Best Budget Chainsaws under $200 Reviews And Buying Guide

You may need chainsaw for cutting and chopping the tress in garden. This kind of tool is very reliable for that task, especially if your tree is bigger. Several models and products are available at store from various vendors and brands. Unfortunately, you may have limitation in term of budget and cannot spend more than $200. This is where you should consider some options about chainsaws under $200. In general, this price is at average range because the product you obtain is relatively excellent in term of capability and performance.

Many vendors produce the cheap and affordable chainsaw. You can explore them from the most popular names with excellent quality. Some products might be very cheap, but you need to check and do testing before purchasing. In the next section, list of the best chainsaws under $200 will help your as reference. Let’s check the products.

Top 5 Best Budget Chainsaws under $200

#1. Remington RM4216

One of best chainsaws with the price less than $200 is Remington RM4216. You may recognize Remington as prominent brand in home appliance industry. Well, chainsaw is one of their products to fulfill the demand in cutting and chopping wood extensively. This model is specifically developed for reliable and efficient cutting project.

It uses advanced engine with capacity 42cc, and it relies on gas as fuel. Such engine is better than competitor due to new improvement. Moreover, the fuel consumption is at top efficient rate. For the bar chain, this product has 16-inch long chain for faster and more effective cutting. Because of bar and chain configuration, you can see he branches and logs properly while cutting simultaneously.

Other features are automatic oiler and anti-vibration. The chain needs oil for adjusting chain properly. You can see oil level and refill it when the amount of oil is at low position. Due to machinery process, this tool has anti-vibration cover. The last feature is quick start mode, so you do not need to wait too long before the machine is ready.

#2. WORX WG3041

You have budget up to $200 for new chainsaw. That’s enough money for reliable tool from WORX. In fact, some products in this company are relatively cheaper than competitors. The example is WORX WG3041 for heavy-duty work with high capability. The product is lightweight with easy handling and tension control. The latter is feature to adjust the chain configuration. More tension creates high precision during excess cutting. You can choose the right tension for any use.

The next features are low-kickback, easy start, automatic oiler, and safety brake. In past time, the chainsaw needed extra firm holding for preventing excess kickback. This feature gets rid of that nuisance completely. East start will help to decrease the waiting time. You do not need to wait for long because WORX WG3041 is ready in no time. The chain and bar utilize oil that comes from automatic oiler. Moreover, the tank shows indication of oil level. The fast feature is safety brake for keeping users out of trouble while controlling this machine.

#3. Oregon CS1500

Some chainsaws are too loud due to lack of noise cancelation in their machine. In fact, the machine that relies on gas as fuel is very noisy at all. If you do not like that kind of machine, another choice is electric one. For such purpose, the right product is Oregon CS1500 without gas since all processes use electric as power source.

The design is ergonomic with lightweight mode that’s easy to handle properly. You can carry anywhere with single hand then cutting through the wood or log in high precision. With no gas, there is no emission or noise, including lack of vibration. You can cut trees and branches in your garden without disturbing neighbors. This benefit is the reason why Oregon CS1500 becomes the top list as the best chainsaw. The device is easy to manage without the pull cord and warming up time. You just press the button and then the chainsaw is ready automatically. As user, you just adjust the tension and add oil regularly.

#4. Arksen 45CC

Some tasks need proper tool until everything is done. For heavy-duty cutting, you can choose Arksen 45CC. This product is suitable for several projects, such as clearing lane, tree pruning, cleaning up garden, and preparing firewood. After the storm and disaster, many logs and trees are on the way that needs clearing. This is where Arksen 45CC becomes the right tool for such work.

It uses 45cc engine with quick start and air filter. You just pull the cord, and then the engine is ready quickly for the next project. Air filter is the feature for keeping chainsaw as clean as possible. As you know, it is tough to maintain chainsaw while clearing dust. That’s not issue any more due to reliable air filter. Besides, this feature comes in handy when cleaning after the task is done. Anti-vibration is installed for safety measure including anti-kickback. The last feature is automatic oiler for keeping chain and bar in check while cutting excessively.

