Best Benchtop BandSaws Reviews And Buying Guide

Cutting woods and other materials can be done easily by using various kinds of saws. Well, to make things easier, there is bandsaw. Your project can be finished easily with the good results instead of using manual saws. Well, benchtop bandsaw actually provides effectiveness, and there are various products to choose based on your preference.

However, it can be tricky to choose the bandsaw. It is not only about the design. You need to see the whole features offered by the product which can provide benefits in working with your projects. In case you have no reference and need recommendation, there are some best benchtop bandsaw reviews as reference. The reviews can give you insights, so you may choose the trusted bandsaw based on your needs in cutting material. It can be helpful when you still have no idea of what bandsaw to pick.

Top 5 Best Benchtop BandSaws

#1. Grizzly G0555LX

When you need the helpful bandsaw, Grizzly G0555LX can be the good reference. This bandsaw provides stability even if you have to cut the hardwood. In order to deal with heavy duty and friction during the cutting process, this tool has heavy gauge stand made of steel that will hold the position. The heavy weight will give better stability and movement control. Therefore, you do not need to hold the bandsaw while working with it.

Then, it gets all ball bearing construction. This gives you blade guides that will keep the movement of blade in cutting the material on its table plate. The blade guides will make sure the movement is always in track, and it will give better precision and accuracy in cutting. As the results, you can get cleaner cutting and things can be as what you expect in your design.

In term of durability, there is nothing to worry. You get the good bandsaw made of sturdy and strong material. The whole frame and other details in this saw are made of good iron and steel. This is to make sure its construction can last long even if you have to work hard with the tool. Moreover, it can also endure most frictions occurred during the cutting process, so you can easily focus on your project.

#2. Rikon 10-305

The next recommendation is Rikon 10-305. It becomes the good option in case you do not need kinds of bandsaw for large capacity. It comes in compact design and does not take too much space for the whole bandsaw frame in your working space. This is very suitable also for those who have hobbies in creating objects creatively by cutting woods and other materials.

Although it may not have big capacity, it does not mean the bandsaw has limited capabilities in cutting. In fact, all features you need are available, and these are ready to use anytime you need them. For example, it can give easy access when you need to make specific angle. The table can be tilted up to 450, and it is surely useful to deal with the difficult angle and corners in your project. In addition, it comes with dust port that will be helpful. You can cut the object neatly and you will have fewer disturbances in monitoring the whole process of cutting.

For security, it has safety paddle for the power switch. The on/off switch is surely secure and you will not need to worry that there will be trouble while you are using bandsaw. Since it comes in compact size, it also gives benefits in case you need to move the bandsaw. Even, it can be stored when you are not going to use it for some days. Somehow, it is like portable and simplified version of bandsaw.

#3. Delta 28-400

When you need to have combination of heavy duty and flexibility, Delta 28-400 is the good option to take. This is very suitable for big projects. With this capacity, all kinds of cutting project can be handled easily, and you will not find any difficulties in obtaining the good results. Its status as heavy duty bandsaw can be seen from steel frame. It is not just for the sake of durability, but it is also for the stability because its construction can hold and bear the friction when the blades start moving and cutting the object.

The blade is equipped with powerful motor. Its power is strong enough and can move steadily even if the blade has to cut the hard objects. This is very suitable when you have to deal with difficult project. The blade and its motor come with two-speed options. You can choose the suitable speed in cutting. Well, it may look simple, but using the proper speed can give different results. Moreover, it can also give better time management, so things can be under your control.

When you need to work flexibly in dealing with angles, the table construction can help it. Its table can be moved and tilted with various angles. It is also easy to set the angle. It can be locked strongly, so you do not need to worry in case the table and object position suddenly move. Furthermore, the blade guides will control the movement of its blade. As the result, you can get clean and precise cutting results.


POWERTEC BS900 can also give the flexibility in working with various projects. When you sometimes face projects of irregular shapes, this bandsaw is the best option to choose. It comes with some features to help you cutting the woods flexibly, and it can be as easy as cutting softer material. In term of precision, the miter gauge is available, so high accuracy can be obtained in every project you are working on.

It is very possible to cut the irregular shapes since the miter gauge is supported with angle stops. The bandsaw also has incremental control to make things much easier in dealing with difficult angles. In order to monitor the process, it has visible blade tracking windows. It can be seen clearly during the whole project. Therefore, you can easily check and prevent miscalculation in shaping the objects. In addition, dust port is available to give clean workspace.

All dust and residues of the wood will not hinder your vision in monitoring the project. If you need to replace the blade, you do not need to work hard. POWERTEC BS900 has its own technology and system for the blade guard adjustment.

#5. WEN 3962

The last recommendation is WEN 3962. This is nice option of bandsaw to work with woods. The tool comes in simple design, but there are plenty of features to help you in every project. For example, the table is flexible. It can be tilted to adjust the angle. The movement can be up to 450, and it is surely good to have.

