Best Bandsaws for Resawing Reviews And Buying Guide

In some cutting jobs, saws become the useful tools. There are many kinds and types of saws. Those who work with heavy duty will need various saw. In case you often work woods and other material and you need bandsaw for resawing, it is good to upgrade your device in order to get better cutting results and efficiency in work.

There are actually many brands and products of bandsaw. However, it can be tricky since each of them looks great and it will be bad decision to choose your bandsaw only based on the look of design or price. That is why it is great to have Best Bandsaw for Resawing Reviews. These can provide you with some references of bandsaw to choose.

Top 5 Best Band Saws for Resawing


The first recommendation will be JET JWBS-14DXPRO. The product is recommended since it gives some useful features, especially when it is used to cut various kinds of woods. The bandsaw has great versatility due to its retractable blade guard. The blade movement in the process of cutting will give the good benefits in obtaining the versatile cutting result. Moreover, it is also easy to deal with the dimension of wood because it has adjustable width and height. The maximum height is 21 inches, while the maximum width is up to 13.5 inches. With this combination, working can be much faster and easier.

Then, the bandsaw is fully sturdy. It is very suitable for heavy duty since its frame is made from cast iron frame. It also has sturdy table that will become the working space during sawing process. Although it is made of sturdy material, it still offers flexibility. Furthermore, it has belt drive system as the feature to deal with friction during the cutting process.

Besides belt system, there are also two speed options for better control and management in cutting process. With the steady and manageable speed, precision can be gained. Moreover, it has easy-view windows to help you in cutting, so you can always see the blade position, and it will make sure that the blade will cut based on your expectation.

#2. WEN 3962

The next recommendation of bandsaw is WEN 3962. This is also nice bandsaw to have for working with cutting process. In its name, it is said the bandsaw provides feature of two-speed cutting. It is true that you can have option of speed. First, you can have 1520 feet per minute. Then, you can choose 2620 feet per minute. These two options will be helpful when you need to deal with the various cutting projects. By having option of speed, controlling and managing the cutting process can be easier and it will surely impact on the results.

In dealing with various projects of cutting, there can always be many angles and types of materials. These kinds of condition will require you to have good adjustment and it is good since WEN 3962 gives you blade options. The range of its blade option is from 1/8 to ½ inch. Moreover, you are able to set and adjust the angle of cutting. There is mechanism for you to set the bevel cut and its setting is up to 450.

This also comes with handy and unique feature. It has accessories of flexible worklight. This worklight will become your additional illumination during the cutting process. When the room lighting is not helpful enough for you to maintain the accuracy, the worklight is flexible enough to move and you can easily direct it to give you proper illumination.

#3. Grizzly G0555LX

When you still need other recommendation, Grizzly G0555LX can be chosen. This may be as strong as grizzly bear in dealing with cutting process, so things can be more effective for you in every project you are working on. When you choose this product, it is possible for you to have some packages and you have to install and set the parts since it has some parts and it already comes with kind of chairs as the legs for the bandsaw.

When you look at the picture of this device, you may think that this is not sturdy. It may also be hard to maintain balance during the heavy duty. In fact, it is made of sturdy and strong material that will not make you disappointed.

Moreover, it uses computerized balance that will give good balance during all cutting process. The working table is also quite large to work with woods and set the position to get various edges of cutting.

#4. SKIL 3386-01

SKIL 3386-01 can become the good option when you have problem with accuracy and precision in dealing with cutting project. This bandsaw specifically has some features to help you in dealing with accuracy. There is miter gauge that will help you to adjust the cutting position and hold it while handling the friction. Then, it also has additional flexible worklight. This can be adjusted easily and directed to certain spot. It will give you additional lighting in case you do not have sufficient illumination to see some difficult corner or spots in the cutting process.

Moreover, it has ribbed aluminum table. This provides good balance in every project you are working on. This also gives you access to adjust the angle of cutting. There is range from 0 to 45 degree. You can adjust the position and angle easily and it is very easy to set.

For the cutting process, you can trust its motor. The bandsaw is moved by powerful motor and its blade is both strong and sturdy. It is not only suitable for cutting woods, yet metal materials can also be easily cut by the saw although it does not have speed control or option.

#5. Delta 28-400

For you who need to have sturdy bandsaw, Delta 28-400 cannot be ignored. This is able to give you good stability during the cutting process. Its aluminum frame is strong and it is fully dedicated to deal with heavy duty. This frame and its material is designed to deal with friction and flexing during the whole cutting process, so the object can be hold steady. Of course, this gives good durability and it can become your partner in cutting projects for long time.

It is not only to give you sturdy and steady performance. It also has powerful blade that will help you in cutting most of objects in your project. The blade is moved and you have two options of speed. It can be adjusted based on the project and material that you are working on. Maintaining procession can be easier to do since it gives you easy access of visibility.

Capacity also becomes the other point of benefits to find in this product. The table and its working space are quite spacious so it gives you flexibility in cutting various dimensions of objects. Furthermore, angle can be easily adjusted and it can be up to 450.

Best Bandsaws for Resawing Buying Guide

The simplicity and versatility of bandsaws for resawing make a lot of people favor it more compared to table saws. Whether you are intending to combine pieces of plywood cuts in various shapes or re-size and re-dimension wooden frames, all can be done in a matter of minutes thanks to this useful tool. However, to achieve those quick and amazing results, you need to find the right bandsaw. If you are new to this and needs a guide on which bandsaw to purchase, here are brief and useful tips to use before buying one.

Tips when buying

Power is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a bandsaw. A tool with minimum 1 horsepower will work perfectly. You will have a hard time to cut thicker materials with any tools that have less power than that.

For bandsaw dimension, look for one with at least 8 inches of throat capacity. A lot of cheaper models limit the throat capacity only to 4 to 5 inches. For you who use it for heavier works, choose one with 10 inches of throat capacity. Other important things to consider are modifiable speed, cutting precision, blade support, and bevel capacity.

Available Options

There are a lot of options in the market when it comes to bandsaws, from the professional high end machine to the low cost and easy to operate tools. A nice bandsaw would have a versatile function, reliable result, but reasonable price.

Some models offer portable option that will make it easy for you, or even foldable features. Some guarantee high precision, durable life, or amazing cutting capacity. As it is applied to most of tools and machines, higher priced things will deliver higher quality result. However, a balance between good value and good price is the most significant factor to decide in which bandsaw you should choose and buy from the market.


These bandsaw reviews surely give many kinds of useful references. You can have options of bandsaw, and each of them has its own benefit. For example, JET JWBS-14DXPRO has two speed options that will help you to get better result. It has retractable blade with adjustable working table for easier adjustment in dealing with cutting position and angle.

There are also some products that have accessories of worklight to give additional illumination in cutting process. It may look simple, but it increases visibility and can be so useful to maintain precision. Of course, most of them provide flexibility in adjusting the angle and position of object. Moreover, durability is also found in all products. With these great points, it comes to your personal preference to choose the best bandsaws for resawing. You only need to find the most suitable one based on your common project and cutting needs.