw is highly moveable because it does not get attached to anything. It makes it easier for the user to keep moving the saw anywhere when in use. This feature won’t get found on the saw with electric cord attached to it.
  • Smaller in Size. The size of the cordless saws is mostly smaller. The blades are smaller, too, because it has the limitation of power. However, the small size gives a great benefit because the saw can be used so easily in confined space.
  • Best to Cut Wood. The most common materials to be cut using circular saw is wood. To cut wood, cordless saw is the best because the blade size is not too big, resulting in perfectly-cut woods and timber.


  • Limitation of the Battery. Because it is cordless, you can already tell that the saw needs battery to get the motor started. Of course, battery has limitation of power. Once the battery is running out, the saw won’t operate functionally and has to be charged first. It may delay the works at some points.

Now, let’s move on to the corded saw. Even though this kind of circular saw seems to be very old-fashioned right from the start, because of the existence of the cords, you should never take this saw for granted. Here is the full pros and cons explanation about this kind of saw.


  • Great for Tough Cutting Job. Corded circular saw is way better to cut heavier materials. It is great in cutting wood but it will stay great when it is used to cut metal, steel, or other tough material. It is because the blades on this kind of saw are most likely to be bigger than those of the cordless saw.
  • Won’t Run out of Power. You do not have to worry about the saw running out of power when using corded type. The source of power is electricity coming from the plugged cords. Electricity won’t run out, essentially. You can use the saw as many times as possible without any possibility of the machine getting out of power. The duration of each usage is longer, too, obviously.
  • More Affordable. As it is corded, the price of this kind of circular saw is totally cheaper. A lot of people find it a bit complicated to use a saw still with a cord attached to it. That is why its price is usually lower. For those who have tight budget, this is good news for they can buy the saw with ease.


  • Tethered by a Cord. The obvious down side of the saw is the fact that it is still tethered by a cord. It limits the mobility of the saw for sure. However, it won’t even matter when the user tend to use the saw in the same spot all the time and do not even move the saw when cutting stuff.

Blade-Left vs Blade-Right

When it comes to a circular saw, you will hear about blade-left and blade-right terms all the time. Essentially, there are two places where the blades are installed. The blades can be installed on the left side of the machine or on the right side. For those who are right-handed, the blade-left saw is the best, as the placement of the blade won’t get blocked by the motor.

As for the left-handed, the blade-right is the best choice. They can handle the motor with their dominant hand, which is the left hand, and avoid the hand to get hurt because of the blade located near to the dominant hand. Basically, the blade-left and blade-right options are just for the sake of dominant hands.

Blade Size

The blade size heavily depends on the type of the saw itself. For cordless circular saw, the most common sizes of the blades are 5 3/8 inches and 6 1/2 inches. Yes, it is quite small and that is why the cordless saw is not suitable for tough cutting jobs.

As for the corded saw, the blade size is bigger. Regularly, the size for the blade is 7 1/4 inches. This is the reason why corded saw is way better in cutting steels and other tough and hard materials, unlike the cordless one.

Which Circular Saw is Right for You?

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to decide which circular saw is right for you. The first consideration would be the dominant hand of yours. If you are right-handed, choose the blade-left saw. If you are left-handed, choose the blade-right one.

The second consideration would be the budget. If you have limited budget, go get the corded one. If you have a lot of money for the saw, try to purchase the cordless one. Also, if you tend to cut wood only, the cordless one is just perfect for you.


From the list above, Makita XSS02Z is the best choice due to advanced features and excellent capability. You can cut almost any wood with utmost precision. This product also has several features for supporting capability. The next products come from various vendors with their own capability.

You need to consider the blade safety, precision, deep cut level, protective cover, handle grip, dust blower, and laser beam. The latter is rare feature, and you might find in many circular saws. That’s why the product with laser seems to be the most interesting option. It can exhaust laser as the straight line while working in difficult contour. Some woods are not as clean as you think in term of the surface. Therefore, laser will be useful for keeping everything in line. Each best circular saw has features that you can rely on. Besides, manufacturers ensure every product is the best in their lineup.