In case of cutting process, you can trust its blade. The blade is strong and sharp. It can move and cut the object precisely. Moreover, accuracy is not big problem to worry. It also has dust port that will always keep your working table clean. It gives the better vision as well, so monitoring the whole project is easier to do.


Benchtop BandSaw Buying Guide

Several saws are ready for any project you must do. Chainsaw is common for cutting big log and tree. Another one is called metal chop saw where you put metal plate then cut through the blade slowly. Certain saws are for small cutting, usually wood or plywood.

You need each saw for different tasks. That’s not effective way because you should spend more times and money for several tools. In order to find reliable tool, you should try band saw with versatile capability. It might not be reliable for chopping big tree, but small cut and delicate line will be done with this appliance.

Finding the most reliable band saw is not easy task as long as you follow some considerations. Many vendors and brands offer interesting features and specifications. You may need to check the list of factors as benchtop band saw buying guide. More about this topic will be explained in the following sections.

Needs come first

First thing when buying metal chop saw is what you need the most. In Benchtop bandsaw Buying Guide, this part is at the top list. Some people use band saw for cutting wood, thinning plumbing, and even chopping metal. Well, your need comes first when buying the tool, appliance, or machine. Just put aside anything that’s not related, such as money, style, design, and specs. They will come after you know what band saw you should have.

It starts from your work and intention for buying bands saw. Answer the question, such as what you will do when having this tool. As it mentioned above, this kind of saw is more versatile compared to other ones. You may require saw for polishing metal and reshaping wood furniture. Both are suitable projects for band saw. One tool can do both tasks as long as you know what to do.


Next factor is power that you will use to utilize band saw. Some people think power is trivial matter since it’s not much important. On the other side, they buy the best band saw that needs extra power. In short work, there is no much trouble for using any band saw. You can keep the power in balance. Unfortunately, this is not the most efficient way, considering power is expensive for longer period.

If you work at home, power supply has to be considered properly. Band saw consumes more electricity when you work in excess tasks. For example, appliance has control for adjusting blade speed. Slower one takes less power, but the result is not what you need for solid metal. On the other hand, faster speed makes working can be done in no time. However, you will take more power, even though in short period. Therefore, power is the key part before buying band saw at store.

Not just wood

This part has strong relation to the first factor. Sometimes, you use band saw is more than for cutting the wood. As it mentioned above, this tool comes in handy for any project that involves various materials. Wood, metal, and plastic are common things that people change and cut in real life.

In addition, cutting wood seems simple but surely with proper guideline. Wood is the safest material when you do cutting via band saw. To check the capability, users can put wood and cut in several modes. When something is not in proper order, cutting result will show bad sign. It is helpful before applying to metal and other strong compounds. Therefore, band saw is more than tool for cutting wood at factory or workshop. You can do many things as long as the blade and saw can support properly.


Carpenter understands why kerf is important. If you are new in this field, understanding kerf helps to pick the best band saw. In simple term, kerf is width of cut that blade made or thickness of blade. Both are related each other and most people use to explain kerf. Precision is important especially in delicate project. Besides precision, you must put blade along the line to follow the mark for that design you want to cut. If kerf is width cut, you must do slowly with proper blade.

On the other side, the right blade will make perfect kerf. This means you use blade for the best kerf to make at all.
Band saw has to consider kerf because you will cut delicate thing that different from normal saw. Blade position, direction, sharpness, thickness, and other properties are important parts to consider that related to one result, which is kerf.

Weight and ease of setup

Two necessary aspects before purchasing band saw are weight and easy setup. Most products have standard weight based on the blade length. Usually, you will obtain blade between 14-inch and 16-inch. Longer blade takes extra weight and support. This situation also applies when the blade is relatively shorter because you do not have to put more effort when using saw. For buying guide, pick the weight that’s comfortable in your hand.

When buying band saw, you will receive separated parts that need assemble. Manual book is available for proper setup. Each model and brand has different setup, although the basic specs are quite similar. You should choose product that’s easy to do setup. For beginners, complex tool is completely out of option. You only waste money and time because the setup might go wrong. The best band saw has the easiest setup because manufactures understand what to do.


Each of those bandsaws gives great benefits. The products have different specifications and features. For example, Grizzly G0555LX comes with sturdy material and heavy stand designed to hold and keep the bandsaw stable during the cutting process. Other products also have flexible table and many other features.

Once you get the reference, it is your job to pick the most suitable tool for your project. Consider your need and budget to get the proper one. Make sure to choose the setting and replacing blade that’s easier to do. For bandsawl, the blade should always be in steady position whenever the motor starts to move. In this case, you can find the best benchtop bandsaw based on your version.