Best 14 Inch Band Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

Working with band saw can make your project done quickly. Instead of using manual saw, band saw is designed to cut the object in better precision and accuracy. The band saw can also give good flexibility since things will work manually and various adjustments can be done easily. Related to the band saw, 14 inch band saw becomes popular options to choose. Its size is suitable and it can work for most of the cutting projects.

Regarding the band saw, it is not big problem to find the products. You are able to get many kinds of band saw with various designs and plenty of features. Although it can be easy to choose, it can be different story when it is time to choose the best product as your partner in doing the projects. You need the good band saw that will surely work well and satisfy you with great cutting results. In case you still have no idea of band saw to choose, there are best 14 inch band saw reviews that can be your reference. These are great products and each of them has different points to offer.

Top 5 Best 14 Inch Band Saws


The first option is JET JWBS-14DXPRO. This gives you sturdy and powerful band saw. The frame and body material is made from cast iron. By having the material for the main frame, this surely gives you both strength and sturdiness. The construction is strong enough to hold position even if you are in the midst of cutting process. Then, the cast iron will also make sure that the band saw can be your partner in cutting for long time.

In addition, it also has ball bearing guides. These are found on the upper and lower locations. This will keep the blade move in the stable and steady position, so the cutting process can be optimal and it gives clean cuts.

In order to deal with flexibility, you will be helped by its spacious and sturdy table. The working table will become your working space where you will place the object to cut. With the good space, it gives you easy access to flexibly set the position. Even, the table can be tilted in some angles. This will make things easier to use.

#2. Grizzly G0555LX

Working with band saw can be quite tricky. It is because you should have to hold the position of object and the band saw itself. Once the blade is moving and cutting the object, you will find some friction and unexpected movement. This can be quite annoying since it can disturb your cutting process and even the results may not meet your expectation. In order to deal with this, Grizzly G0555LX is good choice. One of the interesting things about this band saw is its heavy-duty base. The base is made from sturdy material with good weight distribution. It will be able to hold and keep the band saw steady, even when it is cutting the hard object.

Of course, it is not only about the tough and sturdy frame or construction. The band saw also has other points to offer, and one of them is about the ball bearing guides. These look simple, but once the blade moves, the guides will keep and maintain the position of the blade. This is how the blade still can give good accuracy even if it moves in high speed. Precision is also able to obtain because of the feature on its working table. The table will gives good visibility to work with the cutting process.

#3. RIKON Power Tools 10-324

Sometimes, the price of band saw is not affordable enough. It makes people think twice and even some people cancel the agenda to buy the band saw. In this case, RIKON Power Tools 10-324 becomes one of the saw with good price. Its price is quite affordable and it is even categorized in the entry level, but you do not need to worry about its feature and capability.

This band saw comes in compact and simple design. All things and features can be seen easily. This is great to help you in case you are still not familiar to use the device. The design also allows you to install the device and you are flexible in choosing the suitable spots. Although it may look simple and compact, it has sturdy frame and body construction, so durability and strength will not become kinds of problems to worry about.

All of the features of basic band saw can be found in this band saw. That is why it is very great for those who need simpler band saw to deal with cutting projects. For example, there are ball bearing guides for the blades. These are located in strategic place and it is very useful to keep the steady position of its blade during the cutting process. This will give accuracy. In addition to its accuracy, the area of table is equipped with some scales and cutting windows, so adjusting or positioning the objects is easy to do.

#4. Laguna MBAND144200

When you need recommendation of band saw for heavy duty, Laguna MBAND144200 should be included in the list. This is surely specially manufactured for those who always have big projects and need powerful band saw to cut the hard objects. Since it is for the heavy duty, it comes in heavy weight. This makes the band saw harder to move, but at the same time it gives good stability even if the blade works in its best performance. Its heavy and sturdy construction will absorb the friction and other movements coming from the cutting process, so you only need to focus on your object.

The motor is surely powerful. The 3 HP motor becomes the source of power that will move the blade of this band saw. This motor is suitable to deal with the hard objects. Of course, softer object can also be cut easily. With its powerful motor, you can get efficient cutting process. Things can be done faster, and the results will not disappoint you. It can give you clean and accurate cutting process.

In case you need flexibility in dealing with your project, Laguna MBAND144200 gives you useful table and it is easy to tilt based on the angle that you want to have. The blade is also bigger and stronger with good level of sharpness. This is great to give you nice accuracy. The cutting window is also available and it is helpful to monitor the whole process.

#5. WEN 3966

Compared to the other products, this has smaller construction. In term of height, WEN 3966 is also not as tall as compared to the previous recommended band saw. Of course, this does not give similar height for the cutting space. However, it has larger table. With its type of table and dimension, it will have specific functions and can give good benefits for those who need this type of setup.

Working with accuracy is also easy to do with WEN 3966. It has its own miter gauge. It is already installed and equipped, so it will always be ready to use. This can give you better precision. In case you need to work with different angles in working your projects, the table is helpful since it can be adjusted based on some options of angles.

Useful 14 Inch Band Saw Buying Guide

14 inch band saw is very common to buy these days. The saw is considered to be incredibly useful, especially by those who perform casual cutting job every day. Down below, you will get informed by the bet available options for this kind of saw. It will give you the list of some of the best products available today related to the saw.

Available Options

Some of the best available options of this kind of saw are including Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175, Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless, and JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 7-Inch. Let’s start with the one from Laguna. This saw is considered the best because it has cutting features that include sharp, replaceable blade, easy mount to flat surface, and switch button to power the saw.

As for the product from Milwaukee, this product is great for those who are looking for a blade with reliable performance but with affordable price. To buy this saw, you only need to pay less than $200. With that price, you can get strong power to cut through a lot of materials, starting from PVC, wood, to metal. This is a cordless product. It is powered by battery and it won’t limit your movement with extended cord.

The last available option of band saw of 14 inch that will be mentioned here is the one from JET. This is a battery-powered saw but with amazing performance. It can be used to cut through tough material for sure. It is easy to charge, lightweight, and extremely powerful, too. The design is ergonomic and sleek. It will be able to keep the cutting job going for a long time before it is running out of power.

Of course, beside those three options, there are more to come when it comes to 14 inch band saw available options. Choose wisely and consider all factors, including the price, features, and the availability of spare parts.


These five recommendations are more than enough to help in choosing the band saw. Each of them has different features. For example, JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14 comes with speed option, so it can be adjusted based on your project. The other band saws offer other features and you only need to find the most suitable one.

As a note, in working with band saw, accuracy and precision becomes point that cannot be ignored. However, sometimes the problem is found in the movement of its blade, the blade is moved by motor and there is friction and other unexpected movement. When this happen, the accuracy can be affected and the results cannot be smooth. That’s why you should consider the feature based on your needs and common projects to get the best 14 inch band saw.