Best Chainsaws Reviews And Buying Guide

Cutting trees surely becomes hard jobs. That’s why there should be helpful saw to help you. In this case, chainsaw becomes the best type of saw to choose. It is already powered by engine, so it will not take much effort in cutting the trees. Of course, it will also save your energy. By using the chainsaws, it is still possible to do thing by yourself, and your partners can do other parts. Moreover, it is great to save time and surely the cutting result is better than using the manual method.

Luckily, it will not be big problems to find chainsaws. When you need to get new partner for cutting the trees, it is very easy to find. Unfortunately, it is tricky to choose the good saws. Since it deals with machine or engine, it is not just the matter of choosing the sharpness. You should consider many aspects. When there is no reference, it can be confusing jobs. Fortunately, there are the best chainsaw reviews to give you good recommendations.

Top 5 Best Chainsaws

#1. Husqvarna 460

The first recommendation is Husqvarna 460. As its name, the chainsaw is developed and manufactured by Husqvarna. It is surely not a strange name since this manufacturer develops engine for motocross and dirt bikes. Regarding this chainsaw, its power is great point to consider. The chainsaw uses X-Torq engine. This is special engine developed by the manufacturer, and this is able to provide high torque. Moreover, it also gives wide range of rpm. With this, cutting trees will not be big problems.

The engine is not only good point of Husqvarna 460. The chainsaw also comes in good design. The ergonomic concept really gives comfort for your hand while holding and handling the chainsaw. The handle will give optimal grips and strength to control the chainsaw. Moreover, it gets good air filter cleaning system. As its name, it can handle the jobs of filtering the air. Removing particles and other kinds of big dusts from cutting process will be easy, and it is good for the maintenance of chainsaw.

#2. WORX WG304.1

The next option is WORX WG304.1. This chainsaw is great in term of its design and power. The manufacturer really knows how to answer the expectation of chainsaw users. Mostly, chainsaws comes with heavy weight. This comes from the frame, engine, and other parts. It becomes big problem since it is harder to control and hold the saw once the cutting process begins.

However, weight is no longer big problem. WORX WG304.1 is manufactured with good weight composition. Its lightweight feature is surely helpful. When it is not enough, it also gets ergonomic design that gives the best experience and comfort in holding and controlling the saw, even when it gets excessive movement coming from the cutting process. Related to cutting process, it may be lightweight, but it has powerful engine. The motor provides 15 amp and it will be more than enough to cut the trees.

For maintenance, it has feature of auto-lubrication which allows you to maintain the engine and chain easily. Instead of lubricating manually, the feature will do things automatically and you only need to refill the oil once it runs out. There is such kind of container, and it gives you indicator, so it is easy to check.

#3. Makita XCU03PT1

This Makita XCU03PT1 can be the other reference of good chainsaw. The product does not require you to use fuel as the source of power. The chainsaw uses batteries, and it gives long duration. The battery is quite compact actually, but the capacity is more than enough to provide enough power. Therefore, the engine can work until you are done in dealing with cutting projects. The design of chainsaw and its battery surely becomes interesting points because they are so compact.

Related to design, it also comes in ergonomic handle. It may sound simple, but you surely know that holding and controlling the chainsaw is not easy. It require energy and muscles. Moreover, once it starts to cut the wood, it will be harder to control the movement and you should be able to hold and manage the position to get the best cutting results. By having ergonomic design, you get the comfort and it will not be too difficult.

For the case of engine, the engine gives both great power and efficient energy consumption. This is possible to happen since Makita XCU03PT1 has direct drive system. The system allows engine to work effectively and reduce the wasted energy. Then, it comes with some speed options. The speed trigger gives good adjustment in dealing with cutting process.

#4. Poulan Pro PP4218A

Poulan Pro PP4218A can be your other reference of good chainsaw. This chainsaw offers some good features which are surely helpful for your jobs in dealing with woods and trees. One of them is its anti-vibe handle. The handle has good design, and it is specially manufactured to give good handling position and comfort. The vibration coming from the cutting process will not make you uncomfortable, and its handle can help you to hold the position and control the chainsaw easily.

Then, the device has feature of automatic oiler. As you know, you will need to check the oiling on the chain. It is crucial since it will impact on the durability of engine and effectiveness in cutting wood. However, sometimes it is quite tricky to deal with this matter. That’s why the feature is very helpful since you only need to fill the oil container, and oiling process will be done by its chainsaw.

Air filtration system also becomes useful features to have. Most of chainsaws already have the air filtration. This is useful to filter the air and other kinds of debris coming from the cutting process. When it is not filtered well, it will only create some problems. By having good filtering mechanism, surely it is beneficial.

