Best Circular Saw Guide Rails Reviews And Buying Guide

A circular saw guide rail is always needed when you want to make proper cuts using the saw. It is believed that using a circular saw is not easy, especially for those who have never used it before. Making straight-line cuts will be incredibly hard, let alone making patterned cuts.

This is basically the reason why the guide rail is needed. This tool is going to act like a boundary to help the user cutting something with the circular saw easier. With this tool in use, making straight cuts should be way easier and less complicated for sure.

If you plan to get this kind of tool anytime soon, there are a lot of products that you can buy out there. Here is the list of some of the best circular saw guide rail reviews. You can read them carefully and then decide which product suits your need and your budget the most.

Top 4 Best Circular Saw Guide Rails

1. Kreg KMA2700

Let us begin with KMA2700. This is a product from Kreg. This guide rail is considered as one of the best products available today when it comes to circular saw track. The product has a lot of great features, including the ability to produce precise cuts. That is why the KMA2700 product is also dubbed as “Accu-Cut”.

The Accu-Cut rail guide can be used to cut up to 48 inches cutting. It will be useful to cut various materials, starting from panels, plywood, to MDF. To use this product, you just need to align it with the marks that you have been previously made on the materials to produce the precise and accurate cuts. The Accu-Cut is completed by anti-chip feature as well to make sure that there will be no splintered cuts that ruin the final product.

It has dual guide strips as well to make sure that the cutting process is safe. The product is made out of high-quality yet lightweight material. It can be carried with ease and thus enhancing its portability. This is the reason why the product has to be bought when you want to own a long-lasting, lightweight guide rail for precise usage of a circular saw.


For those who are looking for a lightweight and simple guide rail for circular saw, DEWALT DWS5100 is the answer. This product is indeed very simple, light as feather, and basically very easy to use. The guide rail is made out of high-quality aluminum. It won’t rust and it won’t break easily. The materials provide the product to have great strength and durability. Its lighter weight allows the guide rail to be highly portable as well.

DEWALT DWS5100 has the ripping capacity of 12 inches. It has laser marking feature as well to produce accurate and rapid setting. One of the best things about this product is indeed its design. It is sleek and simple. It can be folded into smaller size so that everyone can store the guide rail with ease in drawers or small compartment.

This guide rail helps the user of the saw to make straight cuts repeatedly without any difficulties. All they need to do is basically locking the circular saw into the guide after setting it up to any measurement that they want. After that, start cutting the material. It won’t take a long time to set the guide rail and it will soon help providing the precision that everyone needs.

3. Kreg KMA2685

Kreg KMA2685, or also known as Kreg Rip-Cut, is one of the finest products from the manufacturer when it comes to guide rail. Using circular saw is not quite easy, especially when the one using it is not professional. However, using the help of Rip-Cut, everyone can use the saw as an easy cutting tool. This tool helps making rip cuts and also making crosscuts. The width that can be produced with the help of Rip-Cut is up to 24-inch wide.

The guide rail is incredibly easy to set as well. With one setup only, the tool is ready to cut multiple pieces at a moment. There are numerous features possessed by the Rip-Cut. It has oversize edge guiding to enhance the safety as well as to produce precise cuts during the cutting process. Using this tool, you do not need to make layout lines or mark the lines before cutting. All you need to do is just taking the saw to the materials.

The best thing about this Rip-Cut product is the fact that it has reversible edge guide. It means that it can be switched from left to right. Whether you are a right-handed person or a left-handed one, this product will be perfect to use.

4. WoodRiver Guide Rail

This guide rail from WoodRiver is considered as the best products by some people when it comes to a guide rail. The product is made out of top grade aluminum and specifically designed for heavy duty. The 56 inch-guide rail is completed with two pieces of T-tracks for easier usage and control. It has several great features to help everyone cutting with circular saw with ease. Among those features are including connector locks to enhance the safety while cutting with circular saw.

The design is straightforward, simple, and ergonomic. It will help to control the cutting process way easier. With this guide rail, everyone can perform continuous cut with no difficulties at all. This guide rail product is also considered to be very affordable and durable. It won’t rust and it is basically resistant to rust and other damaging substances.

This is why the product is highly demanded, especially because the guide rail is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is just put on the clamps to secure this tool at each end of the cutting material. The product is very recommended to buy and going to help cutting process for sure. WoodRiver is surely one of the best manufacturers of guide rail to consider.


Those are the products of guide rail that can be used to help cutting something with circular saw. Of course, besides of four products, there are many more of them out there. However, the five guide rails are already considered as the very best ones for several reasons.

The products, including Kreg KMA2700, are in this list because they are all made out of high-quality materials and can be used with ease when cutting out something using circular saw. They are truly helpful to produce straight, proper cuts. That’s why they are used quite often indeed.

Before deciding buying any of those products above, read the reviews carefully, and then find out how much money you are going to need to purchase the products. Make sure you have the suitable budget to buy any of best circular saw guide rails without having to drain your saving.