#5. Ryobi P546

Small and compact is what you see at first time in Ryobi P546. This chainsaw is suitable for domestic task such as cutting branches, gardening, and camping, chain and bar only uses 10-inch that’s not much for big log. One benefit is cordless and no direct electricity as power source. It relies on battery for cutting and you can recharge for the next task.

Ryobi P546 has start button that prepares chain immediately in less time. The oil tank will keep chain in check with automatic mode. You only add more oil when the tank is at low level. The next feature is cordless which means no wire or cable to put into electrical socket. With this mode, chainsaw is useful for outdoor activity in remote area. You do not need direct power because battery is enough for the rest of task. Ryobi provides 3-year warranty for this product. You may purchase the product in complete set or obtain battery from different source.

Chainsaws under $200 Buying Guide Based on the Power Sources

It is rare for decent and reliable chainsaw to come in low price, especially when you look for powerful one, which is meant to do heavy duty task, such as cutting hardwood. When you are under limited budget circumstance, it can be tempting to go with one that has cheapest price. However, is it going to work as well as you expected it to do?

Here, you will discover few best chainsaws under $200, categorized by their power source. It might help to help you considerate and decide which the product you should buy.

Gas Powered Chainsaws

The gas powered chainsaws, use gasoline fuel and lubrication in order to work. The fuel will require constant cost as long as you use the tool, so it is important to look for the gas powered chainsaws with ideal initial price. This type of chainsaw is best to use for big cutting work as it often delivers more horsepower and cutting torque than any other power-sourced chainsaw. That’s why it is perfect for professional use to cut massive tree or woods.

As it offers stronger power, it is also bigger and heavier in terms of size of weight. But by using gas fuel, the tool doesn’t need to be plugged into electric source, making it wins in the portability aspect and offer more freedom of movement when you are working.

Corded Electric Chainsaws

Corded electric chainsaws have less complex engine structure compared to gas powered ones, thus making them lighter in weight and smaller in size. It is also easier to operate as you only need to press one button to activate on most models. It produces less noise and obviously do not cause gas smell in the air. The electric chainsaw doesn’t need to be fueled by gas, but once in a while, it needs to be lubricated with oil.

Due to the lack of power in corded electric chainsaws, it probably does not fit to cut enormous sized trees and woods. That’s why people who use electric chainsaw only work on trimming limbs, sprucing up trees, or cutting small logs. In terms of price, electric models are also cheaper in average than the gas chainsaw.

Cordless Battery Powered Chainsaw

Most cordless battery powered chainsaw models are using lithium-ion batteries. The battery will determine how much power the chainsaw hold according to its amperage (amps), amp-hours, and voltage. The higher those measurements on certain models, the more power they will deliver and the more expensive the prices would be. All in all, the cordless battery is the lighter, cheaper, and less maintenance than the other types of chainsaw’s power sources.

As the cordless battery chainsaw is really handy, it is ideal no matter what the level of experience the user has, although an average residential user might take the most advantage of it. The portability benefit is also a big plus for the battery powered chainsaw. The only downside of this type is you need to recharge between uses.
To avoid mistake and impulsion when buying a chainsaw, you need to considerate the pros and cons of each type. It also necessary to buy the model according to the need and experience that you have.


As one of best chainsaws, Remington RM4216 is at the top list with excellent features. You can cut almost any wood and log at easy. The gas consumption is relatively efficient as long as you let device to manage auto tension and oiler. Another good thing is affordable price with less than $200.

Other products at list above come from several categories. Most of them are chainsaws for heavy task with big size and long chain. The design is ergonomic with anti-vibration. For power source, the gas is still the dominant one and the rest is electric. If you want less noise, the best option is chainsaw with electric as power source. You may pick two options in this category consisting of cordless and with cord. Cordless means no direct socket for plugging into power line. Chainsaw utilize battery for cutting and chopping. Both are considered the best chainsaw under $200.