#5. Black+Decker LCS1240B

The last recommendation is Black+Decker LCS1240B. This chainsaw is good as it already uses battery. You will not need to use gas or fuel as the source of power. However, you do not need to worry about the power because its engine can be compared to the chainsaws fueled with gas. Moreover, it also gives you easy adjustment to deal with the tension of chain. In addition, the setting is already provided on the main body, and it is very easy to use.

In using chainsaw, oiling cannot be left behind. This is important job and you will get help since it has good lubrication system. It means you do not need to do extra effort for the lubricating jobs. The chainsaw already has good mechanism for this.

Chainsaw Buying Guide and Everything to Know about It

Chainsaw is one of the most common types of saw that people have in their house. It is a power tool mostly used to cut down tree branches and tree logs. The saw has metal chain as the part to cut down the materials. This tool is not only useful to trim trees and wooden logs, but sometimes also to cut other materials, like PVC pipes.

The price of a chainsaw is not too expensive. However, it is not cheap either. That’s why before buying the saw, you need to know everything about it, starting from its power source to its types, so you will end up buying the finest chainsaw product for your need. Read the buying guide down below. It is going to help you understand the tool more before purchasing.

Guide Bar Length

The definition of guide bar length is the measurement from the tip of chain to housing. The guide bar length is going to be needed to determine the task done by chainsaw. The standard length for blade is 16 inches. However, it can be more than that but it can be less, too. The most common example is for the task of trimming trees, the guide bar length should be exactly 16 inches. As for the task of pruning, the guide bar length is 12 inches or can be smaller.

16 to 20 Inches

The most common guide bar lengths of a chainsaw are indeed from 16 inches to 20 inches. For trimming, the length is 16 inches. For pruning, the length is recommended to be 12 inches or less. As for the purpose of limbing, the most suitable guide bar length is 12 inches to 14 inches.

Falling trees requires guide bar length of 12 to 14 inches, too, when the tree is small sized. For medium-sized tree, felling the tree will require a chainsaw with guide bar length of 16 inches to 18 inches.

For firewood cutting, the light firewood cutting can be done using chainsaw of 14 to 16 inches on the guide bar length. As for the medium firewood cutting, 16 to 18 inches of the length is required. For the purpose of bucking, surely it needs larger chainsaw with 18 inches to 20 inches as the guide bar length.

20 to 24 Inches

Well, when a chainsaw needs a guide bar length more than 24 inches, it is probably for the usage of industrial purposes, such as felling down a very large trees in the wood for area clearing up. The chainsaw with 20 to 24 inches guide bar length is not frequently found for casual and day-to-day usage.

The Gas-Powered

There are three common engine power types to use in a chainsaw. They are gas, electric, and battery. Let’s start with gas. Gas-powered chainsaw is quite common to find. It is considered as one of the most powerful types of chainsaw. Why so? It is because the power produced by the gas-induced engine is considered massive.

The saw can produce 24 cc (cubic centimeters) to 46 cc of power. They are more than enough to cut down immense trees. The good thing about this gas chainsaw is the massive power. The downside is the fact that the weight of the saw is very heavy, due to the gas tank built within it. The best usage for this type of chainsaw is for heavy-duty outdoor cutting job, such as trimming large trees in the wood or on the yard.

Corded Electric

The next engine power type in a chainsaw is electricity. Because it does need electricity to start the motor running, this kind of saw definitely needs to be plugged into a socket. That is why it has a considerably long cord attached to the machine. This type of chainsaw has the power measurement of Amperage (A) and the higher the Amperage, the higher the power of the saw.

The good thing about this type of chainsaw is that the power won’t even run out. As long as the electricity is running, the motor will get running, too, all the time. The downside is certainly the limitation of movement. Because the chainsaw is attached to a electricity plug, there is no way that the saw is capable to be moved around quickly. The best usage for this saw is for a cutting job that is located in one spot only.


Last but not least when it comes to the engine power type of a chainsaw, there is this battery-powered one. Using battery as the source of power is considered as advanced. However, it does have several downsides.

When battery is used as the source of power, the measure of the engine is using Volts (V). Of course, the more voltage a battery has, the more power available for the chainsaw. The type of battery commonly used to power a chainsaw is Lithium-Ion battery. This type of battery lasts longer and considerably lighter compared to other types of battery, such as NiCad (nickel-cadmium) one.

The good thing about this battery-powered chainsaw is that you can use it for a long time (as long as the battery is full), free your movement (no cords), and lightweight. The downside is the fact that when you forget to charge the battery, it may stop during usage and ruin the cutting process. The best usage for battery-powered chainsaw is a casual, day-to-day, cutting job (mostly not for industrial use).

Safety Features

The features to enhance the safety when using chainsaw are basically divided into two types. The first one is the safety features on the saw itself and the second one is the safety equipment worn by the user of the saw. Let’s begin with the chainsaw safety features that are built inside the chainsaw. There are a lot of them, but the most common ones are: blade cover, anti-vibration feature, and rubber handle.

  • Blade cover is a sort of like long casing to protect the upper part of the blade. It prevents the hand of the user to slip right into the saw if an accident happens.
  • Anti-vibration feature reduces vibrations produced by the saw. As the result, it will be easier for the user to handle the saw, even for a long time.
  • Rubber handle is important safety feature because it makes the saw easier to grip. It provides stable handling for the user of the saw, preventing accidents from happening.

As for the chainsaw safety equipment that should be worn by the user of this type of saw, there are also many of them. However, four of them are considered the most essential ones. They are the leg protection, hard hat, gloves, and eye-and-ear protection.

  • Leg protection is mostly in the form of cut-resistant pants. It prevents the leg from being injured by falling materials or when the saw is accidently falling down.
  • Hard hat is needed as protection when cutting and trimming higher trees. Trimming overhead has bigger chance to injure the head as the cutting materials may fall down straight to the head.
  • Glove is obviously needed for hand protection. It is also required to make sure that the hands are gripping the handle of the saw even tighter.
  • Eye-and-ear protections are usually in the form of earmuffs with side and front shields. It protects both the ears and the eyes from flying debris from the cutting process and from the noise pollutions produced by the saw.

Optional Features

Optional features that will enhance the overall performance of the saw are including automatic oiler, air-cleaning feature, and a carrying case. These features are not mandatory to be there on a chainsaw. However, when they are available, the saw can surely be used with more convenience.

  • Automatic Oiler is the feature to lubricate the chain on the saw. Because it is automatic, you do not have to manually activate the oiler. Using this feature, the chain will be lubricated all the time and thus delivering efficient cutting all the time.
  • Air-cleaning feature is like the feature to get rid of large-pieces debris from the cutting process. It will eventually help the chainsaw to be more durable and to last even longer.
  • Carrying case is needed when the mobility of the chainsaw is quite high. This feature allows the saw to be transported safely and to be carried easily.

Which Chainsaw is Right for You?

Choosing the right kind of chainsaw for you will be heavily depending on the intention of buying the saw itself. If you are a homeowner and you have large backyard with trees on it, surely you need to trim down the branches and probably take down several trees every once in a while. However, it is not frequent and the process won’t be done professionally. Therefore, the best type of chainsaw for this purpose is the battery-powered one. The usage is casual, easy, and it requires charging only to fill in the power.

On contrary, if you buy chainsaw because you want to professionally trim huge tree logs, like you do it for living, you do need a reliable saw with massive power to produce. The options will be available between gas-powered one and electric-powered one. If the job is mostly done outdoor, surely the gas-powered one is more preferred. It does not need to be plugged to a socket of electricity to get the motor running. However, if you do cut logs or other materials indoor, surely an electric-powered chainsaw is considerable. Using this saw, the motor will run all the time with no need to get interrupted by running-out-of-gas situation.

Choosing the right saw for you will also depends on how much budget you have for the saw. It is generally believed that the battery-powered saw is the most affordable type of saw. It does not have complicated parts to make the machine expensive. It can be bought relatively easy due to its cheap price. However, gas and electric chainsaws are more expensive.

They have higher number on the price tag because both of them have more complicated parts attached to them. The gas-powered saw has gas tank on it and the electric one has cords attached to it. That is why they are more expensive. Make sure that the budget that you have for the saw is matching the need and the intention of buying the product as well.

Now it is clear that there are plenty of things to consider when it comes to chainsaw. It is basically the reason why a buying guide like the one above is needed greatly. Read them carefully before going to the stores buying the saw. Make sure the brand and type of saw that you buy match the intended purposes you have planned before.


Basically, each of chainsaws mentioned above is great option to choose. You can find various types of chainsaw, and all of them have some benefits that will give you ease and comfort. Generally, all of them already have good design. The ergonomic body gives comfort, while holding and controlling the chainsaw. It is as what is found in Husqvarna 460. The device is great as it has powerful engine that will make your job done faster and easier.

The other chainsaws are also the best options. Some of them already use the system of battery. The rechargeable battery becomes good alternative of power. Well, it is more efficient and still can give the same power and performance as the chainsaw powered by gas. Furthermore, some of them have good automatic system of lubrication that will make your jobs easier since you do not need to do things manually. Finally, once you know these recommendations and the point of each chainsaw, it is your time to choose the best chainsaw as your partner based on your personal preference and specification that meet your requirement.